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Posted by CitizenKane

While I find it funny that North Korea would successfully invade and capture the United States, this game does look interesting.

Posted by bludst0ne

What the hell? Invaded by North Korea? Now I want to play this game just to see how they explain that.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

woot, looks ok.

Posted by senrat

This is the most unrealistic plot in the world. North Korea could NEVER successfully invade the United States. In fact they would be dead before they got 200 miles off their own shore with the intent to invade.  This is plot is almost comedic. They should have said a bunch of countrys invaded instead of one poor pitiful country.

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@senrat: Agreed.
Posted by Kohe321

Looks cool

Posted by MeatSim

Doesn't look bad but come on North Korea taking us out is unbelievable even for a video games.

Posted by darkspirit138

Ok, so we have established that the North Korea invading America part is a bit too...overwhelming.

Anything else?

Posted by okuzy

oh really?...leader of the resistance? ...doesnt sound too familiar...and CONNOR mayson?....*cough* terminator

Posted by Cday

Doesn't look good. Not because North Korea is invading the U.S., but because they can't even make the game look good in trailer form. Not a good sign.

Also guys it's a video game.

Posted by themaster408

Shoulda said China, I'd believe that could happen.

Posted by Irishjohn

I have no idea how North Korea could maintain an occupation of the continental United States, but still looks very awesome.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Hooray for exceptionally choppy trailers! ... :|

Posted by The_Tolman

IF WE STAY THE COURSE, WE ARE DEAD! WE ARE ALL DEAD! woops thought this was a terminator game.

Posted by LaSpaceTuna

The DPRK couldn't even take South Korea. So....GREAT PLOT


Posted by ZephyrAtraides
The North Koreans could MAYBE do it if the Chinese helped them.
Posted by crusnchill

As dumb and idiotic as some american's can be sometimes, I gotta say: "The premise that North Korea, a country that could fit into texas many time's over, with a main army that is a tenth smaller than america's reserve forces.
Now that is dumb! And then when you consider that America also has some VERY, very smart people with the fund's behind their smarts to put into their weapon supeiority research. The idea that North Korea would even think about attacking a country as big as america is laughable, at best!

But I do understand why they used North Korea in this game...
North Korea is remote, by their own decision I might add.
They have mostly cut themselves off from the world and would not find out about this game in any meaningful way, nor would they do anything about it either if they ever did.

Anyway, on to the game part of my comment. The graphic's look like they use a form of the cryengine. either cryengine2 or 3. Probably 3. Looks like an interesting game, even if the idea behind is very stupid... I would give it a try.

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hey japan got close, so why cant north korea learn from their mistakes... we aint invinsible...
.. not that im trying to justify anything...

Posted by Yelix

I guess there was some huge economic collapse in the U.S. years prior to this game or something. Given the fact that John Milius is one of the biggest conservatives in Hollywood, I wouldn't find it surprising that he would find that plausible. Not saying I don't.

Posted by SenatorSpacer

Okay...I'm interested....

What's with THQ putting out these cool games? Darksiders, UFC, Deadly Creatures, Dawn of War 2, Space Marine and now this?
Posted by InsertCoin

One big Meh from me. Slightly silly story line, and the 'cinematic' action sequences look decidedly underwhelming.

Posted by simian

I think the target market here are people whom are already preparing for foreign invaders. And I foreign I mean the liberal media.

Posted by peerLAN

North freaking Korea??? That country is broke, has a GDP of $40.00 billion and is in stone age. Compare that just with New York's GDP of $1.1 trillion. What a joke... I wonder why they didn't choose Hawaii invading all of USA, because that tiny island has a GDP of $47.00 billion.

Posted by StickyMicky

i thought the whole world was broke? LOL

regardless, the story is set 20 years in the future, you dont (or should not) know what is going to arrive in the next 20 years, so the story is not as far fetched as you might imagine, anything could happen, and we do live in very uncertain times. 

I quote liked "Frontlines" i picked it up on the 360 on the cheap and quite enjoyed it, i quickly got rid as nobody was playing it online, although i recently picked up yet another copy of it for the PC.

If KAOS learn from some of the mistakes made with Frontlines, then it could turn out to be a reasonably good game IMO

Posted by MasterChief360

At the past, Soviet vs US (Freedom Fighter). Now, North Korea  vs US (Homefront) or China vs US (Flashpoint Dragon Rising). Always Socialism vs Capitalism. But why not UK+Japan vs US?

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I'd like it better if you played as the invaders for once.


Posted by gormers
@Meatsim said:
" Doesn't look bad but come on North Korea taking us out is unbelievable even for a video games. "
Right... Ever thought that its a bit unbelievable in most shooters out there, say COD 4, that you and your small team can take out an army of enemy soldiers? Its a game ffs, not even movies tend to be realistic like that.

Anyway, the trailer didnt do it for me, but it doesnt exactly look bad.
Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Looks very generic.

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LOL connor mason ultimate mixture of john connor and alex mason! TERMINATOR PLUS RED FACTION= WIN!?!?! THE ULTIMATE RESISTANCE LEADER!

Posted by hofmarskal

Where is John Conner? Come with me if you want to live/be the patriot! 

Posted by loldetaerleo

Lol at americans going NO WAY THAT THEY COULD INVADE OUR AWESOME COUNTRY FUCK THAT SHIT. It's a game who cares, would you seriously like it more if it was "A coalition of unnamned countries". Besides noone likes North Korea so you get to shoot some baddies YAY!

