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Damn that was fast.

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My stupid curly fries comment is immortalized forever. Yay!

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I've missed you, Vinny.

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Best filter ever.

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No one gives you the speed like Vinny!

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I can finally watch it without it chopping up real rude, woohoo

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Something to jerk it to before bed <3 Brad's frustration

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That was quick!

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Motherfucker this was quick!

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Good, now I have somethign to watch with supper.

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Fucking A, good to have Vinny back if he can get these up that quick.

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God damn that was a quick turnaround

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I'm getting a distinct Tony Hawk Underground vibe from the image. Also this is already up?

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Jeff is the hat judge and the gamertag judge!!

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Is there no limit to Vinny's power?

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Now that Vinny is back, things are much faster!

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Oh god I totally forgot this was tonight.

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OMG the new setup has made it so quick for premium uploads !!!

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The invite to Shadowrun was the funniest when it was live. I snorted a bit and my brother thought I was crazy.

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So good to have Vinny back, now if we can just get some more random fire it'll feel just like old times

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A man, a plan, a TNT, Vinny-ma!

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I love that filter!

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lol Brad and his excuses!

"Oh I hate this bike it sucks"

"thats the best bike in the game"


"oh I hate this track"

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"Uhhh, why am I talking about anything." - Brad .... Patrick - "That's a good question " LOL !

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That was nice of them to keep giving out Jeff Green's gamertag!!

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Vinny you are the man!

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Patrick... snorts?

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@Jason_Bourne said:

Good, now I have somethign to watch with supper.

You and me, we're the only two people around here who aren't complete fools!

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Shit talking some ass lime-beer blend beer, then drink Pabst on TNT. Where the fuck do your standards even begin and end? That line must be thinner than Patrick's arms!

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Vinny is back and green screen technology somehow looks MUCH better...

Also, the video playing behind them is the exact same one I immediately found after the Quick Look.

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That freaking filter looks so freaking good!

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My first time getting into a TNT game.

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Damn, that was super fast.

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At 53:18, Brad totally looks like Kyle Hyde from Hotel Dusk

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I'm not sure which was more entertaining, Brad playing Trials or Vinny's shenanigans.

Fantastic TNT either way, definitely one of the best.

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I was hoping for cash games with the crew.

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Here for the filter. Vinny must be back!!!!!

Edit- Jeff to Brad, 'you are the one with the head growing out of your neck'...damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Vinny <3

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fast as shit post, fuck yeah!

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Must have a better video processor.

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god damn Vinny i love you so muuch
havent laughed this hard in a while

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Man it's good to have Vinny back

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Man, so glad that Vinny is back! It's ingenious how you can see his humour in the effects. :D

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quick correction: Phoenix does have the best acceleration but the Scorpion has the best top speed. Scorpion is sometimes the better choice on easy and medium difficulty tracks when you need that top end speed more than the precision handling and fast twitch from 0.

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Jimmies were rustled this TNT

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TNT: U mad Brad Edition.

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This was a great TNT. Loved having Vinny back.