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Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Jack Black has really put on some muscle for his role as Eddie Riggs.
The weirdest part is, he's just voice-acting.

Posted by RedRoach

nice fake muscles Jack.

Posted by StrikerTheLizard

This better not disappoint. IT BETTER NOT!

Posted by toadstule
@AvD said:
" Hello my name is Anthony and I am still a Jack Black fan... "
Me too to both those statements!
Posted by gesi1223

This ad has made me lose a little respect for Jack Black. 
The game looks like it might be good, but they need to stop doing this.

Posted by SubaS77

I actually don't mind jack black, i think he's a pretty funny guy. XD

Posted by jmrwacko

"Uncharted 2? Who the fuck cares about that game?"
This man speaks truth.

Posted by chronicsmoke

Posted by Lassegp


Edited by Blood_for_the_blood_God

Does anyone else realize that they dont even own the rights to the phrase "rocktober"? 
Point 1
Point 2

Posted by Irishjohn

Uncharted Poo.  Har har.

Posted by mordukai

Jack Black almost unsold me on this game. I had to stop watching before I would completely loss any interest in his game. 

Posted by GodzillaVsJapan
@Nzwei said:
" Too much Hype. I wanted to play it, i like what Shafer is doing, but they threw this at my face WAY to much. "
it's called advertising, it's how they sell their game
Posted by snake6phw

Lets all hate on Jack Black because that's the hip, cool, thing to do these days and if we do it we'll all seem less conformist and totally outlaw.

Posted by Cadmus
@JukeboxJoe said:
"@mister_evil said:
" This guy is totally funnier than the other two
Bit of a cunt isn't he? "

Yeah, but you gotta give credit to that kid because he can't be older then 10 years and he knows that Jack Black IS NOT cool.
Posted by McQuinn

His voice sounds like his Randy Savage impersonation. 

Posted by Ghostiet
@Mordukai said:
" Jack Black almost unsold me on this game. I had to stop watching before I would completely loss any interest in his game.  "

That's why you're buying a game he's voicing and basicly co-creating!
Posted by rugripper40

jack black makes this game rock and with tims excellent  imagination...how can u go wrong....with that said  uncharted 2 will rock this ps3 the fk out.....bought both...jack black is the perfect voice over for this game...the demo  had me rofl
Posted by day2daze
Co creating? ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
This is a TIM SCHAFER game, (see front cover). Eddie Riggs is completely a schafer character...all his.. even if his voice sounds like this little hollywood comedian we all know. If you want proof, look at Bill the biker, like someone said earlier yes, look at hoagie. It's more then apparent- he's always wanted to create a completely metal game and so has made do with these 'metal' characters... until NOW...
Much like the director of a movie will 'kindly' consider actor feedback, any ideas Mr. Black had were most likely considered, hell maybe even made the final cut, but don't expect this game to not be 95% Tim's. Much like  say the nightmare before christmas was 95% Tim's (the other twisted-minded Tim...), even with someone else directing. It's really very rudimentery. You get an idea, a strong idea for some kind of alternative universe and you see CLEARLY, exactly how it should play out. Very little can someone else sway that original, clearly defined (in your head) vision...certainly not jack black to tim schafer...maybe einstein could...  . And jesus, turn off the youtube for five seconds. Some1 always gotta hav a utube vid for everything....your just giving the cunt-face attention he REALLY doesn't need, eventually he'll shut up and go through those long silent years he desperatley needs.
Posted by day2daze

i'm glad tim and jack met though. Judging by all these internet fumes, Jack could definately use some one elses writing, some one more funny right now . I think people just got too much of him, and no he's not the most talented actor. He went from overated to under appreciated. Hmm, when is it that guy Ferrell's turn? How many numb nut movies has he done, all being the same, exact fucking character... every single movie, every line, it's like i've heard it somewhere before.. Why the hell is that guy even funny? He sold his soul my friends... made a deal. There's no other explanation to his phenomenon of hyseteria through totally predictable and conventinal, every-day-jack character portrayl in our media. John C. Reily is far and away, every front, the better actor..the better comedien. But why do we worship certain actors? Is the devil in the dreamin?
Posted by Media_Master

Jack looks like he's been lifting some weights.

Posted by Johanz

Half tuck? To the next level, five and a half tuck! Haha. That made me kinda laugh, since I read Tims blog about it. Or was it some other blog? Anyway, it was this lengthy blog about Drakes rebellious instinct and still being a gentleman, which made him tuck his shirt, but only half of it.

Edited by rugripper40

looking at the video...i wonder if jack black is really short or tim schafer is really tall....lol...but really who cares this game is out today....woohoo
Posted by Ghostiet

That's why I used the word "basicly". It's obviously a Tim Schafer game, I never said the contrary, as I am his fan. But from what he said I can tell that Black probably had quite a role in the ultimate feeling of the game (which makes sense, 'cause he is a gamer). Just look at the trailers - this game obviously meens something to Black, he put a chunk of himself in it and probably it would be completely different (maybe even worse) if he had no part in its creation. Summarizing, I consider people trash-talking about him kinda weird, as they are obviously buying a Tim Schafer game with a small part of Black's soul.

Also, I'm tired of people blasting him 'bout those ads, as Schafer himself spoke that those are not marketing stunts but conscious decisions by the team regarding the game's feel.

About YT - I don't really care if a moron is having an erection because someone blasted him in the comments. I consider such people pathetic losers and that's why I'm still posting at YT comments.

Hey. Let's ALL shut the fuck up - today's a BRUTALLY LEGENDARY day.

Posted by Dickey

Jack Black kinda reminds me of a combination of Macho Man Randy Savage and Wayne Campbell in this vid.

Posted by Shadowsquire

I like jack black when he's in movies/games or whatever where his script is mostly made for him. I also enjoy Tenacious D from time to time. But when he does stuff like this vid it makes me shake my head in shame.