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Posted by ZeroCast

Yet another Video Review , you guys are awesome !

Posted by JesseG

Sweet, another video review. More good work guys.

Posted by Lava

Good review, nice an thorough. Thanks a lot! Keep up the great work guys!

Posted by TomServo

I don't care mr review man, damn, J Gurthmann. 2 Human fool, you aint got nothin on my giantbombin' ass, shiiiiiii...........

Posted by geekbot

How come game companies can't seem to figure out that when we want to play a co-op game with our friends we want to be able to play the WHOLE game with our friends! Not just some hacked version of it!

In any case, great review as always.

Posted by MattBodega

MIDNIGHT BROWN MUSIC! Thank god the complete Midnight Brown discography is at the full disposal of Giant Bomb.
Another terrific video review, Jeff! Keep on Keeping on!

Posted by YoungBuck

good review. from the demo alone, i knew this game would be mediocre at best.

Posted by HazBazz

great review, loved the ending.
"You always say that"

Posted by joslop500

Good review. Still undecided about this game.

Posted by Smersh

Ok, from someone who knew little-to-nothing about this game until this week.
I think Too Human looks great and would definetly give it a spin. I'm a customization / loot whore from way back but unfortunately, I don't have a next-gen system and my pc is a glorified typewriter /woe. But if Silicon Knights were to send me a PS3 and a copy of Too Human I'd give your game a glorious 11/10 review and ravage the internet debunking TH haters.

Hope  to see this Trilogy play out soon.

Posted by papercut

i just really sucks when a game has potential to be a great game but stuff like this keeps it from living up to the hype

Posted by MeatSim

I'm gonna pick this up the review sold me on it enough, I liked loot grabbing in Diablo and WoW

Posted by John

loving these video reviews!

Posted by Light_Bahamut

Vinny cuts great video reviews.

Posted by zoozilla

I wonder if Dyack and Friends are actually going to deliver on the planned trilogy, or if they're going to scrap it for something else.

Posted by jk2k

Looks like a old Dreamcast or Xbox game

Posted by x_iNcReDiMe_x

Wow, u guys are busting your balls no make this by far the best video game site their is and setting the bar. Constantly providing us with quality written and video reviews with opinions that the matter more than the final score. you provide true content that helps us make a decision on checking the game out or not.

Thanks, and keep up the fantastic work.

Posted by Shadow

That was the coolest thing ever.  As I was watching the intro cutscene, I decided I'd start up the video review for the hell of it.  It just so happened that both the video and the game said "It's a good day to die" at the EXACT same time

Posted by manathirst

That was a long video review, even if Too Human racks in some cash, how can it compete with Diablo 3 a few years from now?

Posted by Kash_1095

I'll Rent it, it'll hold me off till Mercs 2.

Posted by Berkie

Howabout a little "Robot Vampire" for the next review?

Posted by BADJOKE

Great review Jeff!

Posted by Mourne

A nine minute review, and I didn't even realize it until the end. Excellent job, Jeff.

Posted by xruntime

Great, a video review!

Posted by BlazingWookie

Yep - looks like garbage for this generation. And collision detection missing? c'mon.

Posted by MaximusArtimus

great review...keep it up boys...this is my new favorite game site...by far!!!

Posted by IceCold

Called this a long time back. Crappy game, thanks for the video review Jeff.

Posted by Whisperkill

this game is better than a 3 though

Posted by imayellowfellow

wat midnight brown song was that?
it sounds like something from the 2084 album i know ive listened to it before but i cant put my finger on it

good review regardless jeff the site's review system is proving to be a very great resource

Posted by AlexB

1:28 gets really loud lol. Great Review.

Posted by MagicKiwi

I feel kind of sorry for Denny D. Oh well.

Posted by SavoyPrime

Good review Jeff. I might pick up Too Human after it comes down in price. No way am I going to pay $60 for it.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Gotta love video reviews.

Posted by Blazer74

Ah well maybe TH2 will be better. I love the video reviews though guys. Hate to say it but these are the best way to do reviews, period.

Posted by GrindAxis

Great review, keep it up!

Posted by Gnome

Fighting robots is insanely boring

Posted by ikaruga

nice review

Posted by Kaneda

Although this game is clearly mediocre mush, Jeff starts the review by kinda defending it. Way out of character for a man whos never to sorry to bash on the bad and mediocre.

Posted by Xymox

Great review.

Posted by Linkyshinks

Great review Jeff, you seem to sum it up very well and fairly.

Posted by Laldidar

I don't normally disagree with Jeff's reviews, but everything he talked about in the review sounded fun to me. After playing 6 hours into the game, I can say that it is rather fun - even with its faults. If you're the kind of person that loves collecting loot or loves a good fast paced action game, this is definitely for you. The video shown in the review was a bit deceptive. It showed combat as a slow, disconnected fight; whereas, if you take some decent skills and have a bit of player skill, combat can flow seamlessly between enemies at a startling pace - it doesn't have to be so arduous.

Posted by Sharpshooter

I am interested in the Norse twist but I'll wait till I see it on the second hand shelf.

Posted by chandlerr_360

I picked up the game, and I love it.

Posted by War77Machine

Too Human had too much hype surrounding it due to the struggle Silicon Knights had to eventually release the game. I've still preordered it though, it comes out on the 29th August for us Europeans.

Posted by Kung_Fu_Viking

From the gameplay I saw there this game looks to be very samey. The combat doesn't look very compelling. It sorta reminds me of those games were you simply hack 'n' slash at continuous waves of enemies.

Posted by MichaelBach

Very indept review and good choices of video clips to show. I tried the demo... seemed interresting, but the camera and controls were very poor...

Posted by Trnck

Marry me Jeff

Posted by ElectricHaggis

Looks like I might enjoy it.  Great review.  Great video edititng:).

Posted by AKiSeY

Giantbomb delivers by far the best reviews ever. I don't even own an XBOX360, but watching the video is just very entertaining!!!

WE LOVE GB!!!!!!

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