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Posted by Earthborn

I have to say, when he said that the death metal faction plays keyboards to "depress" their enemies, he sold another copy of this game.

Posted by DerekDanahy

I won!...Really? I wasn't going to guess that.
That's pretty good.

Posted by Asrahn
@Ben_H said:
" I would play the second faction.  I listen to that stuff.  Keyboards are great!  They add quite a bit of depth to the music.  They're missing the power metal faction that summons dragons, uses epic weapons and weirds out all the other factions with their crazy stories. "
DLC anyone? :>
Posted by Griddler

Great interview, also the end made me laugh

Posted by dietmango

Nice ending. I can't wait to play this game. Multiplayer sounds pretty good too.

Posted by Kohe321

Great interview!

Posted by Bucketdeth

Great interview Brad, this game is definently on my top 3 games to get this year.

Posted by Bigrhyno

Just when I thought I couldn't get anymore excited about this game, I find out David Cross does a voice in it.

Posted by Heartagram

I really really cant wait for this game the more and more i see the better

Posted by HatKing

Any mention of how many players are allowed in the multiplayer?  
I'm getting the impression it could work two ways, one with a very small player count 2-4 where people play as the commanders and send the soldiers(npcs) to fight, or people play as every unit and then there'd probably be about 16-20 players needed.  I'm kind of pulling for the second one, I'm not a very competitive player and being in large groups allows me to just kind of do my own thing.
Posted by goodwood

this game almost seems like it is doing too much.

Posted by Phished0ne

Tim Schafer has to be my favorite person in gaming, seems like he likes to goof around,  has a great personality, is well spoken and seems like he'd be great fun to work with.  I am jealous of the people at Double Fine.  

Posted by berghi

Props to Tim Schafer on his 3 Inches of Blood shirt. 
Also, the game looks awesome!
Posted by MeatSim

I didn't even know this game even had multiplayer and it sounds like something new and awesome.

Posted by Liquid306

I still can't believe this game is being made. Can't wait :)

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

oh God, I just found another fucking game I have to get now.
Posted by Origina1Penguin

I really hope this game does well.  Double Fine lives or dies from the outcome.

Posted by cowdrunk

i never would have gesed that this game was intended for multi player from the begining
Posted by kcthree

THis is game sounds like it is going to RULE.  
THey have though of so many cleave items to include in the game.... even a beer tree. Maybe they will give a way a RL beer tree for my back yard.

Posted by Kenzo287

Rocktober 13th here I come!

Posted by JoelTGM

that hate cage thing looks awesome

Posted by FlamingHobo

Definately a must buy for me!

Posted by leviathan
@atomic_dumpling said:
" @leviathan said:
" Am i the only person that doesn't like Tim Schafer? I don't know, obviously i don't know the guy in person, but he just comes off as annoying and full of himself in interviews.
I think he's just eccentric like many creative artists. They have a lot of energy bottled up inside that needs to be vented. "
That could be, and come to think of it, probably is, why he comes off the way he does.
Posted by toadstule

The game is looking very good. I really hope it sells well.

Posted by CaptainTightPants

you would think it would be obvious 
Samuel L. Jackson as Pure Hate   

Posted by samcotts

I will buy the game, but really don't care for the multiplayer.

Posted by xEternalLordx

The HateCage... just pouring hate allover the battlefield? the guy's a genious ;P

Posted by twillfast

This might just be the most bestest game as of yet.

Posted by ZombieHunterOG


Posted by gimpysoup
@Branthog said:

"Why do developers keep creating multiplayer crap for their games? Stop it! Focus on the single player. Even if your game is great, the multiplayer probably won't be and at best, you'll have about five people still playing it six months from now when they have just bought the game and are trying to get achievement points or something only to find they're the last five people on earth even playing the game. It's the single player that will have any lasting effect. If you're a multi-player game at heart -- great -- but you're not going to replace the big titles out there that are dedicated to multiplayer and is it really worth that much effort for something that will be dead in ninety days? "

Did you even watch the video this game started out as a multi-player game then they decided to make a single player portion on top of that. i dont see any harm in people making a multi player game when they are honestly trying to make something that is a little more different than jut trying to put out a game with multi player put on the back of the box to sell better. The last i heard multi player does add longevity to games.  i dont see why people have to replace big titles when it is something that is different than the big titles. take bioshock for example i loved the single player and i think it was one of the best single player experiances i had at the time it came out, but i only played through it a few times. bioshock 2 is coming out soon with a multi-player added on. do i think it is going to replace other big multi player games that are coming out? no but i think i will be playing the game alot longer that the previous one and its sounds different enough to keep me entertained just as much.
Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@WreckinRodRumbler said:
"I want this game to come out already. "

same here
Posted by jokingknight22

This is gonna be a great game.  Gonna be an expensive day with Uncharted 2 the same day.  Oh well, not gonna eat that week!
Posted by Ineedaname

Tim has an outy, that means he's an alien.
However, the game does look awesome, as someone else said this and Uncharted on the same day Grrr.

Posted by Media_Master

pure hate....IN SLOW-MOOOOOO

Posted by 234r2we232

3 Inches of Blood shirt! Nice.

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