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Edited by videohmstr

Yes! Missed the end of this, now I can enjoy at my leisure.

Posted by rmanthorp

This took a while I ended up catching in on JustinTV archive...

Posted by BagronkeN

Sorry, but is Brad doing some sort of reverse blowjob? He seems a bit too excited down there ;P

Posted by Khann

When did Norm become a douche?

Posted by trident523

I made it! Then I crashed. Oh well.

Posted by EuanDewar

This was a great TNT. Brad's first hour was infuriating and brilliantly entertaining and Ryan's second hour was just straight up fun to watch.

Edited by MordeaniisChaos

Why did you guys tell him to go after the one alone in a corner instead of getting the ONE person who could go get her up? v.vz

It's insanely frustrating but also hilariously enjoyable to watch Brad being so GODDAMN careful and pussy footing so much as infected.

Also, how is no one repping the AK47, Norm, how could you pick the AR+LS over AK+LS. Even without the LS, it's basically a long range shotgun. It's amazing!

Posted by Castiel

Ryan does not look pleased with Brad's... err what ever he is doing down there.

Posted by screwed

loving the screen tear!

Posted by zipperface

So frustrating watching Brad play sometimes, not helping the Tank? Then clawing Zoey on the ground? Blargh! Still fun to watch though.

Posted by Tarsier

buncha noobs

Posted by Sinkwater

I finally get into a TNT, and do terrible.  Oh well.

Edited by Adus

Who was the hunter who pounced Brad so hard it caused him to drop to desktop? Oh wait, it was me. Aw yeah.

I also bat him to death after a failed spit. Poor Brad. :(

Edited by Leadcat

The end of the first Tank game was so awesome.

Posted by Evansoft

Was that THE Pasqual in the first match that revived Brad? Can you hold hands in this game?

Posted by ThePickle

Was this just Norm/Ryan/Brad the whole time?

Posted by VisariLoyalist

left 4 bed

Posted by Bratcher_Lev

They even read aloud "Is Jeff Dead?" twice and never address the question.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

God damn watching Brad is making me so mad. But that's okay :]

Posted by Klaimore

Ryan laughing maniacally when the teams goes through the hell was the best.

Posted by KookKui

This picks up alot once Ryan takes the controls and starts laughing like a madman. :3

Posted by ThePantheon

Awesome. Thank you for uploading to us Subbers

Posted by devilzrule27

Norm takes games way to seriously. Can be very annoying. Love him when talks anything other then games though.

Edited by smiddy

The part where Brad accidently minimizes was great. He comes back after 5 seconds and everything has gone to hell. Everyone is getting fucked and he's being pinned by a hunter!

EDIT: Watching Brad play is infuriating!

Posted by rudyarr

wait when did tnt become available only for premium members?

Posted by SuperWristBands

First time in a long time I missed this because I was too caught up in a game. Fallout is like a drug. I can't stop, and I don't want to.

Posted by advocatefish

I had to stop an hour in and say damn brad you suck at L4D.

Posted by Arkanti

@rudyarr said:

wait when did tnt become available only for premium members?

Only the archive on GB is premium exclusive, everyone can still watch it live or on the JustinTV archives.

Posted by Ketchupp

I would not brad on my team, especially as infected...

Edited by warmonked

I've realized it's kinda silly to get frustrated watching Brad play. I'm going to change my mindset so instead I'm going to start taking glee in watching him die.

Posted by sirdesmond

This was a great TNT! It got my friend and I to re-download L4D2 and play the night away.

Posted by 1p

AHR on the couch! Fuck yeah man!

Too bad i won't actually watch this TNT, because i am an idiot and have not played the L4D games yet. Some day, i want to get a group together and play.

Posted by Catfish666

Brad makes the game seem like an struggle he takes no fun in :(

Thank god Ryan showed up in the end and went all maniac :D

Posted by bricewgilbert

lol Local...

Posted by Osaladin

I thought I got over the backseat gaming I have for Brad, but this completely brought it back for me lol. Still, very entertaining, good job guys.

Edited by Dberg

Man, I really like the L4D2 survivors. They seem less cartoony in their presentation.

Posted by Feikken

god damn it brad

find higher ground when you spawn as infected!! GAHHHH

Posted by SilenceUK

guna put brads pitiful showing down to live show nerves no one who plays and writes about games can be that bad :P

Posted by TorMasturba

I'm fifteen minutes in and currently Brad is driving me nuts with such bad tactics. On the other side of things, so many times I've gone back a multiplayer and found that my time lapse of playing that game has really affected my skill levels a lot, so he can't really be blamed.

Either way he could have still remembered team work and using smarter tactics.

Posted by crusader8463

Holy fuck balls this was painful to watch. Drove me nuts seeing Brad screw up everything. Nothing agaisnt him, but if you are like me and you know all the maps from top to bottom and when/where to set up it's maddening seeing people not do it.

Posted by Zaxex

I thought a TNT in a game that's at maximum 4 versus 4 or 4 player co-operative might be uninteresting. But fucking A, some of it was so intense, like a zombie movie where you don't know whether the survivors will in fact survive.

Posted by blackbird415

gggaaaahhhh I imagine the same way Im going crazy watching brad's lack of skills at l4d2 would be the same as if he saw me playing starcraft2

Posted by Sooty
@devilzrule27 said:

Norm takes games way to seriously. Can be very annoying. Love him when talks anything other then games though.

I don't think it's for anybody to say how serious he should or should not take games
Edited by Longevitous

@Bratcher_Lev said:

They even read aloud "Is Jeff Dead?" twice and never address the question.

2 week vacation for his bday.

Posted by Wasara88

That was painful to watch. I don't no what it is, but watching someone else play and them not doing the things you would like to see is maddening.

Edited by Adus

I don't think people are being too fair to Brad. For being away from the game for like a year and a half he didn't do that bad at all. He knew how all the special infected work and managed some good hits (usually against me..). Not knowing/remembering the maps will always make it seem like you're stumbling around. He also waited too long to spawn sometimes, but I don't really blame him for being unsure of the best attack opportunities. Sometimes you wait for that right moment and it just doesn't come.

You also have to take into account that he couldn't really communicate with his team very well. He was talking via stream which would be delayed if his team was listening. Though to be fair, they turned all-talk on (for some reason) so my team didn't talk much either since it probably would have given things away.

Posted by Spiritof

In a Zombie Apocalypse I think it's obvious that Brad would be the first guy to perish. He'd be the guy that gets killed early, before everyone has fully realized the full extent of the disaster.

Posted by Mezmero

I'm sure I'm not saying anything that we don't already know but Brad sucks at Left 4 Dead. This TNT was so good that I really regret missing the live stream. The L4D games are certainly some of my favorite games of the past couple years. I definitely prefer playing it on console since the precision of mouse aiming really kills any tension and skill balance for me. I met a lot of chicks playing both games over Xbox Live so I'm not surprised to see that AHR was a fellow player. Great video guys, keep up the good work.

Posted by EnduranceFun

Brad would definitely be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse.

Posted by MeatSim

People who get upset with Brad because of the way he plays need to learn how to relax.

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