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Love this concept. We need more WW1 games!

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War has changed. Toy Warfare.

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looks awesome

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@Guyzea said:
" War has changed. Toy Warfare. "
War, War never changes.
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@JeffGoldblum said:
" @Guyzea said:
" War has changed. Toy Warfare. "
War, War never changes. "

Man, if War never changes his clothes must reek.
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awesome trailer music is awesome

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I miss those old Army Men games.

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Looks enticing

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nice music

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I love the fake "wants to play" notice.

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Cool concept but I'm not sure the gameplay looks up to snuff.

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@Atomasist said:
" I love the fake "wants to play" notice. "
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This has to be the first time I've ever heard a cover of "The Ants Go Marching" haha

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dude, bhagwan wants to play some toy soldiers

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Needs more Sarge's Heroes.

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lts just hope its not the same as army men and dont get stupid melting weapons etc
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Game of the Year.

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@Loxley0: or it could be Johny Comes Marching Home, since that is the original song...
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I loved the old games, i was quite shocked to see this

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It was hard to tell from this if the game itself will be all that good but it was still a very nice trailer.

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Reminds me of when 3D0 ruled the games industry, brbrbrbrbrbrb

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I remember when there were tons of these games. I loved them, but seriously WHY THE HELL is there a map of a model of a battlefield. Am I the only person who thinks that is just about the laziest, least creative, or interesting map idea of all time for this kind of game? I mean come on, make a bedroom, or a kitchen or a backyard, or a caldesac (or however you spell that). There are five bagillion places you could use for this kind of game, and most of them are a lot better than a freaking model of a freaking real battlefield.

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If only this game didn't look like it used Uncharted's next-gen filter for its visuals, this could be an appealing game.

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Haha, this looks pretty fun.

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I like what I am seeing so far.

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This looks great.

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@CuChulain:  I thought it was Johnny i hardly knew ya by Dropkick Murphys..  (I'm probably wrong)
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Looks sweet

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@Atomasist said:
"I love the fake "wants to play" notice. "
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Why in the fuck would you choose that song for the trailer? It should have been Martika.

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When  is this released ?

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Toy Warfare... Toy Warfare never changes...

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Its "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" folks a popular song during the American Civil War which had a resurgence during WWI.  "The Ants go Marching" is a  much later children's cover of the song.
Sure, it COULD be "Johnny I hardly knew ye" but since that song is also nearly a couple centuries old by now its not exactly like the Murphy's came up with it.
And now you know.
And knowing is half the battle.