Posted by bludst0ne
@loldetaerleo said:
" Lol at americans going NO WAY THAT THEY COULD INVADE OUR AWESOME COUNTRY FUCK THAT SHIT. It's a game who cares, would you seriously like it more if it was "A coalition of unnamned countries". Besides noone likes North Korea so you get to shoot some baddies YAY! "
Because there is quite a gap between suspension of belief and fucking ludicrous. And judging from the tone of the trailer "parody" was doubtful going through their minds while this game was in development.
Posted by loldetaerleo

Why does it matter? Do you really play a fps for it's story? And for that matter do you play games because they are totally chained down by reality? Maybe in 2027 North Korea has expanded exponentially or something, have some imagination will you.

Posted by Sly_Ry

You're never allowed to have a resistance leader named Conner.

and the music is too dramatic

Posted by bludst0ne

Subtlety is not your strong suit. Never mind then. And yes, it's quite possible to have an FPS with a good story.
Posted by Shadowsquire
@loldetaerleo: Ever hear of Half Life 2?
Posted by Jamakan_Inc

Conner Mayson, is it just me, or is that the names of the resistance leaders from both Terminator and Red Faction, it even looks a little like the Red Faction font!

Posted by DCFGS3

Why in hell are you fighting North Korea? Why not bring it back into the realm of possibility and have America occupied by China for Christ sake. I hate games that just scream  American patriotism, Fall of Liberty was the same, but at least that admitted to being in an alternate timeline, this is just crazy.

Posted by loldetaerleo
@Shadowsquire: Basing ones perception of good storytelling in a genre from one game is a bit stupid is it not? Now im not saying all fps games have bad stories Half Life 2 is an amazing game with an engaging story. However Painkiller for an example is a really fun game with a plot noone cares about. @bludst0ne: Stepping outside of the fps genre is Dhalsim from SF something you can't deal with because he shoots fire from his mouth not by using some sort of magic but using the awesome force of yoga? The point is who cares, i'll play it if the gameplay seems good enough (which it actually seems like it won't be). Sorry for dragging this on, you all have the right to an opinion.
Posted by tgammet

It looks interesting, but how the hell would Korea have enough of a millitary force to occupy the US? Their population isn't nearly large enough. Seems like a poor choice of opposition by the writer.

Edited by Stromko

From what we've heard so far, the plotline just stretches disbelief too far, and that's the problem with it. It's hard to get into a game when you can't suspend your disbelief, especially when it's so clearly trying to be serious and gritty.

'Freedom Force', the Fallout series, and all sorts of other games have had bats**t crazy plots that tie-in real world politics, but it's all tongue-in-cheek. I don't care that Fallout 3 clearly states that we went to war with China over gasoline, despite Fusion Power being the primary source of power in the Fallout universe -- it makes no sense, but neither does taking 1950's fashion, culture and adding lasers and fusion power. They're not meant to be taken that seriously, they're clearly a universe apart from our own.

My guess is Homefront's developers probably farmed out much of the coding and other development work to a studio in China, so it would've been a bit awkward to make it about fighting off an expansionist China, even though that's a much more plausible scenario. China's actually declared war on the U.S. before, and that was just to prove a point and maintain NK as a buffer zone. Given real-world depletion of resources and wildly divergent concepts of human rights, China's going to have a real reason to want to decimate the U.S. in the 21st century, as would India and the EU frankly. It's unlikely the cost in material would be outweighed by the scorched bounties of war, but it's at least plausible.

I also can't figure out how it is that in Homefront you're supposed to be a resistance army, assumedly a scattered force that operates under enemy occupation, and yet you're able to muster remote-controlled high-tech military vehicles. How the hell did you smuggle in the parts to maintain this thing, let alone the fuel that a military engine's going to churn through? Would've more sense, and probably a more fun game, to just strap machineguns on Volvo's and go at them ragtag rebel style. Being a resistance soldier and having the most high-tech gear on the planet just makes no sense.

It'll be interesting to see how they try to rationalize the setting as more information is revealed. Maybe the idiotic plot is like viral marketing, we're trying to figure out wtf.. like how a polar bear gets on a tropical island. Ultimately if the game is good, nobody's really going to care anyway. An implausible plot that takes itself too seriously can be a detriment, but if it lets them go for broke and just focus on gameplay.. eh, could be good.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

Lolol, another Modern/Near-Future Military FPS. No thanks.

Posted by BigDre

The key words are seen at the beginning of the trailer:  'The writer of Red Dawn'.  It's fiction people, move on with your lives.
Posted by Mechanized

Really don't like the first person red dot sight view.  If that is their iron sights, I'm not interested.

Posted by Daveyo520

While this game kinda looks meh, I love these kinda stories. Commies taking over America is one of my favorite things, World in conflict and Freedom Fighters are some of my favorite games. Also MW2 is sweet.

Posted by Soulglove

Objective: Get Across the Street! 
Edgy. Crazy. Look both ways.

Posted by Brazzle


Posted by SinGulaR

The only way I could imagine that this plot would make any sense would be with an alternate timeline setting. Would be way more thrilling if it where China. Or combined Europe. Or American secessionists. Or Aliens :D
Posted by VoodooTerror

wow, everybody is bitching about realism huh? 
get over it, this is a video game! not real life 
and also, i think you have to give those koreans some credit, they are very technologically advanced, its not like an invasion would be impossible, improbable maybe, but not impossible.

Posted by Sharpshooter
Of they could try but a country the size of North Korea could never amass the force necessary to control over half the United States. Besides they'd get about a mile inland and then they would have so much firepower dropped on their heads it would make the Battle of Kursk look like a lovers tiff.
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