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Posted by XeloX

Paid members only???? Well i guess i'm just watching this at justintv then for free.....

Posted by xAbleAssassinx

Greatest things about Dirt 2...? The trailer featuring Vikki Blows and Kitty Lea.

Posted by Sayishere
@Vinny said:
" Sorry if the archive quality is a bit lower on the HD on this one, we had some...issues with our show archive. "
i love you vinny
Posted by swfcfan

If you like the rally part of this game (Dirt2) and driving in cockpit view then  WRC2010 is worth a go.

Posted by LiK

Glad Dave was there. Lots of cool stories.

Posted by SuperJoe

Pants discussion starts at 1:01:27

Posted by effache

Dave and Coonce in one TNT? If Drew had been in the office it would have been a dream team of whiskey media b-listers (I use that term in the most loving way possible)

Posted by AllanIceman
@SuperJoe said:
" Pants discussion starts at 1:01:27 "
Oh man, Thank you! Best part!! I've always wondered for years!
Posted by ThePantheon

Vinny you're fuckin' awesome. Thansk for uploading a non out of sync version. THANK YOU!!!!!

Posted by smekke

Did Coonce say his girlfriend drives a Carrera ragtop? That is pretty awesome.

Posted by KarlPilkington

Will my Dirt 2 dominance in this video continue to the Dirt 3 TNT later? 
Find out on GiantBomb.com

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