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Brilliant. One of the funniest games ever made!

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Excellent. Been waiting for a console version of this since the original Quick Look.

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Press Z to consume.

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Posted By Phoenix87

Game of the decade

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I wonder what the new levels will be like! I won't buy this, but I'm curious to see

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Posted By MrTambo

Depending on the amount of new stuff, I could see myself buying this again.

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I am so ready for this.

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Outside the first level, the game fell flat for me, hard.

EDIT: Also thought they stopped posting trailers, guess they make exceptions

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Silly Alex, Octodad has been on PS4 for years.

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I actually was just thinking it's been enough time since I played it that I forgot most of the goofs so I'll pick this up again on PS4.

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I still laugh at the commando roll through the window in the quick look!

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I really hope they do something about the FoV for this re-release, because I'd totally be up for playing it again. Loved the humour but I was feeling seriously ill by the resort part of the game. Seeing as no FoV options ever got added to the PC version, I guess I shouldn't be holding my breath.

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Drugs in video game form.

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This a great trailer.

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This game is delicious

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Terrific trailer for a terrific game.

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I love this game so much. Probably one of the few that actually made me laugh out loud.

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I simply 'liked' Jazzpunk, but man, that Wedding Qake part was hilarious.

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I bought this when it first came out on the PC but I didn't laugh once. I guess I wasn't part of the target audience or something.

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Wedding Qake was such a memorable moment. Jazzpunk is a really cool game.

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Must have been a pretty lousy year

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Is this the opening to skate 4

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Jazzpunk is good fun but it's one of those games you only play/experience once. Kinda feel left out having now an "inferior" PC version of the game now though.

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That ad told me nothing about the game...

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this trailer is extremely good and cool

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Everything about this games' "marketing campaign" is fan-taastic!

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What did I just watch?

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From what I've seen, Jazzpunk is basically Non-Sequitur: The Game. If you're into that, that's cool, but don't confuse it with actual quality comedic writing like Portal.

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deep neuromancer reference at 00:28

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The funniest videogame I've ever played, and my second favourite game of that year. More people should experience the Airplane! of videogames.

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Posted By Chango

Great trailer. I hope this director's cut also comes out for steam, but regardless I'll eventually re-buy a ps4 and play this version. The game looses itself a bit by the end, but overall it's one of the best games I've played in recent years. And the funniest!

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its about dam time we get this on ps4 day one buy for me.

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I didn't like it that much, tbh.

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lmao still cracking up about Shadow of Mordor winning goty

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Just watched that trailer with no sound and now I feel 100% less sane.

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"Filmed in front of a live studio cobra."

Jazzpunk forever.

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This game cracked me up.