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Posted by Daeica

Neat idea, but dosn't really explain how much of an impact it'll have on the game "Turn the tide, or confirm it" isn't all that revealing, and those zoomed-in explosions? Puhlease, let's see the real thing in action. If the Vacuum Bomb is as awesome as its name suggests, I want to see it in action - over and over - and over.

Posted by fleethefactory

Yeah that seemed confusing and very FMVish.  What does it mean voiceover lady!?

Posted by FallopianTube

OMG ive been waiting 2 years to get endwar

Posted by knowledgebase

This seams pretty far removed from the the genre that has graced the "Tom Clancy" name. I'm sure it will be a quality game, but it looks like ubi is now just using the name to create a buzz around their games.

Posted by darkjester74

What the hell is a vacuum bomb?  Do Stanley Steamer trucks fall out of the sky or what?

Posted by dagas

Tom Clancy's Raving Rabbits is next ^^

Posted by brocool

The END?!.. anything but the end!

Posted by Flustercuck

This whole clip thing is really, really cheesy

Posted by TekZero

Yeah, I think I'll get this.

Posted by Lancer_SP

It's selling for $7.9 at play-asia.com
For this price, i'm going to try the fancy voice command :)