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nice vid.is it new background music?

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vin diesel is vagina-sauce

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Chief Tyrol?

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"I did it all for the dope..."

lol, I'm gonna go back and listen to that stuff, it's been awhile.

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All the background music is from Jeffs Musical Project, Midnight brown. If my memory serves me correctly, the music at the start is 'Intro (Dope)' from the album dope/revenge. You can download all midnight brown's music here
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as always, brad does a badass interview

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Well the comment here have taken a bit of a Midnight Brown turn, I know the website says soon but does anybody have an idea of what that means for their new album?  I am pretty sure it has said soon for a few months now.

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Systembolaget whatup!!

Posted by Captain_Fookup

Nice interview, really looking forward to Riddick.

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Sweet Interview, really down-to-earth. I loved Escape From Butcher Bay so you can bet I shall be getting the new one (or new old one, if you like).

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To GiantBomb Video Editor.

lower your music levels in whatever software you are using to edit with, its overwhelming the interview.

Voice at say -12 and music at -18 is what I generally do.

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Very nice interview!!!

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I did it all for the dope.

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Lol I love how Brad constantly karate chops the air when he talks. He's kickin' that air's ASS

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Good FYI on Swedish liquor distribution.

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That was a great interview. Interesting on many levels.

Intriguing to the that Vin works on a more personal level there regarding that stuff.

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I just looked at Tigon's website and it really seemed as if they are going to be going in different directions with some of the games that they have coming out in the future.  Also, great interview.

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Lol @ the Brad karate-chopping comment.

And I agree, the music is distracting in this interview. New background music is cool, but keep it simple.

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I'm so getting Dark Athena. I love Starbreeze's stuff in the past and what I played at Comic-Con (at their awesome booth) was great!

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music is sorta distracting. 

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Brad looks like a Ninja when he interviews people.

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Nice porno music

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apropos of nothing Pitch Black holds up pretty well, this interview inspired me to pull it out.

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Systembolaget :P that's where we buy alcohol in sweden :D

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Vin Diesel had a strong hand in making Riddick, this shouldn't be news.

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i find it so awesome to see americans getting exposed to us Swedes... so hilarious! they are having a wierd time getting to understand us. as Ian Said: They are a interesting people
we are a odd bunch ^_^

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Your european listeners/viewers approve of the 20th century trance throughout the video. Love the interview though realy economical and informative.

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Good interview. Thanks for answering my questions. I was very interested in with what goes on at Tigon Studios. Its nice to see a journalist who shows respect to others, even while karate chopping the air.

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Great interview!

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Nice interview Brad.  Keep 'em comin'.

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good good.

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So what exactly does Tigon do? I mean, Starbreeze developed the Riddick games, what does Tigon do?

Systembolaget is awesome though, I live in Sweden so I shop there sometimes

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Is it just me, or does that guy always blush when he mentions Vin Diesel.........