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Edit: I find it funny that I already had this.


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Strap it on.

@benpicko: Aw. Well, I already got it too. Heh.

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Everything's Purple!

That guy ignoring the shots hitting around him in the elevator, that worked. Something about Saints Row 3....

Gear 30...

Posted by Springfart

pretty sure this game is the most fun i've ever had ingame.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

Saints Row the Third is a godsend.

Posted by wumbo3000

Jeff's game-playing face looks more like a murdering-someone face.

Posted by InsidiousTuna

Alexis hardly ever spends any time on-camera. He sounds like Patrick on muscle relaxants.

Posted by mlarrabee

I love Ryan's crazy, racist "asking why no TNT is there" question. *grin*

Posted by beard_of_zeus

This game is so damn fun. I traded in my "playing lots of Skyrim" for "playing lots of Saints Row" yesterday and have been on that kick ever since. Did some co-op as well today and it was pretty much just as wacky as what I've watched of this so far.

Posted by smitty86

Only 3 min in, "Power" is already playing. Well played Saint's Row. Well played......

Posted by Mitch0712

Booker DeWitt is the male voice

Posted by spazmaster666

Saints Row The Third is one of the biggest reasons why I'm trying to finish up Skyrim as soon as possible. I played about six hours of it on the 14/15th but haven't gotten back to it since. I do have to say though that playing this on the PC and getting a buttery smooth 60 FPS at 1080p with everything maxed out is a pretty satisfying experience.

Posted by Lightningproof

@Mitch0712 said:

Booker DeWitt is the male voice

What!? Get bent!

Posted by Tamaster92

Strap it on!

Posted by LiquidSword

i wonder if the Japanese motorcycle being named "kaneda" is an akira reference?

Posted by TheHakku

That female voice is straight up BloodRayne. Sup, Laura Bailey?

Posted by Troncek

"It's like hamburger down there" WHAT?

Posted by prestonhedges

@TheHakku said:

That female voice is straight up BloodRayne. Sup, Laura Bailey?

Actually I think it's the voice of female Shepard from Mass Effect.

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I'm playing through SR2 in co-op and damn Shaundi looks different in SR3. Also the internet is telling me Eliza Dushku isn't the voice actor of Shaundi anymore =( Why even call her Shaundi anymore? It's not the end of the world, but kind of weird to change her so much and also I'm a fan of miss Dushku.

Even her attitude seems completely different from her hippe lifestyle in SR2.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Looking forward to this, the game seems crazy.

By the way, really like this set up for TNT. Loved the Dead Island TNT.

Posted by Cornman89

@gladspooky said:

@TheHakku said:

That female voice is straight up BloodRayne. Sup, Laura Bailey?

Actually I think it's the voice of female Shepard from Mass Effect.

Naw that's totally Laura Bailey.

Posted by Buttmonk3y

Love how Ryan takes the turkey as if its an every day thing and continues with the quicklook! lol

Posted by Death_Burnout

Doesn't anyone else remember that the default male voice (Troy Baker, aka Kanji, get bent yada yada yada) was Alec Mason in Red Faction: Guerrilla? another Volition game. Feel like i'm the only one.

It's even funnier that SR2 had an ultor connection.

Posted by Lazyaza

As someone who's spent 20 hours with SR3 so far I have to say OMG BUY THIS GAME. Even the pc version is awesome, good keyboard/mouse controls, good performance, dx11. Game is fucking awesome.

Posted by Henrikhoe

have they cut it down to 90 minuets?

Posted by MrMuscle

Huuuulk Hoooogaaaaan!

Posted by buckybit

Forget Thanksgiving, you US Duders! Imagine if every food chain would have it's own holiday - not just turkey?!! haha :)

Posted by ImBigInJapan

Next Week: Thursday Night Throwup.

Posted by bunnymud

Can't believe I missed this yesterday. Me and Skyrim had a play date

Posted by Grimmy616

Alexis killed a dog?

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Excellent show! "This game plays like dubstep sounds", also there's wrestling guest stars and Sasha Grey. Hearing this and observing the general lovable nonsense of the gameplay has me already sold in a way. Buying this on top of Skyrim and BF3 would be sort of reckless though. I can't possibly play them all now but I'll keep this in mind while a focus on Skyrim for quite a while longer.

Posted by NakAttack

@bunnymud said:

Can't believe I missed this yesterday. Me and Skyrim had a play date

same here

Posted by Jimbo_N

Jeffs eyes looks INSAAANE in this TNT. To the point where it almost impossible to focus on anything else. At spots Ryan looks crazy aswell. I'm guessing their TVs are getting darker and darker by the day or it had been a rooough day.

Well..it's either that or they both love Saints Row a bit too much.

Posted by SirDancelot

Great Job Ryan.

Posted by MayorFeedback

Posted by BaconGames

Does this spoil crazy shit that I would best enjoy by myself in Saint's Row?

Posted by RuthLoose

@Tuffgong said:

Does this spoil crazy shit that I would best enjoy by myself in Saint's Row?

They play one mission that is maybe the 1/3 way point in the game. They announce that they are going to take on that mission so you can jump back out if it is a big problem.

Posted by Teeknuts

I know that I shouldn't make any assumptions about this game, but man, I was not expecting to hear a Hybrid song in Saints Row the Third.

Posted by SerHulse

@spazmaster666: Finish.....Skyrim?


Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Lol I love how Ryan has the attention span of a fern. "Probably not going to need those separate feeds since we'll stay mostly together" Ten seconds later... "FUCK YOU IMA DRIVE AWAY IN THIS COP CAR!"

Posted by Springfart

they look quite intense while running down hookers.

Posted by Mb246

Posted by DeadDorf

Why doesn't the HD HTML5 work?

Posted by VisariLoyalist

jeff murder face is my favorite thing in the world

Posted by MAD_JIHAD

@Mb246 said:


Posted by rmanthorp

@Mb246 said:


Posted by 1p

Guys, can I watch this if I'm concerned about late-game spoilers? Is this going to ruin the game for me?

Posted by Afroman269

@1p: You'll be fine.

Posted by Sign

@DeadDorf: It never does for me, any video 1.5hrs or longer always crashes immediately when you try to play HTML5 HD. Doesn't matter if I am at work or at home on my gaming rig, always happens without fail. Have to use the HD flash.

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This was a awesome TNT guys i enjoyed it quite a bit! and Saints Row 3 is fing awesomeness! i love it!

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