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nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, not into it

Posted by bunnyboiler

I loled IRL.

Posted by Landon

Please, no one plays these games for the story.

Posted by Mrnitropb

No tweeting? pshaw, they call themselves hi-tech...

Posted by fedorajay

I'll buy the one that comes with the most impressive flightstick. You can always pawn the game afterwards for the other.

Posted by Amethyst

Someone's trying too hard to beat Ace Combat trailers... while utterly failing in the process. :P

Posted by Nicholas

Regarding the "story"...
My GF: "So you fly around and blow stuff up?"
Me: "Yep."

Posted by error5305

No fair leaving that major cliffhanger, when is the next part coming out?
I might try this if I don't pick up that other one first.

Posted by blaze503

 did anyone else notice that the guy fired a rocket from an assult rifle?

Posted by Alienshogun

Uh, why the hell is he firing an anti air missile out of an M4?!?!?

Posted by edge426

whats up with a assault rifle firing a rocket and this is a Clancy game to boot.

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It's a mess up on giantbomb's part. Go look at the actual trailer.

Posted by pplus0440

im getting annoyed with this websites humor at the expense of the game. constantly the smart ass remarks about every game. stfu already.
Posted by theredcoat24

eh, looks like a rental

Posted by capthavic

The first was a a decent rental, but I didn't like the demo for the new one.

Posted by Yabbicoke

I can just feel the cynicism in the title.

Posted by Mayu_Zane
@Alienshogun: It's a rocket launcher cleverly disguised as a rifle to fool customs
Posted by MeatSim

I did not like the demo.

Posted by KinkyWizard

is it me? am I not getting it clearly?
but I think this game is about oil spill in gulf of mexico.
where the hell BP got all the guns?