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Posted by beardySA

looks interesting?

Posted by Rohok

What the hell is this?

Posted by Kinapuff

Smash brothers meets Dissidia meets.. confusion.

Posted by IcedEmber

Animation and combat looked bad but then saw it was a 4 player 3DS game. Personally think they could have cleaned up a lot of the frames but for all know that could be pushing the system.


oh man, been waiting for this!

Posted by JamesJeux007

It is indeed a trailer of a video game.

Posted by Video_Game_King

This is not pretty pink princess enough.

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Posted by MeatSim

No surprise but this game looks weird.

Posted by notdavid

This is definitely a video game.

Posted by zolloz89

Kinda of reminds me of Tales of Phantasia.

Posted by UndeadPatPat

so it's the new Guardian Heroes?

Posted by Silvergun

@UndeadPatPat said:

so it's the new Guardian Heroes?

Sure looks like it, except it somehow manages to look worse than an ancient Saturn game...

Posted by Roomrunner

Comment of Article.

Posted by Voidoid

Beat up of 'em.

Posted by KlUMZeE

Soooo, it's an anime-stlye beat 'em up... Pass.

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Kinda reminds me of Odin Sphere....except 3D....God I miss that game...

Posted by MideonNViscera

Torn on this. I loved Guardian Heroes back in the day, but was less impressed when I replayed it on XBLA. This game lacks the branching storylines from Guardian Heroes, but is probably a perfectly fine portable game. This is definitely gonna depend on how bored I am the week it releases.

It also comes out 2 days after Pokemon, which I suddenly love.

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the music was pretty cool. :/

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Is that the real name of the game? Wow...

Posted by ChrisTaran

Already pre-ordered! Love me some side-scrolling beat-um-up action. Also, Atlus <3

Posted by FatCat1276

I'm interested. It looks like Guardian Heroes because a couple of the designers worked on Guardian Heroes. Seems like a spiritual successor.

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@Slab64 said:


the music was pretty cool. :/

It needs more dubstub.

Posted by YukoAsho

Game looks OK enough. Looks like the sort of breat-em-up fun that would work in the portable realm.

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@Rohok said:

What the hell is this?

A beat-'em-up with RPG elements, pretty evidently. I liked the music.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

If you have a 3DS and like Castle Crashers, Guardian Heroes, etc., I recommend this game. 

Posted by Questionable

That does not look fluid at all. No way to cancel a 2.5 second attack into a block would seem like a pretty bothersome battlesystem.

I am still amazed how much fun and especially responsive they made the dissidia games. Quite a special feat for a developer with no prior experience in the area

Posted by HeavyDuty32

Yeah, definitely Guardian Heroes.

Posted by RuneseekerMireille

Already pre-ordered. This and Dragon's Crown should sate my appetite for these kinds of games.

On an aside: Is it wierd that when everyone says that it looks like Guardian Heroes, I think it looks like Princess Crown?

Posted by dyong

At any point do any princesses write any code?

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Anime, y'all.

Posted by TheMathlete

I kinda liked the music. and I'm maining the old lady.