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This voice reminds me of Toonami for some reason.

Posted by Satune

Dude, if I had 2 huge wheels for a body, I would be rolling the F around!

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hey that looks like shit

Posted by DreamAgain

lol this game is so terrible.

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Robert Kotick has lost me, he's only interested in games that can be exploited every year, what a monster. Transformers is a great movie, don't ruin its reputation with bad games.

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I saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in the cinema today, without spoiling anything this trailer for the game is quite the trick, you'll understand once you've seen it. Also the game looks crap, very ugh indeed.

Posted by Bubahula
i say ugh because there are so many awesome things you could do with a transformers game but this seems like its is another movie game rushed to get sales from people who like the movie,
dunno i suppose its unfair to judge,

im lookin forward to the quicklook :D
Posted by FlamingHobo

Double Ugh.

Posted by Stang

Looks ok to me!

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That video just looked terrible. The transformation may as well have been a straight snap from robot to vehicle cause the animation was horrible. And the explosions, it offends my eyes to look upon them, they're that bad.

Posted by Batdude247

Haha, it says Transformers Rise of the Fallen on the homepage.

Posted by Okinopolytrans

Yeah, I'm with ugh. I mean, this might be an awesome game, but that little trailer made it look boring as hell. So this Decepticon spins two big wheels but doesn't really attack with them, doesn't flinch at all when being shot, and uses puny missiles to no discernible effect? And the whole game is just God of War-style mini-arenas with one enemy? I'm sure all of that is false, and maybe the game will be cool. But that trailer is crap.

Posted by Jayzilla

looks awful, but the funny thing is that this will sell like 2 million copies and then all the kids that bought it will whine about how awful it is. At which point I won't feel all that bad about what they did because they should have known that this is the 1,000,00th lousy movie tie-in game to date.

Posted by lukeissxc

First time i've seen an ad on Giantbomb.

Posted by pill92

vehicle to robot attack at the begging is cool but rest is pretty lame.

Posted by Double0hFor

Autobots! Rollout!

Posted by yyZiggurat

Is "THE GAME" necessary as a second subtitiel?

Posted by Okinopolytrans
@lukeissxc: Well, then you haven't been paying attention. I think a LOT of their video content is really advertising. But I salute them for picking (or just encouraging) ads that are interesting and fit well with the site's focus. For instance, those Spore videos with the Robot Chicken guys; if GB isn't being paid to put those up, they're being robbed. And the Red Faction: Guerrilla videos featuring vehicles or weapons? Those aren't news. But I don't mind them at all; they're entertaining, and they fit well with why I'm visiting the site. If that's how the crew makes money, good on them.
Posted by DeadMonkeys

(puts gun in mouth)
(pulls triggnjm ,

Posted by MeatSim

Never gonna play the game but I know I am gonna see the movie for sure it's Michael Bay madness!!!

Posted by DragoonKain1687

I really hope that thing was the Wii version. truly. I mean, I may get it for the PC because I liked the first (a 6 though).

Posted by Lambwisegamgee

Rubbish game fantastic movie

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I can totally see how this happened:

"Dude, let's make a transformer out of a GIANT BIKE!"
"Holy shit! What does he transform into?"
"I Dunno, maybe a GIANT BIKE WITH CLAWS that he uses to walk around when he isn't using the GIGANTIC REVOLVING BIKE TIRES in the middle of his body!"
"And Optimus would be all 'PEW PEW!'"
"This is gonna be the BEST GAME EVER."

Posted by McQuinn

I don't really know what to say ...

Posted by chobacka

YAY! look at that, Dante turned in to a truck!...

Posted by eagleon

wow, I think id rather go outside and see what the big deal is about that big yellow ball in the sky then play this game

Posted by L

The music was good in the video.

Posted by Gamer_152

This trailer was done badly, it was just Optimus Prime flipping in and out of truck mode and doing the same firing animation over and over. Not exciting.

Posted by Alwaysrun

same shit, different pile. ugg

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Hit that ramp, Optimus!

Posted by Metal_Mills
@lukeissxc said:
" First time i've seen an ad on Giantbomb. "
Err, it's a trailer?
Posted by Radar

Terrible dualwielding animation, looks like something out of saints row. So damn stilted

Posted by Two

I'm optimistic. i love Transformers, and while I know that the story mode will very likely suck, from what I've read of the multiplayer... well it SOUNDS awesome. Just hope it plays well.

Posted by puck2dag

i like chicken

Posted by lukeissxc

If you refresh the page there is an ad in the upper left beside the video. If you can't see it then it's something about Tekken.

What i meant when i said that this is the first time I've seen an ad on Giantbomb is that its the first time I've seen a more traditional one. There is nothing wrong with them but I was surprised to finally see one after following the site since the very start.

Posted by YoungDetective

Shitty movies make shitty games. Shocking.

Posted by vhold

Optimus prime dual wielding pistols eh?  I think I would have preferred laser nunchucks, aka lazchucks.

Posted by Seppli

Whatever happend to the sequel to the Transformer game done by Melbourne House on PS2 (the one with the minincons)? The first one was awesome. It had a 'Shadow of the Collosus' sized boss in there. Top notch graphics and gameplay. Big, open levels with huge viewing distance. Diverse Minicon upgrades for a rich and personalized gameplay experience. A great game in its own rights.

PS2 Transformer Page on Giantbomb.com

PS2 Transformers Cam Gameplay (Boss gameplay : Tidal Wave)

PS2 Transformers Gameplay

PS2 Transformers Trailer

PS2 Transformers Gameplay & Cutscenes Montage on Youtube.com

Sorry for the suboptimal quality. Couldn't find any HQ or HD footage. I thoroughly enjoyed this game.

Anybody else have fond memories of this game?

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Posted by Brendan

Y'know what would be hilarious?  If this game actually turned out to be awesome.  Ha.

Posted by SuperJoe

Looks like Chow Yun Fat did the mocap for Optimus Prime.

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Posted by theoracleofgame

OMG, That looks so awesome! You just keep firing your guns at dudes until they explode!! And the voice acting is amazing too! (Extreme Sarcasm)

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