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That was quick.

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Give 'em the Horn!

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So is Mike Horn evil?

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Ryan gives me a shoutout at 1:20:30!

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damn fastest TNT upload ive ever seen

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Is blink 182 the new Shaq

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Holy crap, that was quick. Was a great show. Was definitely the best in a while, nice to see someone who plays well at the forefront while the guys just goof.

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Can't wait to check this out!

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Thank you for the quick upload.

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Wow, this was quick

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26:30 a wild stoned Brad appears

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Hi Battlefield customer support? So, my helicopters don't work right? They fly directly into buildings and hills and stuff?

Can I get helicopters like that Mike Horn guy has?

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Man, Ryan looks kind of weird at close ups, I wonder if it's the background...

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I've tried to download the HD vid more than a couple times now and I keep getting a "download interrupted" message. Anyone else having any issues? I'm wondering if maybe the quick turnaround is because the vid ain't ready for prime time, as it were.

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Mike Horn is savage as hell at BF3. It was so captivating watching him play.

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Work a camera? I am a camera!

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I didn't know Mike Horn is asian lol

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No more Battlefield 3 in the future please.

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Real set looks SO MUCH BETTER. I love green-screen shenanigans kinda but you guys look great in meatspace, even an impromptu corner of the office beats the hell outta floating on a background.

Also losing my shit at pentabrad at 28:06.

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Did Dave save "Dwarf Fortress"? 
Oh God, it's going to be glorious.

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@Chumm said:

Real set looks SO MUCH BETTER. I love green-screen shenanigans kinda but you guys look great in meatspace, even an impromptu corner of the office beats the hell outta floating on a background.

Also losing my shit at pentabrad at 28:06.


I don't have the balls to try out Dwarf Fortress, one of those games I'll admire a lot from a distance.

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Was The Flash hired at Giantbomb, I joke, man this was quick.

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Hell yeah Battlefield 3!

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Jesus Christ, starting at 1:06:06 or so, just...licking battery acid, slurping keyboards, and token sucking. I have to swish some Listerine now.

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I want more Mike Horn in helicopters.

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that fitzcarraldo11 guy was kicking some ass. he's INCREDIBLE, whoever he is...

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holy crap fast upload! well done guys! looking forward to this.

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Wow, speed archive.

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Oh my God, Brad.......

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Great TNT guys!

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My favorite part was Brad worrying that Vinny was messing with their faces without them knowing, mere minutes after Vinny did exactly that. Brad somehow knew.

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bradday night braddown: braddlefield 3

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Ryan needs to chill on the electronic-sports hes breaking out a sweat!


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BF3 is always a good choice.

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When they talked about this TNT and how awesome Mike is at the game I was expecting something more. Something on the level wiith... I dunno... Robbaz whos a complete savage at BF3. Mind you, Mikes still a lot better then me.

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All this Dwarf Fortress stuff sounds amazing. I've done the same Dave has, reading about how to play it but never taking the dive for more then 5 seconds then quitting.

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I could do a BF3 TNT every week, that was awesome (and 64 people could play)

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Jeff: nice calves, bro.


I guess its just me but wouldn't it be cool it have four of the GB guys play a "round" of DayZ for TNT. The mod is a phenomenon if the Steam sales charts for A2 are any indication. If not a TNT, how about another feature like the one that Dave and Vinny did a while back. Basically, I want GB to talk more about this game. That is all.

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*double take*

A Dwarf Fortress TNT? I... holy shit.

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This was surprisingly good. Nice to have the fun stupid stuff of the GB crew, but have someone who actually knows how to play the game doing the actual playing.

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Mike Horn is very yellow, and very bouncing up and down.

EDIT: That quote about games with shotguns with "way longer range than they should have" pisses me right off. Almost all games have shotguns whose pellets magically fucking stop after 2m. The fuck? Shotguns in real life will hit shit at at least 10m. It's the other way round damnit!

EDITEDIT: Ah good, Brad knows his shotguns.

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@Morningstar said:

That was quick.

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I adore Ryan's enthusiasm for blowing shit up.

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Excellent TNT. Curious thing with that Close Quarters stuff though. Up until now I didn't even know how closely it resembles other more tactical (as opposed to strategic) and purely action-oriented games. What with gun game being in it. I'm with Jeff & Mike though. On this level of quality why not do that as well. No one can take the large vehicle stuff from BF at this time anyway (that I - like Ryan - still like best of course!) and the next DLC is supposedly being focussed on that anyway.

Oh, and I was interested to hear Brad talk about videogame shotguns being potentially unrealistically imprecise. I've heard that several times now from shooters but have little to no experience with it myself. And I know of few people with extensive gun and gaming knowledge. Then again the games try to be mostly fair so there goes realism anyway of course.

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I don't know whether to be proud or disgusted that my name being mentioned lead to talking about Jeff licking battery acid, Dave drinking juice from a horrible keyboard and token sucking.