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I'm so happy I've lived long enough to see this.

Bring on the apocalypse!

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Why did they only make one of these?

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This is the kind of thing I can get behind

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I remember seeing this episode before, are Wu-Tang and T&C Surf Designs the only two episodes?

Posted by syenchik

Ah, sadly there will never be another Wu Tang game . . .

Posted by GristleMcThornbody

Where can I find that Casper Van Diem clip? He looks totally insane!!

Posted by Ethan_Raiden

loved it

Posted by Owlhead

wow, this was great

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Where can I find episodes 1-18?

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@tadros said:

This should be brought back. This IS awesome.

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in case anyones craving some more time trotters heres the real episode 1 that they did

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

So glad they finally put up this masterpiece.

Posted by Ricansoldier23

I played the shit out of that game!

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Ryan Davis, time traveling hero!

Posted by Rayeth

More high quality Ryan Davis tomfoolery. Rest in Peace.

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Classic indeed, good to see those three together. Back in the day where it was more about fun, and imagination, rather then competition. Well there's always been competition, but they still made it so much fun. I miss those good old days. Good to see Rich too. Dang, i'm glad i was around to enjoy those good fun times and videos of Ryan. Most excellent vid !

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I never knew Nuke.com redirected to Gamespot.com

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This is just awesome!

Ryan is the man! In his honour I'm buying a robe.

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That Casper Van Diem clip was both hilarious and horrifying. It's really great to have all these vids coming up. A bit bittersweet.

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That was awesome

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Thanks for posting that. There is a ton of great content on the GB. Reminds me I should do some digging.

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I can't believe I missed this. It's better than most of the crap you'd see on G4 or Adult Swim. Missing Ryan a lot right now.

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That was awesome, I can only dream that there could be more of this majesty.

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Man that Casper Van Dien video is mega crazy.

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At first I wondered of skipping class to watch videos of Ryan was a good idea, but it's fairly obvious now that I made the right choice. All this has just made it all the more clearer what a great guy he was, and how much I'll miss him :(

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@chrismafuchris: I skipped work.

Really it was for other reasons, but it turns out it was just what I needed to really digest this stuff too.

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It's going to be hard getting used to him not being around anymore...

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Was Mr. Game XT really a repurposed Mr. Bucket?

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That was terrible!



That's what Joel does in the last of us

Posted by ZeroV2

All these Ryan videos broke my levy, the tears have started flowing


Posted by yyZiggurat

So was Ghostface Killah the Gun Jack of this game?

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is the song at the beginning of this a real song that i cant have?

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The oldest Quick Look, and one of the best.

Posted by MideonNViscera

I can't believe how shitty this game looks. I played it back in the day. How could I even do that?

What a great video.

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God damn.

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That video brings me joy, such a good gamespot era. I always thought the 36 chambers was an arbitrary number until I looked it up, but truth is stranger than fiction. You know, like a RZA ninja.

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This is hilarious!

Much needed laughter in a sad time. Thank you Jeff

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The real question is "What drug was Casper on?"

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I've never watched one of these before. Thanks for posting.