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Posted by scarace360

more fighting games YA

Posted by Scarabus

Fighters made of plastic, yo.

Posted by animateria

This game looked dated now compared to the other fighting games.
No surprise since VF5 is pretty old now I suppose.

Posted by myslead

remember Poser?
yeah, this look like it was made with it

Posted by skrutop

Remember when Virtua Fighter 3 came out, and the visuals blew us away?  Not so much with VF 5.

Posted by Foggen

I think I can finally let go of feeling like I should care about Virtua Fighter.

Posted by mooncake

donno bout you guys, but i think the graphics look great still. its mostly the animation, feels weird because its TOO SMOOTH. hmmm smoothness

Posted by Hailinel
@skrutop said:
" Remember when Virtua Fighter 3 came out, and the visuals blew us away?  Not so much with VF 5. "
Visuals and personality have never been at the top of VF's priority list.  The series has always prided itself on being one of the most technically complex, balanced fighting game series available.  Virtua Fighter takes the creed of gameplay before graphics and runs to the hills with it.
Posted by Godwind

I will so be getting this game... when I get a PS3.

Posted by SinGulaR

I never liked VF. I want my fighting games to be really over the top.
Posted by JackSukeru

This isn't Street Fighter!

Posted by Jack_Daniels

Damn  this game is ugly.

Posted by Scarabus
@RockmanBionics: Sadly, no.
Posted by manathirst

Finally, I hope it comes to the PS3 with online!

Posted by ptys

I'm confused as to what I'm looking at?.. I don't get it.

Posted by monkie89

VF5 is so far ahead of every other 3D fighter it's ridiculous. I have faith in a console port for this revision - I now understand why SEGA didn't bother with VF5R.

Posted by Milkman

Watching the Super Street Fighter IV trailer and then watching this just makes me realize how boring Virtua Fighter is.

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finally! damn! took you long enough SEGA. 
EDIT: sigh never mind.
Posted by Rewcastle

YES!! SHREDDING!!     SPIKEY HAIR!!!   LATE 80s EARLY 90s!!!!!!
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@Branthog said:

" I totally remember this game from the early to mid 90s. I saw it once in an arcade. I was going to play it, but it was 50 cents and I only had a quarter on me, so I never played it. True story. "

Wow, that arcade must of had a time machine to get Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown in their arcade in the mid-90's
Unfortunately, they still didn't make enough money and had to go out of business.  I don't get why they didn't just use the time machine to play the Lotto.
Posted by Obbeskrutt

The Virtua Fighter series is to the Fighting game genre what StarCraft is to RTS.
The VF series might not be famous for their flashy aesthetics, but the core mechanics and the deep level of theory behind it puts VF in a different league than other games in the genre.
Not saying that series such as SF and Tekken doesn't have a deep level of strategy working in the background, but VF is just so much more. Stellar visuals aside, Virtua Fighter is the best fighting series ever made in my opinion, only matched by IK+.

Posted by MeatSim

Nice guitar solo.

Posted by Ronnock

It kind of irks me to see that people think that these graphics are worse or barely on par with other 3D fighters that are out today. VF5 still has some of the best graphics of the 3D fighting game genre.  It's no Fight Night Round 4, but it's still better than Tekken 5.75.  
Edit: the 3/4 is for the extra amount of characters on the roster. 

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I just realized I haven't owned a VF game since the original on Saturn. Now that I own a stick I should really look into finding a copy of VF5. I wish it would arrive on Live's Games on Demand already.
Or the arcade version of VF1 or VF2 in Game Room. I'd buy that for three dollars!