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I've only ever seen one episode of Time Trotters before and I'm pretty sure it was this one, no idea how.

Could not help but notice Tim Schafers name in the credits.

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I've followed the guys from the start of Giant Bomb, but not from their GameSpot days, so awesome to have a look back at the precursor to GB.

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First things first man, you're fucking with the worst. I'll be stickin' pins in ya head like a fuckin' nurse.

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People thought this was new?

Ryan is like 13 years old in this.

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Damn, I was just thinking about that Casper Van Dien bit a few days ago.

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No, seriously, I'm pretty sure I just saw a rrhino dressed like Aqua Man - wtf?

All joking about this video being a drug trip of some sort aside, that was pretty damned awesome.

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Fuck yes. Seen this one already, but still fantastic.

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Giant Bomb with a budget. Holy shit, my mind is blown. I never thought I'd see the day.

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This isn't the lost episode. Nowhere in the title or the description does it lead you to believe it is the lost episode. Quit asking.

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@akskiller said:

Now re upload button mashing

This was amazing! Thank you!. But Button Mashing would be more welcome indeed.

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Oh my.

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For those wondering, the unreleased episode was about Night Trap, so you'll know it when you see it. Love this episode though. Tim Schafer as the talking slip and slide!

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I've watched this before... hmm... but not that first part. Cool!! Thanks for releasing this!

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I liked Inspector Gadget too...

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ps Those cutscenes look like goddamn claymation.

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More. MORE.

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You know what? This was just a fancy quicklook before they invented quicklooks.

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Fuck Quick Looks. Let's pour some money on these mofos and make this shit happen every goddamn day.

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That was unexpected and bad ass.

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@mrfluke said:

@Milkman said:

I wonder how many people have no idea what Time Trotters is. The original Quick Look. Breaking barriers.

this, very interesting to see what the response will be,

although this just makes me want the lost episode even more

I have no idea what this is, it seems to be an in-joke of some sort that I missed. So I stoped the video after 3 minutes because I figured that I would not get anything out of it :P

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What?.I don't..

Why is this?



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OMG!! Rich Gallup! Good times.

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NeoGeo's for everybody. And switchblades!

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Hot damn, I recently watched this on youtube!

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I loved this!

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The aquaman-rhino was my favorite part.

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This is absolutely excellent.

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I think it is official now. Giant Bomb is no longer about video games. It is about Video Game Entertainment.

It's a website! About video game... entertainment!
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Tim Schafer as Slippy the talking Slip and Slide. . . . wtf?

It's pretty cool how unnatural their speech sounds during the scripted sequences as opposed to when they talk naturally. I now want the bombcast crew to go redub the voice acting from old games. See what they can pull off.

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I WANT MORE. They have to do more now right? I WANT MORE.

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Jesus, it's like I'm watching a weird version of Sealab 2021. er.. i mean even weirder...

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Glad to see this, but man does this remind me of why I love Giantbomb over any other videogaming site. Too much scripting ruins everything.

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Man I remember watching this. Seems like so long ago, These guys have been the only videogame website people I've payed attention to ever since gamespot. I wouldn't be as into games if it weren't for them either. So thanks for being awesome!!

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They needed this. Since, you know, TANG went away....

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Oh God what have I been missing for all these years...

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I thought I would have to wait my entire life for this.

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Midnight Brown Rülz!!! indeed.

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I had no idea that Casper Van Dien was insane.

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How dare you people put this up without telling me! I now have to go through every episode.

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Yes please to uploading Button Mashing! Would be awesome.

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You guys sound so different reading off a script! I'm so used to off-the-cuff remarks.

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Its like a quick look. Thats pretty cool.

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This is 17 minutes long.

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I laughed so hard at the first whisper of "TIME TROTTERS."

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Man, what a dumb thing they managed to convince CNET to pay for. I am thoroughly amazed this got made!