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District A for life...

Posted by Mijati

@Kevin_Cogneto said:

District A for life...

District A was fucked from the start. Patrick is a shady guy. District C is where it's at.

Posted by ManiacMaysin

Definitely one of the best TNTs.

Posted by TehJedicake

Fuck yea, missed the first half of this

Posted by Daveyo520

@ManiacMaysin said:

Definitely one of the best TNTs.

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Posted by Dany

District D! REPRESENT!

Posted by sungahymn

Oh yeahhhh!

Posted by mortigitempo

So glad they are archiving this.


Posted by yoshimitz707

Time to watch the first 15 minutes I missed!

Posted by Demoskinos

Jeff Gerstmann is the best businessman in the world you guys.  

Posted by RE_Player1

This was probably my favourite TNT. This may sound stupid but I would love to see the guys play a game of Mario Party, any version is fine or maybe tie it into the one that is coming out for Wii soon.

Posted by bigsmoke77

Vinny, Patrick, and Ryan where fucked from the beginning since jeff checked out the wiki. I really like how they where like " why are we collecting these shapes" and jeff knew all along.

Posted by CustomOtto

@ManiacMaysin said:

Definitely one of the best TNTs.

Absolutely. Glad they stuck with the game despite it going way over normal TNT time.

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

@bigsmoke77: Nah, I don't think it made much difference, they all had a fair shake at winning. Well, not Patrick, he's terrible at this game.

Posted by D_Man_Taylor

I was wondering when this was gonna get posted. I shall wonder no longer.

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It's so cold in the D!

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I still don't know if this is the worst TNT or the best TNT, but that last hour definitely made it worth it. Plus the Drew tricaster shenanigans were hilarious as usual.

@msavo said:

This was probably my favourite TNT. This may sound stupid but I would love to see the guys play a game of Mario Party, any version is fine or maybe tie it into the one that is coming out for Wii soon.

I was saying the same thing in the live chat. This TNT convinced me that they absolutely must do Mario Party someday. Preferably Mario Party 2. That has the potential to be the best thing ever. It'll be NSMB Wii all over again; friendships ruined.

Posted by lockwoodx

The giantbomb crew should be ashamed for not giving Top Shop a big nod. This nintendo version is crap compared to it, and they seriously need to dig out a PS1, buy a copy of Top Shop off ebay and give it a try. It's crazy addicting and so much easier to relate to than this garbage.

They are really missing out.

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District D is the coal mining district, whereas District B is where they make the luxury items for the capital, right? Man, this game gets dark when Platypunk is hunting down Birdo with a survival knife.

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I have to chime in that this is one of my favorite TNT's ever. I'm having a blast watching the capitalist battle happen here.

Posted by MachoFantastico

I love collective TNT's. So I'm going to enjoy this! Bring it on.

Posted by snattu

This actually seems like a really fun game. The first Nintendo published game I have any interest since Mario Kart 64.

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i am really interested in this game i think i'll go get it finally a game to dust off my wii for. this tnt is easily one of the best ever

Posted by Milkman

Just when it was getting good! Where's part 2?

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Well, now I know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow instead of studying for finals.

Posted by csl316

The fact that over 3 hours of this exists is amazing.

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the video cuts off now ill never get to know who won :(

edit: never mind i see its part 1

Posted by PentaCube

Vinny pulls off a shaved head well!

Posted by Thor_Molecules

I want to see them play Sonic Shuffle now, it's like this, but even better!

Loved this TNT!

Posted by zerdune

Best TNT ever by far. More party games for TNT please!

Posted by Winternet

One of the best TNT in history.

Posted by Ten19

Really enjoyed this, except the screen-obscuring videos they kept dragging over everything else.

Posted by Dogma

I can't believe that I watched that whole thing and I almost never watch whole TNT:s. I have been curious about this game since a heard about it's release in Europe (apperantly it will change name to Boom Town?) so I was happy the Bomb crew wanted to give it a swirl so I got to know more about the game. My first thought when I saw it's trailer was...oh no, another Mario Party? And then...oh wait... it has money and Monopoly style mechanics! Interesting...

This was an awesome TNT guys! Really loved it! Fun and "eductional". I must have this and play with my Mario Party fatigued friends. Board Games are fun but yeah... Mario Party really overtstayed its welcome. I also got introduced to Apples to Apples here so, yeah, great week regarding buying tips for me!

Posted by McGhee

Fuck yes, Vinny is in front of the camera as he should be.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

So much more fun than I would have anticipated, especially considering for how long this went on. Between Drew's visual chaos and the top-notch commentary this didn't get boring pretty much throughout. Very well done, some of the faux-business talk was just fucking excellent.

Posted by Zaxex

As good as Mario's games tend to be, they'll stick him in anything. This is basically non-copyright infringing Monopoly, with some tweaks. If it didn't last several hours for a single game I might be less hostile to it. Any why are Dragon Quest characters in it too?

Posted by Skanker

This is why you subscribe to WM

Posted by Wholemeal

Hahaha, Vinny makes everything hilarious!

Posted by Konanda

Square Enix had a more simplified minigame like this called Command Board in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. The difference being the tiles you bought up weren't shops but abilities and spells instead.

Posted by McGhee

@Ten19 said:

Really enjoyed this, except the screen-obscuring videos they kept dragging over everything else.

Too much awesome for you to handle all at once, huh?

Posted by Shaunage

Surprised to say I agree. This is possibly the best TNT so far.

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Posted by ALavaPenguin

Best TNT I ever watched.

Posted by MeatSim

A seven on a six-sided dye!? *mind explodes*

Posted by Sarumarine

@Meatsim said:

A seven on a six-sided dye!? *mind explodes*

Word has it that you can roll a 9 on a six sided die in this game. So clearly, they went beyond the impossible.

But yeah, this TNT was a slow burn that mounted up into all kinds of awesome moments. When Ryan dumped all his money into one property and Patrick rolled an unlikely four to land right on it.... so great. Just, a perfect moment.

Posted by Dagbiker

I love the need to finish things now.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

This has been the best TNT in a long time. We need more games like this and less multiplayer first person shooters.