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Posted by Kiero

I don't know either, but it was pretty great!

Posted by MitchKoobski

I think I had a fever dream like this once.

Posted by PurpleMoustache

Holy shit, those first 3 minutes.

Posted by BeachThunder

Come on, Patrick, this is a Sims clone. Get Will Wright on the phone!

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Posted by BooDoug187

So its the Sims, with creepy Microsoft Bob voice mod?

Posted by Eaxis

The Sims did it!

Posted by MonkfishEsq

Nintendo shipping simulator?

Posted by cannedstingray

this looks crazy, and it's not another repeat of a game that's been released 1000 times. Now let's get something like this on the Wii u

Posted by Accolade

My nose started bleeding a minute in.

Posted by forteexe21

Can't wait for the quick look and/or I Love Mondays using this great game.

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Posted by Shtinky

I guess Samus X Iwata is a thing now.

Posted by KoolAid

This feels like playing a Neo Gaf gif... did that make any sense?

Posted by nophilip

This video is the greatest thing Nintendo has ever created.

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Japan just happened, y'all.

Posted by RockyRaccoon37

So very, very excited about whatever the hell this thing is.

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I think we need more videos that include Reggie wearing a giant Mii head and laughing maniacally.

Posted by MikeLemmer

@beachthunder: Sims is more mundanity, less insanity, though. And no text-to-voice, which really elevates this… uh, somewhere...

*is pretty sure this is 30% crazier than the Sims*

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Hey, guys. You won't believe the fucked up fever dream I had just no... OH DEAR GOD, IT'S REAL!!

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This trailer is art.

Posted by l3illyl3ob

Nintendo being self aware is really freaking weird.

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This looks amazing, but street passing doesn't happen here, all of this is out of reach for me.

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... Nintendo has become like the crazy old uncle that has just gone off the rails with his crazy schemes.

Posted by deltaalphabravo

Am I....Am I....errr.... Am I awake right now? *pinch* Bloody Hell!

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Everyone sounds like Zimos from Saints Row. So I keep expecting everything to get really kinky out of nowhere. I want to see an Endurance Run of this game where the entire cast is people from this site and the video game industry.

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Looks like good software.

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thats beautiful, if they have a press conference at E3, they should just do it like this.

Posted by Nigthguy

I really need an adult right now

Posted by DanTheRobot

This is what I would see if I jerked it with LSD-laced lotion.

Posted by superslidetail

It will make you feel like you took all the drugs

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This is the quint essence of Japanese craziness and weirdness that the world needs. Just like what Incredible Crisis was.

Posted by sodapop7

I...have to buy this

Posted by nomtank

More stupid hot bullshit like this please, Nintendo.

Posted by development

One of MY favorite activities is rolling on the floor, too!

This trailer speaks to me.

Posted by Itwastuesday

this trailer goes places

Posted by GunstarRed


What!?Super weird and very funny. I hope Nintendo do more of this insanity.

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yes, please

Posted by Ravelle

This is as awkward as Konami's press conferences.

Posted by pocketroid

"Nintendo is dying they never do anything new!"
This came out 5 years ago in Japan.

It's crazy they're localizing it, on actual carts instead of eShop only. I'm totally supporting this.

Posted by guilherme

That's Nintendo

Posted by ThaMilkMan

This...This is amazing....I don't even know what to do with myself.

Posted by Ravelle

This is as awkward as Konami's press conferences.

This is the quint essence of Japanese craziness and weirdness that the world needs. Just like what Incredible Crisis was.

Don't forget Chulip!

Posted by Nigthguy

On another note, anyone else besides me wanna try that bottled map line? Should work wonders.

Posted by Shaanyboi

Giant evil Reggie at the end may be the best thing ever.
I need this in my veins.

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My body is ready, Reggie.