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Can't wait to watch this!

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wow this is up fast

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Prediction: Persona 4 Arena TNT next week, and the whiteboard will say "Per-bone-a".

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Is it just me, or does brad look super baked in this?

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Would love to be a part of the inevitable Persona 4 TNT. Hopefully it will be PS3 and hopefully I will be off of work.

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"Petite feet! Feminine step!"

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I feel like this picture should constantly be accompanied by the Terminator music.


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Man the turnaround on these videos is getting super fast! I always like watching an aimless TNT, intentional or not, and this was quite amusing.

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Ryan needs to do a weekly olympicast.

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60 fps :)

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TNT up in a record time.

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GREAT! missed the stream cause i was at work :P

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Pigeons > Max Payne 3 apparently.

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Oh man Ryan you need to step your MP3 game up.

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This was a great TNT. I liked the energy.

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Olympics discussion was great. So many pigeon revelations.

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Alright, can't wait to watch this, should be good especially with the olympic talk apparently


by 10 central? niiiice

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Wait.... Ryan doesn't pronounce the T in "Badminton" o.O

EDIT : Oh... TIL in the UK it's "Bad-mitten"

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Its painful watching Ryan play MP3

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i liked the crotch cam

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Special thanks for for making this that i'll leave here:

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Thanks for getting this up so fast!

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Glad its out, I was out all day and missed out.

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god i could listen to that bo music all day i wish i could get an mp3 of it

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am i the only one incredibly impressed by the video quality? looks incredible


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@nnnope: seems fine for me.
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This just in: The Big Red Phone live feed will henceforth be replaced by the Pigeon Fuckcam.

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Brad's losin' weight.

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@FunExplosions: I think it's just the haircut.
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TIL Max Payne 3 has Multiplayer.

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Alexis "Petite Feet" Gallis√°

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Had a ton of fun playing, ending up being Top Player first round which was pretty exciting. Really fun multiplayer, especially with friends.

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Thursday. Forever known as the day when Max Payne was outgunned by a pigeon.

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The player is still not working for me constant freezes.

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Year of the bow!!

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Yo Vinny/Drew, you gotta hook it up with that sick replay music!

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@demazin said:

Year of the bow!!


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"That's when the attack comes...not from the front....but from the sides. From the two pigeons you didn't even know where there." I think Gearbox should put giant pigeons in Borderlands 2.

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@Thor_Molecules said:

@demazin said:

Year of the bow!!


some one please edit this to prompt an achievement popup.

Also as someone that went to the 96 Olympics it as not as fun to go to as you would think, unless you like seeing other people be miserable

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Wow you guys got this up quick, I sadly forgot all about it last night. Oops.

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It was crazy how they kept dismissing offhandedly everyone's reasons for why Starcraft has merit as an Olympic sport. They said themselves Starcraft needed a "Superbowl" like event. The fact that chess will be in the 2016 Olympics is more than enough reason for me.

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@Thor_Molecules: Is that the actual footage? Cause thats insane considered how far away they are.