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I dunno about this.  I thought the crazy pretty much got sorted out in the first one.

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I don't think people want this kinda game anymore.

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ookey.. well i got really intressted :D

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Looks like we will be going back to Wonderland again.

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i hope they get the same voice actor who did the chessire cat in the previous game back :)
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i didn't play the first and don't want to. I hope i can just jump in here.

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Best news I've heard since BatmanBatmanBatman.com

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Well that's not creepy. Not one bit... *shudders*

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Is it just me or does the narrator sound like g-man from Half-Life?

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Thanks! Now I need a pair of new trousers...

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oh dear...

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im so scared

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Looks neat so far, will wait but guessing I'll pounce on this one like American McGee's Alice :)

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Looks too dark for my taste.  I always thought of Alice as more psychedelic.

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There was a violin playing at the end.  They are just ripping off Bioshock!

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Madness Returns is a pretty bad subtitle.

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As i posted in the 'announcement' thread -and this trailer does nothing but reinforce my belief that :- 
Its going to be Dantes inferno in wonderland Feat Alice (and an Isaac Clarke dlc skin)    

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OK. I'm interested. :D

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I remember liking the original for maybe the first hour.  Since she appears to be in a house/cottage of some kind, I am hoping this is just a Sims 3 mod.

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@dussssstin said:
" I don't think people want this kinda game anymore. "
well, 95% of people commenting disagree with you
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Is Levelord back for this one? IF SO, HELL YEAohwait, it's probably just the enlight team again

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Awesome.  The first game was pretty good.

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What a tease!

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@Milkman said:
" Madness Returns is a pretty bad subtitle. "
This is true. Still, looking forward to the game.
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i loved the first one <3

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@Make_Me_Mad said:
" I dunno about this.  I thought the crazy pretty much got sorted out in the first one. "
She's off her meds and had a relapse.
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looks a bit forced but w/e if they can deliver on gameplay

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Thats how I like my girls

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Did someone slip something in my drink?

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I'm curious if American McGee is involved at all.

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Hold me.

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Anyone else think of Old Snake?

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And that is why we floss.

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I am repulsed yet intrigued.

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Follow the white rabbit... on twitter. 
Love it.

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@eccentrix said:
" Anyone else think of Old Snake? "
Well always. 
But what made you think of him now?
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Alice kinda looks like what a Little Sister from bioshock would look like when their teenager

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@dussssstin said:

" I don't think people want this kinda game anymore. "

There's many people that do,
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I thought EA was done with innovative and risky 'new' IPs for now.
Well good for them! And for us. Alice looks cool.

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@Canberra:  That first note from the song, Old Snake.  At 0:10 on the Alice video and 0:52 here:
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Yes please Mr game developer sir, I'll take two.

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Never played the first one, but I love creepiness, so I'm interested.

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Cool! I love games with lolis.

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Okaaaaaaaaay. Well at least we can safely say McGee is still a fucking weirdo. That's a relief.