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What is this?

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Damn....... so close.

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Hi Jeff

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All over it.

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Sneaky upload during TNT !

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Nice, another one. And from that picture... wacky stuff will ensue!

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a unlicensed therapist

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I now know how to win at Trackmania

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What is ミニモニ? Jeff be crazy that's what.

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4 girls 1 jar?

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Hang on Jeff I have to go to the bathroom.

edit: ok go on, i'm listening

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"Hit the gas pedal... button."

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Oh man, these videos always pop in at the most inopportune times.
But I can't resist!

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I am consistently top 10 on Trackmania and I rarely play the game..

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Buy the man a cup, Whiskey Media!

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Is Jeff getting some action tonight? It really looks like it from is reaction to the text message.

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@Lokishot: Hahaha, looks likely...

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Love these videos, almost kind of whish they where live so you could be reading these comments as you go lol

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I don't know what this is... I think the whole Internet is broken

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Jeff likes to live on the edge!

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Don't tease me with your text messages!

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Not a licensed therapist? ... OR IS HE!?

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He says he's not licensed, but the lighting in this video is excellent. Blue from the left, yellow from the right. That's some pro-grade shit right there.

EDIT: He turned off the yellow light. I don't know what to believe in life anymore.

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This month was the first time I've been to Subway since January, because my sister gave me a gift card to them. I've been there twice now because the first time they were out of meatballs and it drove me crazy knowing I could not get a meatball sub. I mean, how do you run out of meatballs? So, I was hungry and got another code so I could use it for extra crap, such as a much better gun.

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Jeff needs to do a PSA for car inspections

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These videos are the reason I subscribe. Real talk about the industry.

Edit: @Lokishot

Listen to what he says afterwards about Xbox Live memberships and breaches of security

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Never has a persons reaction to a text made me want to know what that text said more than that one.

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@ckeats said:

Never has a persons reaction to a text made me want to know what that text said more than that one.

someone's live account got hacked, duh

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Oh, nice. Jeff read my question and it turned into him revealing a boxed monstrosity jam-packed with Japaniness. That turned out even better than I'd hoped!

And $1,100? Yikes. That beats my stupidest purchase more than 2x (I'm a Mega Drive / Genesis guy). But the same goes with me: You pay some nutsoid amount for a cartridge, you get it and look at this holy grail actually being in your home, you play it once or twice and then it gets stashed.

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Jeff lives in a house? I thought it was an apartment? Color me surprised and amazed!

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I'd like to say that counter-strike players these days never berate new players. You will likely be destroyed but no one really bags on other players, at least in the EU.

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I dont want to sound like a Giantbomb fanboy....oh you know what i dont care lol. This kind of thing isnt why i pay for a sub, but it does make me happy i have one and its good to show off to friends what they are missing out on.

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So I've played modern warfare 1 when it came out and was good at it killed dudes a lot got top 3 played it for like 2 months, then I didn't play any other call of duty games, until steam had a black ops mp free weekend and I played it and got utterly demolished, so Jeff said that this would put normal people off and make them play more casual games but I don't think that means they'll play facebook games and all that crap.

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60fps vs 30fps mostly depends on the type of game, whether its open world or corridor shooter.

Making a multiplatform open world first person shooter run at 60 is almost impossible, your assets would have to be PS2/Xbox quality.

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I nearly died when you started drinking out of a Mason jar. Very classy.

But really, it's great to gain insight into how you operate as a person and a professional.

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This was genuinely fascinating and I hope to see more like it in the future. Jeff and the rest of Giant Bomb are fightin' the good fight.

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That text message Jeff got scared me enough to change my Xbox Live password. When Jeff reacts like that and starts talking about protecting your Live ID in a sombre tone like that, you gotta listen.

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I love the ending.

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Towards the end, when talking about relationships with developers, it got me thinking of Double Fine.
A couple times recently they seemed just a bit too friendly with the staff.  But it's not like GB was exactly kind to Brutal Legend, and it didn't make things wierd.  So they're one of the good guys making games, it seems.

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This Jeff Gerstmann fella sure does know himself so stuff 'bout vidja games.

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I love jar time with Jeff. I'm gonna go to the public access station and give them a VHS and see what happens. I'll keep y'all posted.

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I did the same thing on Oct. 1. The manager of Subway had no idea what I was talking about. I could have walked out of there, but the chicken bacon ranch was calling my name.

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@Dalai said:

4 girls 1 jar?

Sounds hot. Also, incredibly disgusting.

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Blurry camera caught Jeff off-guard.