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Posted by Aether

TF2 again?

Posted by Manburger

All TF2, all the time! Fuck yes!

Posted by Zaph

Massive props to Joey for setting this up last minute. Even if his pants failed him...

Posted by Mordi

Finally. A chance to get some more Whitta-protips!

Posted by frenchy789

Garys not a boss at TF2 -.- dissapointed

Posted by Cheesimus

Ooh, I do like a bit of Team Fortress.

Posted by Tesla

G. Whitta in the house!

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

This TNT became something more than TF2... so much more.

Posted by Slow_pC

I missed out on this one but I will be watching it today!

Posted by Dylabaloo

Such a great Thursday Night Tested.

Posted by Animasta

if y'all missed out because its just "TF2" again, check this shit out: features include dave and co talking about old PC games, YOUNG SNIDE...

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Posted by thirteenyahs

Gary gets DARK at about 1:34 in

Posted by DeF
@Rufi91 said:
now who spelled "siege" wrong? you or young dave? :)
Posted by ComradeCrash

Sweet now I can see what I missed yesterday.

Posted by poveren

Ha ha, Gary is sporting a PurePwnage T-shirt, nice!

Posted by rmanthorp

@DeF: Direct quote form his account.

Posted by sirdesmond

Absolutely hilarious. One of the best TNTs in a while (even without the GB crew)!

Posted by TheSpartanDon

I managed to get in this TNT. I'm the Pyro with the Buds and Napper's Respite in the first set of rounds. (The Spartan Don)

Posted by chilibean_3

Special Guest: Young Dave Snider

Best TNT in a long time.

Posted by Vexxan

The TNT train cannot be stopped!

Posted by Troncek

This is what happens when Jeff and Ryan are not at home. :|

Posted by MonkfishEsq

I love you Snide but inverted mouse controls in TF2? You are *crazy*

Posted by Turkeysan

I really enjoyed that guys :)

Posted by Dany

@Rufi91 said:

Hah, the best of the bunch.

Posted by Adus

@Troncek said:

This is what happens when Jeff and Ryan are not at home. :|

Awesome TNTs? Maybe they should be gone more often, then!

Posted by DjCmeP

This turned out to be one of the best TNTs so far.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

That was probably the best TNT GB had in quite a while ... not because of TF2 (thats a part of it though) but because that was a really interesting conversation those 3 had.

Edited by Troncek

You guys forgot sCary's Shugashack (now Shacknews). His Quake 1 demos were legendary. He was a beast.

I believe he now works for Gearbox (Borderlands, Duke Nukem).

Posted by icytower38

Possibly the best TNT ever

Posted by crusader8463
@Troncek said:

This is what happens when Jeff and Ryan are not at home. :|

One of, if not the best, TNT's since they started? I hope they are not home more often.
Posted by RE_Player1

This was the best TNT ever. All of the guys actually know how to play the game (unlike the other guys who choose a random game every week), there was cool in game stuff like the Quake Rocket Launcher and the talk about old PC games and old internet sites was hilarious.

Posted by BaconGames

Console inversion is a contested subject which means that plenty of people do and don't invert. Mouse inversion? Those are the real crazies and it's sad that console inversion and PC inversion are considered the same by Ryan etc.

Also the fact that Dave inverts his mouse is shocking and yet unsurprising at the same time.

Posted by bkbroiler


Posted by Teaspoon83

Oh Coconut Monkey... how I miss the days of yore. Guys, I love you for everything you were in my nerdy teen years.

Posted by Troncek

@bkbroiler said:


Yeah. A sad day for gaming.

Posted by SquadBroken

A classic TNT. Gary & Will should be on it more often.

Posted by DeF

I love these random conversations about the good ol' days. That's usually the best part about those TNTs. The one time I can remember the actual game part being fun was when they did the Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts TNT a few months ago. That was hilarious! (boatcarplane!)

Posted by Afroman269

Who would have thought that watching people who can actually play a game would be fun?

Posted by Christoffer

Looove me some TF2. So if you don't mind I'll just pour my wine and enjoy :)

Posted by Leadcat

Love Thursday Night Tested!

Edited by det

Best TNT I've seen so far :)

Posted by Christoffer

By the way. If you're a beginner and playing going medic, as Will suggests, tell people you're a beginner. A team shouldn't have too many medics and you might just mind block someone competent from playing medic. No one will ever mind too many soldiers. So, in my opinion, go for that.

Posted by MagikGimp

They should have played TFC and the original Quake mod.

Posted by Just_an_other_muffin

I would love to see some prop-hunt in these TF2 TNTs.

Posted by ManiacMaysin

It's great when they talk about old pc games. Those are the games I grew up with. Coconut monkey was awesome. I played those custom levels; railgun alley was great.

Posted by Overwatch

Awesome TNT guys! :)

Posted by Boosh

I loved the old PC gaming talk. Also, inverted controls on everything forever!

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