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Posted by Doctorchimp


Posted by Vitor

Damn - and I just started a thread about those goggles... Fail

Posted by Lazar


Posted by FirstBossCutman

And boom goes the dynamite.

Posted by Kiemoe

Does it count if the sonar goggles are goggle that give you vision during the night?

Posted by Crixaliz

1:40 - His hair goes all weird in the explosion

Posted by Sin4profit

...Sh'eah, cause SON - Ryan - R gonna be losin that bet. ( that's right, you see me packin in all that clever )

Posted by RampageAssassin

This is looking brilliant and you never know Ubisoft could chuck the NVG's in the game still. I'm guessing it will be near the end.

Posted by The_Philosopher

Can't wait to play this game, it looks amazing.

Posted by Zarackus

Alright. I'm hooked, get that shit shipped Ubisoft!

Posted by Darko

Please be good.

Posted by BillyMethers

It looks that much better than the original Q4 release date. I will definitely be buying this.

Posted by Rhaknar

thats a fucking awesome trailer

Posted by Cornman89

I love how the camera moves in this game.

Posted by NickLott

If you notice, he doesn't flip his goggles down when he does the sonar thing, that might just be for the trailer but it could also mean that the sonar thing and the 3 lens goggles are different gadgets. 

Posted by PilotXIan

Excited for this!

Posted by DeadMonkeys

I'm 64 years old! Let's do this!

Posted by PeasForFees
@Crixaliz said:
" 1:40 - His hair goes all weird in the explosion "
God that is terrible for a trailer, Looks good however, sad to see he still holds a gun like a ponce.

Sam Fisher is pissed.

Posted by raikoh05

i really hope the drm stays the fuck out of this game

Posted by Peacemaker

Already have it pre-ordered.  I want a demo just so I can play some of it.   PLEEEEASE ubi. 

Posted by MarkWahlberg

24: The game.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Sam Fisher is such a raging badass!

Posted by solviper

you can't touch me, I'm bullet proof!

Posted by phobic
@raikoh05 said:
" i really hope the drm stays the fuck out of this game "
Sounds highly unlikely with what Ubisoft is doing with their new PC DRM setup. Lose your internet connection? Back to the menu screen you go!
Posted by Wick

If those "SONAR" goggles make the wheezing sound when you put them on they count.

Posted by RedRoach

Dave, if you are reading this i would like to direct you to1:38 in the video in which you play as a Russian/Eastern Europe looking character or Sam dressed as a Russian/ Eastern Europe person.

Posted by BobSlayer

This looks absolutely amazing. Especially the flashback mission to Navy Seals. At least I think what that was.

Posted by RsistncE

HOLY FUCKING EPIC SHIT. I just shit my pants.

Posted by RedRoach
@Kiemoe said:
" Does it count if the sonar goggles are goggle that give you vision during the night? "
i remember that during a bombcast they said the goggles must be light amplification goggles, which sonar is not.
Posted by Demonstride

What if the sonar goggles had night-vision built in so that they were two different modes. Would that count?

Posted by RobotHamster

This game will be so fucking awesome!  i love that THIS IS SPARTA! moment. 
And why does giantbomb have to ask me my age?????????????

Posted by Legend

Oh man, I need to go lie down now.

Posted by sorcerer

damn... im totally tradding my soul for a 360 so i can play that game

Posted by Kazona

Ok hold the phone!
This trailer suggests that Sam's daughter was killed when she was still preteen. I distincly remember his daughter as a teenager. One of the Splinter Cell games even opened up with him and his daughter fishing together.
What gives?

Posted by mythrol

God this looks awesome.

Posted by Jambones

Ryan, my friend, I think you totally lucked out on the bet to be honest.; I guess Vinny (and myself) can bitterly, bitterly, hold on hope that he'll wear them in the final mission. ;-)

Posted by General_D23
That could've been a dream sequence, but yeah. In the last game his daughter was killed in a car accident.
Posted by Bangarang182

Freaking Ryan,  You first made the bet that there would be no goggles period.  Then you retconned it so that there would be goggles but just not nightvision goggles.  It was on the podcast for crying out loud.  Stop being a cheap ass and pay Vinny.  PAY HIM NOW

Posted by Chris2KLee

Needs to look more grizzled. He looks a little to young for his voice this time around, but it might just be the Nathan Drake like clothes he's got on to. Nothing wrong making your star character look old, I think it makes it even more badass when he starts snapping necks.

Posted by cximran

Sam Fisher apparently has discovered the secret to aging backwards. 

Posted by Bummey

Renegade interrupt

Posted by CornBREDX

wow.. thats about all i can say atm. 
I am a long time splinter cell fan, so the evolution of this game is nuts. I cant wait to get this.  
I was pretty pissed off when they carelessly killed his daughter in the last one for what seemed just to be a reason to make sam fisher go along with the insane plan of the last game. This game seems to be wanting to make up for that by being the focus of this story (which bothered me a little). It will be neat to see where the game goes from here. Should be fun.
Edited by CornBREDX
Actually the trailer just shows a flashback, it doesnt suggest she was killed at all or show it. As I recall Sam was on mission when she was killed as well. 
edit: recant, it does suggest she was killed, but doesnt show the instance. If i remember right, in double agent he is told about it on a mission briefing during prep or something like that.
Posted by TwoOneFive

o0o00o so its TAKEN: The Videogame

Posted by Nogert

Was hoping for a really gritty personal story with no over the top bull shit... sigh, EMP's and factions.. bleeeh
Why has it got to be so cliche, over the top and boring as hell.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Yes, please.

Posted by RIDEBIRD

Can't wait to play it in a year or two, with DRM that forces me to stay online all the time, in shitty DX9 graphics. Ubisoft hearts PC gamers, and we heart you.

Edited by Rayfield

Whoever thought up that line needs some small award because I saw that and was all like FUCK YES I WILL.

Can't wait to shoot some kneecaps and 'urinal' some heads.

Posted by rargy

Think it's time i played a Splinter Cell game.

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