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Posted by punkxblaze

They need to do all the cutscenes in the game like this. All of them. Between the name and that early poster that was released, this needs to go straight up B Movie horror.

Edited by FuzzYLemoN

The coolest? Really?
I dunno, those promotional live action videos with Alma & the psychiatrist for the first FEAR were pretty rad.
To each his own, though.

Posted by Ballskin

why is everything so sad and mad

Posted by MRutter

that logo has to go

Posted by NickM


Posted by Beforet

Hm, uses the "scary cut" a bit too much. Though that might have been the point.

Posted by YoThatLimp

I've never played any FEAR game, but this looks cool

Posted by Taka

I was not prepared for what i just saw...

Posted by lolgreg


Posted by MrMiyagi

That was indeed pretty cool.

Posted by DelroyLindo

I dont see the point in these live action game announcement things.

Posted by ZmillA

this series would be a lot better if it wasn't an fps

Posted by TripMasterMunky

That was kinda lame actually.

Posted by sandwich_adjustment


Posted by TerraDelu

Still don't wanna play those games. Also, I thought they ditched the F.3.A.R thing... guess not.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

that was terrifyingly bad
with 3 seconds of what looked like FEAR 2 
that being said I always thought the FEAR games were bad

Posted by Joey2683
@sandwich_adjustment said:
"L.A.M.3. "

Ha, exactly.
Posted by weegieanawrench

That was pretty cool until the logo popped up. However, this trailer has my attention.

Posted by NickM


  I think this is cooler.
Posted by jorbear

I'm not liking the live-action so much... 
And the narrator sounds like your friendly-neighborhood pervert.

Posted by myslead

how does the second one end already? 
I don't think I actually played it through...

Posted by Crushed
@myslead said:
" how does the second one end already? I don't think I actually played it through... "

Posted by Aeterna

Well, this tells me nothing about the game really.


Crazed up!

Posted by Waffles13

The trailer itself was alright. However:
A) Pointman's got a face, yo.
and B) While I'm sure most consider FEAR to have a totally throwaway storyline, the idea of Pointman, Fettle, Alma and Becket's kid all being on the same team or something is totally nuts, and makes me totally interested

Posted by lockwoodx

So they knock up another one or is she still the original?

Posted by Domdog

BLOOD RUNS DEEP, FEAR RUNS DEEPER. Dear god, I feel like I'm watching a trailer to some crappy B-movie.

Posted by Roger778

Okay, even though that was a live-action trailer for the next F.E.A.R. game, I thought that was pretty darn creepy.  The few seconds of game footage looked interesting, too. 
It definitely got my attention, I'll say.  I think I will have to replay F.E.A.R 1, and if I like it, then play Project: Origin.
Posted by Veektarius

Not cool.

Posted by natetodamax

That was messed up.

Edited by AlchemistiD

What th3 3ff?

That was pretty sad.  Even for a trailer.

I'm a little biased, though.  The only people who really could do something great with live action within the context of a game were Origin, Westwood, and Cyan Worlds.

Posted by JeanLuc

from what I took from this trailer, it sounds like Paxton and Point-man are back, along with alma's new creepy baby. God this Series is fucked up. AND I LOVE IT!

Posted by takua108

A live-action trailer for F.E.A.R. 3?! 
What is this I don't even

Posted by JoelTGM


Edited by Lonely_Ogre

Oh no, ambiguous  voice trying to sound creepy and jaded! Gross birthing scene with demonic activity?! No way, I have never seen that before! Wow! Bullet time!? How original! lol

Posted by MeatSim

That was pretty messed up looking.

Posted by EasyPeasey

I'm sorry what just happened?

Posted by r3b3lr0b0t

Ya know, I've played all the way through the first two games in the series and this trailer made me realize that I don't understand the story at all.

Posted by Devilkas

FEAR 3, now with Co-Op.

Posted by grhud5194

the line, "and brother, is killing again." made me laugh my ass off.
Posted by RandomInternetUser

Who put live action in my video games?!  Disappointing trailer. 

Posted by Jimbo

First Encounter Assault Recon 3 - Tactical Recon And Insertion Light Expeditionary Regiment

Posted by cinemandrew

Forget F.3.A.R.! F.E.4.R will be so much better!

Posted by ProjektGill

I still think the recent Ghost Recon live action trailer kicks this one's ass

Posted by HatKing

Finally, the Manson Cult video game we've all been waiting for!
Posted by Zanthox

Wow, i thought it was going to be terrible once I saw it was live action.. But they did well! 

Posted by DeadFish

Does that mean F.3.A.R. will be an FMV game?

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Why th3 h3ll whould you put an "e" inst3d of a "3" it just mak3 things look lik3 some six year old idiot from th3 int3rne3t wrot3 it.
Posted by JamesKond

I don't know about this game, but I like me some F.E.A.R.

Posted by WickedCobra03

This trailer does not make me any more confident in the 3rd installment in the series.  Like wasn't 1 pretty highly regarded.  Then 2 was not even supposed to be but instead was initially called Project Origin which looked awesome... it seems like they are just developing a third for the brand name/cash in value.

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