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Posted by Beomoose

Really sad they didn't get the Geoff Peterson - CBS connection

Posted by MeatSim

Technical difficulties aside that was fun.

Posted by matti00

I love Adam's Christmas Tree era Devils hat. I keep trying to find the Canucks one he was wearing to the Big Live Live Show Live, no luck yet.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

At exactly 34:00, Ryan gets invited to join a group called [B] UPGRADE DO IT.


Posted by Jackel2072

OFFER EXPIRED on the GB gear! man, that really blows...

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Man, I want a side-video feed of the control room during one of these just to see Vinny and Drew's reactions to all the insane shit they do.

Posted by KaiUnderneath

This video is 01:23:45 long.

That is wonderful to me.

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