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what is this I don't even....

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Well, fuck.
Looks kinda cool.

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 calling it - quick look is necessary    

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it was all ok until that song at the end

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I'd rather this have included actual Disney characters. Puh. I say that like I'd actually pick this game up. Hahahaha.     I think we at Giantbomb are outside this game's demographic.

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Heh. That was a pretty funny intro. Game looks neat. I'd try it. Can't say much for the song at the end though.

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The animation looks superb.

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Will purchase to play with girlfriend.

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Looks fun. I'd love to see a group quick look for this.

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Giant bicep did it.

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Nice design for Mr valentine.

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@s10129107 said:
" it was all ok until that song at the end "
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if there's not a quicklook of this i will be very upset

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@s10129107 said:
" it was all ok until that song at the end "
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Looks like a great family game you actually could play with your kids.

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Pretty cool that they could get Zach Galifianakis involved.

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I was all for it until that goddamn song came in. Why? Just why?

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The butler is obviously the guilty party.

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Is the Commodore retiring because he's 64? 
Sorry, I just had to.

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Surprising to see the Sam & Max reference in there! 
Looking forward to this :)

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Hey, when did Ryan and Vinny assume new identities?

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If I was a parent I would totally get this for my kids. 

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I definitely appreciate how family-friendly/casual games are getting better recently. That other murder mystery GB made a Quick Look of looked pretty good too.
And then there's that Peanuts game, totally out left field, looks totally serviceable.

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Dude.. What?

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Seems like a good game to play with your kids

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oh if only they had the tickling tool on CSI...