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Posted by FesteringNeon

I love it, so ready for this game.  
Posted by LiquidS

First good Western? 
Looks very nice.

Posted by AURON570

I don't really like the wild west, or "open world" games, so probably not for me.

Posted by Noodlearms

Do want.
Posted by RedSox8933

I'm extremely excited about this game.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Needs more robots.

Posted by CaptainTightPants

Still stoked for this game

Posted by RareDropRadio

This game looks amazing! I've always enjoyed Western movies but have found that no game has yet to cash in on the proper formula. Perhaps this will be the one!

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

Horribly excited for this game!

Posted by Sil3n7

Wow this actually looks pretty good. Looks like it was built upon upgraded GTA4 tech. The idea of riding a horse and firing pistols sounds great, just like you could out of a car in GTA.

Posted by wefwefasdf

I can't wait to explore the wild west! 

Posted by scarace360

want need now. will sell soul for copy of the game.

Posted by Yzzerdd

Please don't let this have GTAIV's aiming system please.

Edited by RiddleBrother

pre-ordering...... now!
edit: also, the facial animations look surprisingly great, especially for rockstar.

Posted by PapaLazarou

I'll wait for PC version

Posted by TheWesman

Grand Theft Horsey!  Bring it on! 

Posted by dhuff

There were a lot of fancy words that could have been replaced with "ragdoll physics". It's similar to James Cameron and his "performance capture".
Also, this isn't a forum post.  It's an "electronic response measure" in a "international sharing matrix".

Posted by dhuff

The game does look awesome though.

Posted by wrecks

Love the History channel treatment in this trailer.

Posted by sixpin

Please, let Sam Elliott be a voice actor in this.

Posted by IcySandman

Do want

Posted by dhuff
@sixpin: I would give up pelican jerky for a YEAR if someone could make this happen. And I love pelican jerky.
Posted by spiceninja
@dhuff: The Euphoria physics system isn't as basic as ragdoll. So actually, simply calling it ragdoll would be a lie.
Posted by OllyOxenFree

It was terrible that the employees were over-worked with no extra pay...but this game looks like it was worth all of their sweat and tears.

Posted by Skeetlejuice

i'm SOLD 
now just waiting for a historical style preview of the brothel game mechanics.

Posted by MINIZTER

Completely willing to suck something nasty just to get an hour with this game right now! I mean, this is like Brokeback Mountain and GTA combined! Hella awesome!

Posted by Daveyo520

This game looks kinda amazing.

Posted by FunExplosions

Loving the gunshot sounds and facial animations.

Posted by Asurastrike

Looks great

Posted by Dirty_Harry

Cannot wait for this game!

Posted by thedj93

I like the song in the background!

Posted by Rebirth1337

This game looks amazing.

Posted by Carcharias

I need this game. NOW
Posted by JWawin

Really well done video, I am officially interested! 


So it's third person Call of Juarez?

Posted by Veektarius
@sixpin: Sometimes, there's a man... I won't say a hero, 'cause what's a hero? But sometimes there's a man.
Edited by Slaneesh

Cool maybe. Realistic no way. Bullets do not make people fly.

Posted by myghart

I'm digging the gunshot sounds. These fuckers approach the Michael Mann level of authenticity.

Posted by Bionicicide

Love the strap on your back to carry your primary gun. Death to magic pockets.
Wonder if you can dual-wield revolvers too since there's not that many guns in this era, to mix things up.

Posted by Slaveg

Ok, now I have something to continue on living for.

Posted by Death_Burnout

This is EXACLTY why this is my most anticipated game of 2010.
I am huge western gun freak and a huge fan of euphoria, it is the way forward, so glad Rockstar are using it again. 
I did get worried about some of the problems behind the scenes, but this looks uneffected

Posted by Trexoton
" So it's third person Call of Juarez? "
But good, I'd guess :)
Posted by DannyJ
" So it's third person Call of Juarez? "
Hardly. While the Western Genre has hit a downturn lately, Red Dead Revolver was a bright light. The only thing that held it from being a hit was that it had no online play. However, Im interested to see how this turns out with Rockstar actually making it. The last one was made by Capcom and then they dropped it, then Rockstar picked it up.
Posted by ghostNPC

Still trying to impress people with euphoria huh? Didn't they already fail to impress us with its "groundbreaking" techniques in GTA4 and Force Unleashed? I guess they think we're too stupid to have remembered that it's not as fantastic as it sounds.
Regardless, Red Dead was a fantastic game, and this looks even better.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Hope all their work was worth it.  Looks great.  I just hope you can basically never use the dead eye targeting and still beat it.  I guess I'd be going for sim if I played this :)

Posted by drew327

Looks like it was built on top of GTA4

Posted by ArchScabby

euphoria is so pointless.

Posted by Contra

I really liked Red Dead Revolver.
Dead Eye was one of the coolest systems in that game.
The quick draw system was also great extension of that, and I'm gonig to assume it's in this too.

Posted by Myrmidon

Oh man, this game looks absolutely gorgeous.

Posted by Nicky92

They really explained the combat fully

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