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Posted by BlackPlastic

Looks like this could be fun if I enjoyed basketball.

Posted by ztiworoh

Yay basketball!

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Also, the dude who had the Gears 3 spoiler in their fucking gamertag motto can suck a dick.

:( I'm getting the game in a week for my b-day (the console too!) and hate you for ruining things.

Oh, and it's "RooKastle"

Fuck you RooKastle, fuck you. In fact, on October 30th I challenge you to a Gears 3 match! Formally! ;)

Posted by Ozone

Yay, my gamer tag was on there for a minute. Half victory.

Posted by Velamo05

I know its probably the appealt toward this game, but I think I'd actually like this game if everyone in it did not look like a cardboard cut out :P

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Wow, no comments.

Posted by Hizang

NBA Jam is so awesome, nice mix up of couch guys too, Coonce is just awesome!

Posted by Claude

Cool show. I love basketball.

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What's this? What's a basket-ball? Is this similar to jai alai?

Posted by End_Boss

Man, the tricaster being down really steals something special from the show. Kudos to you guys for putting it on anyway... Hopefully it's back up soon.

Posted by DjCmeP

So...no more games with the community?

Posted by Moonling

too bad no one at GB plays soccer games :(

woulda loved it if they made it a more general sports mix and threw in some FIFA '12 in there

Posted by Cavalier

NBA 2K12, why is Carmelo on the West all stars?

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

2K12 looks amazing! Wow! I'm very impressed.

Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

I would love to play some NBA Jam with these guys.

Posted by Xshinobi

NBA 2k12 is fantastic plus the PC version is just like the consoles this year and it is only $29.99. Win win :)

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Sweet, I missed this last night.

Posted by TehJedicake

Not a fan of basketball, but I sometimes like to try basketball games just for fun, and the commentary in 2K12 is really good, among other things, like animations and stuff.

Posted by Grimmy616

Damn you Tricaster for exploding! Can't see Coonce go crazy over losing :(

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hmm i always use kobe and odom.... maybe i need to try magic

but speaking of blitz actually really want NFL Street back....

Posted by PoToSkull

YAY they said my gamertag twice. I really wish 2K servers didn't suck I really wanted play.

Posted by mrpandaman


Carmelo was traded to the Knicks after the All-Star game last year, this is last year's all-star roster.

Posted by advocatefish

Sometimes Ryan and Jeff aren't critiquing the game to help consumers they're just being snobby assholes. They don't seem to ever enjoy games un-ironically. Thank god for Brad, Vinny and Patrick.

Posted by wumbo3000

I love how Jeff just completely destroyed them in NBA Jam. That was hilarious.

Posted by emergency

Seen Coonce, was Happy.

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Find his gamertag and report him instead of pointing it out.

Posted by 1p

Sean Coonce is secretly the best WM staff member. He is good people.

Posted by aderax

Kudos on the subtitle.


THANK YOU GB. Not enough basketball coverage everywhere else. At least you are doing something.

Posted by MagikGimp

Tash? No.

Posted by MeatSim

Jeff was really not messing around in NBA Jam.

Posted by Runyan

I had a good defensive game and helped Coonce go crazy.

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Man, basketball's awesome.
Weird that I can't help but cheer for virtual Derrick Rose.