Posted by zudthespud

Well I hope Capcom are happy. They fired the undisputed masters of motorbike games, Milestone, for a studio I'd never heard of and they've got this pile of crap. SBK-X will be miles better than this.

Posted by Sammichman

Yeah 09/10 looks a lot worse than 08. My God 08 was a good game, I think I'll go play that again. I hate how they have this big chunkie racing line when tracks naturally have a racing line from the rubber.

Posted by Hector

Yeah, I think 08 was the best. I played the demo for this and it feels like complete garbage.

Posted by Nei

Sigh... I wish either Turn10 or Polyphony Digital do a MotoGP game. :|

Posted by Milkman

I went through a period of time where I would play MotoGP every year but nowadays, it just feels unbelievably stale.

Posted by JiuJitsuka85

Mediocre graphics, animations and arcade ass racing lines on the road? No thank you.
This is a step back from 08...

Posted by xedrox

Not sure who would buy this after playing the demo version.

Posted by MeatSim

Maybe I will go play the demo but even then I don' think I am getting this.