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Excellent, I was hoping for this to be archived quickly.

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they got mad trucks yo

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Yay Zambies!

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Sweet, more iPod fodder. An embarrassment of riches, this site is.

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This game is fantastic and you're all playing it in exactly the correct way.

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I can't remember the last time the Giant Bomb has been this happy on a TNT - It must have been back when it last let Vinny in on it. Yeah, remember Bad Company 2?

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they call me ghost legs 'rund these parts

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l0l at Brad trying to keep it together.

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@Buneroid said:

l0l at Brad trying to keep it together.

Right. Brad was the one that knew exactly what he was doing. Good one. ;)

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Someone told me this TNT may feature a truck.

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This game deserved 5 stars

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This was the best TNT ever.

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Insert all this content directly into my veins.

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was there a second power outage?

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This is the best TNT in ages.

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This was painful to watch.

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@Zaccheus: Painful, but one of the funniest TNT's. =P

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Patrick seemed so angry. I love you Patrick, let's hug it out.

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Dead Island with friends looks a shit ton of fun. Dead Island with randoms would probably be absolute hell!!

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  • "Top: Brad"
  • "Bottom: Patrick"

Yeah, that about figures, I guess...

Also, I am loving this TNT video. It is a shame I missed it live.

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Best TNT ever.

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@Sheetsy77: I found it more annoying than funny, but I guess that's just me.

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Most entertaining TNT in a long time.

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As others have said, best one in a whiiiiileee. GB guys were clearly not meant to play games together

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There needs to be a Stuck Truck t-shirt.

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best tnt in a very long time

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I don't think I've ever laughed this much under a TNT. Best one in a while, keep the formula! For the future I hope you guys do four player in the next Kirby game.

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For someone who has played through the entire game and reviewed it, Brad sure did spend a LONG time using a completely broken weapon!

That said, very enjoyable TNT!

Edit: "Vinny is driving! How can this be!?" Yes!

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59.35 too funny!!

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This is probably the best TNT since the Banjo-Kazooie one. Fantastic!

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@elcalavera: hold your horses, they did a banjo kazooie TNT? when? is it archived?

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Why did they chose Brad. Dear god WHY??

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I've seen a lot of Giant Bomb videos and man, this one was amazing.

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Yeah I 'm upset I missed this live, but looking forward to it no less because of how nuts the comments are.

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Good to know that Patrick both looks and plays like a 12 year old.

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oh god, jeff's laugh is like candy to my ears

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I kinda like this kind of TNT but fatigue sets in for the players quicker. A sorta of purpose woulda helped too.

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BEST start to a TNT by far!!

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OMG, best TNT ever!

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Thursday Night Truckdown

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I love this game hell yeah TNT!

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Good TNT! Gears next week sounds awesome!

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The starting of this TNT with the Truck is AMAZING!! All of the cracking up.

Edit: Ok forget what I said. It's ALL TRUCKS, ALL THE TIME! Fantastic!