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Posted by atomic_dumpling

Dude has some strange things strapped to his back …

Posted by Skald

Beard Power! 
Also, explosions.

Posted by Legend

Sam says: "This game sucks"

Posted by deathface123
@Legend said:
" Sam says: "This game sucks" "
Posted by jmrwacko

I'd pick up this game if it goes for $15 or less.

Posted by Sweep


Posted by swamplord666

i dont know how i feel about these videos that seem to be cut short...

Posted by MeatSim

Seems like my kinda of class.

Posted by Griddler

Why are these cutting short? Surely it's not on purpose

Posted by Morris

these are so short, i want to see more!  But what i did see looks pretty sweet

Posted by Media_Master

Yeah, he's explosives guy.

Posted by Trnck
@atomic_dumpling:  It's the respawn flag. everyone spawns on the flag when someone's carrying it around.