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Ah, GTA.

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Oh right, sweet. Whats wrong with the video's name and description

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@Zabant: He really was.  I'm glad you got to kill him.  These two guys seem pretty cool.  A shame I have to wait and play Gay Tony until after I get a new hard drive.
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only a couple more weeks!

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@HT101: a friend of mine is getting the MW2 xbox with the 250 gig HDD, i said i would give him mine and £60 for it.
dude totally accepted as he said "ill only be playing MW2"
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Why would they showcase Brain? He is such a annoying character.

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i don´t get it, is this  a new game, DLC or what?

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@kingclaw: Its an expansion onto the GTA 4 story, you play as another character in liberty city. Its DLC and on physical disc. 
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Jump Up by Major Lazer feat. Leftside and Supahype...just in case anyone wanted to know the song in the background

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Did these characters really need to have a trailer dedicated to them?

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Guess these guys are buddies/backup for Luis.

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Fuck Brian that guy was a douche.

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fuck Brian and his punk bitch self.

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Apparantly so, yes...
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Grade A storytelling.

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Really slick trailer, too bad I have to wait for PSN release.

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Cool trailer.  Too bad the gameplay will still be boring and annoying.

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Can't wait. And Brian, shut the fuck up.

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@Imperial_ninjA said:
" PC realease go! "
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" Did these characters really need to have a trailer dedicated to them? "
It's Rockstar, they can do whatever the fuck they want, and obviously they do.
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" So, normal GTA4 is not included, right? And can somebody tell me how much this will cost me (in europe/germany)? I didn't really like GTA4, but those episodes are tempting! "

Probably 66% of the cost of GTA4 when it came out. Here in the states it's $40 as opposed to full priced games at  $60. 
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" Did these characters really need to have a trailer dedicated to them? "

Did Roman or Packie need their own trailers? The buddies of the protagonist always get their own trailers. And in Brian's case, he didn't get one when TLAD was fresh so he gets one now.
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Ballad of Gay Tony better have some glam rock. They are trying to do a "glitzy, gay" vibe but they need some T. Rex and David Bowie to get the job done.

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Dude in red looks a little like Luis Guzman  
Ironic considering he was the voice actor for Vice City's trademark hothead Ricardo Diaz...a subtle reference?...probably not but meh, i speculated =P
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One year later, the game's still as good.