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TNT, yeah! On friday?

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Hey kid I'm a computer.

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missed the end of this due to dinner, happy these are going up this quick.

Also, I missed the first two minutes because they started on time for once.

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This alliance is truly Ultimate..

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YAY! Also the new studio looks nice :)

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Is that a Bit.Trip Runner poster?

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Vinny's use of music during the times when the gang was wandering about the menus was a really slick and lovely touch.

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I will download this and then I will watch it. That about covers everything.

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I like the new look!

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I just love how excited Ryan was to reach MODOK. Glad they were able to reach him in time.

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It's time to throwdown, so throwdown. *guitar rift*

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Break dat wall

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@chilibean_3: stop ovah-downloading!

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Starts around 2:30 guys/gals =)

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@Abendlaender: Nyan Cat made with Post-it notes.

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@Abendlaender said:

Is that a Bit.Trip Runner poster?

No it's a Nyan Cat thing.

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They should at platy MUA2 for a TNT. It's not as good, but the first few hours are pretty good and the combo powers are fun.

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Oh thank god they moved out of that damn green screen space. This is much, much better.

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I haven't finished it yet, but I have one question.

Why in the crap did Brad choose Spider-Woman? I mean, really, Spider-Woman?

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Oh good. I wanted to see this but I had to work (as usual). I have MUA 2 and I don't like it (XMEN Legends is a much better game, just my opinion) so I am wondering why Ryan likes this one so much. That's one reason I wanted to see this.

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Now they have real cameras again... EVERYTHING BECOMES SUPER QUIET AGAIN! But, aside from that, so much better now you have your own setup :D

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I had some fun times with this game.

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@andrewf87462 said:

I had some fun times with this game.

I S ranked the shit outta this game when it came out. I played it regularly with friends, we dug it so much.

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Thanks, guys, now I have to go dig up my MUA disc again... gah, this game was so good...

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what is the lighting in this "studio"?

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Much nicer than the green screen. I like it!

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"Flight is not exactly the calling card of the arachnid.'

Goddamnit that cracked me up.

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The green screen was cute for a few weeks, but I have to echo the sentiment that I'm glad to see a "studio" setup back for TNT. Anything to bring back that good-ole casual atmosphere.

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Hahaha Brad in the screengrab is fantastic.

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I'm incredibly fussy, I can't help but want to nudge them all to the right a little bit, I don't like the way Ryan is drifting off into the aether reminding me exactly where that is. Needs more bricks.

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This game is nowhere near as deep as Ryan made it out to be and certainly didn't make for an entertaining TNT. Although I do like these kinds of TNT's better than the "MULTIPLAYER SHOOTER!" ones.

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  1. Skip to any segment where they are on the character select or traits menu and Vinny has fun with the music.
  2. Let the good times roll.

As a side note, I enjoyed this Quick Look more than any minute I ever spent playing MUA.

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Love it. Just one thing. Cool Baby needs to be centered.

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My dick crawled inside me when Ryan described Dum Dum Dugan as Tony Stark's "buddy," played by Jon Favreau in the movies. No Ryan. No.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to not getting laid.

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Ryan's leaving for Comic Vine.

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With all this MODOK buildup, if they don't get to him I'm gonna be pissed.

edit: God damnit guys quit beating up beds and walls and find MODOK!


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First 10 minutes and they're already going back through where they just came. No one notices.

Classic Giantbomb crew

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Ultron 3030

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Not normally the kind of person to do this, but Ryan has a bad habit of guessing things then selling them as factual. I'm pretty sure he had Dum Dum Dugan completely wrong.

Love the new set though!

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I never liked this game. dunno why, it just never clicked with me, even when I played it with three friends.

also wow, usually they don't let the theme run for this long on the official videos.

auto-spending points is distressing to me. who does that o_O

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"Hello, I am black... dumb-dumb doogan"

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Next week. Darkspore?

Still super win for MODOK.

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What the hell song is that playing 1:04:00?