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:( Second.

Also amazing TNT.

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Best tnt next to fortune street

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Hell yes. Took you guys long enough to do some Jack.

I think the Jack Attack is probably too much about speed over knowledge, but I don't think it's worth more than it should be. It's enough that the player in last can pull off a huge upset, but having the lead going into it is definitely a big advantage.

And I know the "I don't care" names are fun, but couldn't you guys have just typed in your names for us?

Anyway, still great, and you should do it again.

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OH MAN, YDKJ?! Must watch!

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Man! The last minute or so of this TNT is FUCKING GOLD!!! Fungineer in effect. AH PROOVED.

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The ending was perfect!

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Wake up on a glorious HK Public Holiday Friday to this!


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this TNT has been ah-prooved

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Un-fucking-believable TNT. Everyone watch.

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"So I hear you have a hacker!" LMAO!

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stoked to watch this, but Stella has to be a sponsor right?

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*looking at thumbnail* Is that Karen?! HELL YES! *squee*

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Karen was hilarious! Such a great TNT.

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Quite possible the best TNT I've seen. Either this or Fortune Street.

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Let's all thank drunk Patrick for the zapper once again ! :D

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Anyone else notice the irony of the names they're given in the first round?

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The chosen image is absolutely perfect. Fortune Street still wins but definitely good times!

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Can't believe I missed Karen live!

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@jz said:

Best tnt next to fortune street

Quite possible the best TNT I've seen. Either this or Fortune Street.

Man, I remember that one being a bit of a depressing death march. Different strokes!

I think this has dethroned the Cards Against Humanity TNT as the most hilarious installment. Thank you, based Snider-Mills!

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This was a Fantastic TNT! Stuff like this makes me want to resubscribe.

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Great TNT. Now i'm going to have to pick up a case of Stella tomorrow.

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Brad (to Karen): "If you want to... screw... one of us...

...push one of these buttons"

Holy crap the ending is hilarious. I missed Karen! She's always DTF (down to fun-gineer!)

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@lanechanger: And interestingly enough, she never did push that button did she? =P

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Goddammit, Comic Sans.

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I don't always comment, but when I do I AM REALLY EXCITE!!! VERY NICE!!

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I wish there was a daily You Don't Know Jack rather than a daily Dota.

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This is the best TNT ever recorded.

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That was a great ending. Karen logic is best logic.

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karen snider's greatest giant bomb moment.

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That was amazing

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Golden Duder should be a tie between Karen and Brad Muir.

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Thank you, whoever it was who sent them that shock game.

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Fantastic TNT. All the best TNTs are multiplayer games without the audience. Cards Against Humanity, Fortune Street, You Don't Know Jack. Best TNTs.

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Patrick admitted to drunkenly buying that off of Amazon one night.

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Karen! I missed her. The best.

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One of my all time favorite TNTs.

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This was one of the best TNTs in awhile. The end is fantastic.

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Does anyone know what the "hacking" comment Karen made was about? Oh and this was probably the best TNT I have seen.

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"But I can nail like a motherfucker" Holy fuck Vinny, keep being you man.

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I like Karen, she seems like a really sweet person!

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More Karen!

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I love that quick second look of surprise from Vinny before he starts laughing uncontrollably.