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@SpiritOf said:

I'm convinced, but I'm not sure, that Jeff is wearing a Bobby Brown t-shirt.

It's an Eazy-E shirt, I believe. It says Be Eazy if it's the same one he wore on TNT one time.

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I love these videos Jeff. Keep them up!

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Better matchmaking in LOL would be nice. Yesterday I got in a team with players lvl. 30 (I'm 10). Guess if they were happy with my performance? :s I just started to play this game and really liked it but that turned me off.

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So you're saying we won't be seeing an updated HD Venetian Blinds?

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Loving these videos.

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Focus Jeff, focus!

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Jar drinkin at its finest.

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This is why I subscribe Jeff, keep it coming!

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This is fantastic

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Shit is tight yo!

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Late to comment, but I just wanted to pitch in that I *love* these Q&A vids so far. I can never tell from Jeff's cool demeanor if he's actually enjoying them, but I think they are some of the most informative videos on the site.

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Jeff Gerstmann is not a licensed The Rapist.

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$1100 ?!?!?! Jeff you madman!

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Awesome video Jeff I watched the whole thing!

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Thanks Jeff.

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I love Jeff's lack of video editing skills.

Should go take some lessons from Vinny or Drew!

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Thanks to this video i found out about timetrotters! YES! YES!

Also that Japanese thing also features in this video of Jeff's house

The "Human problem" is also prominent for people who are sort of skilled. I have a K/D of 1.5 in halo reach but then I started getting matchmade with these super serious god-tier guys which totally killed the experience for me.

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jeff does look like a travis