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Wonderful, mud!
Also: dirt

Posted by vunna

driving on dirt? nice feature.
Posted by AlmostSwedish

Most of that wasn't even from the game :(

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Posted by TobyD81

Lots of real-life footage. Why not more stuff from the game?

Posted by RustyScrew

would've been better with colin mcrae.
why did he get in that helicopter :(

Posted by Teoball

Well, it's still called Colin Mcrea : DIRT2 in europe.

Posted by Rasgueado
@TobyD81 said:
" Lots of real-life footage. Why not more stuff from the game? "
Well... the technique is to show you events from camera angles that occur in reality, and then immediately juxtapose them with game footage.
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Wow the graphics are really really good!! Oh wait that was mostly real time film stuff...

Posted by Balaamsafe

Why YMAS soundtrack?

Posted by FlappyHands

The music doesn't fit at all.

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I still think this new look they are trying to give rallying is fuck awful. Get this stupid shit off the soundtrack.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Still doesn't look as good as Dirt first looked when it came out. Also, that song doesn't feel very "Rally" to me, feels more like Burnout 3 or something.

Posted by akfresh

youmeatsix? bleurgh

Posted by Krenor

amazing graphics, looks like a fun time with that game.

Posted by Jag40

I loved the first one, which one of my all time favourite racing games. I think this lokks great, as good, if not better then the first one. Can't wait!!!
Posted by PJ

Why the hell are they showing the old Evo? Saw a 0.5sec clip of the new EVO X and 30sec of the old EVO 9. Wonder if they'll have the real mitsubishi rally car in the game. The Lancer Sportsback. Yeah, Mitsubishi doesn't do a EVO X rally car. Wonder if My car will be in the game, the Mitsubishi Lancer SportsSedan-08.

Posted by joelalfaro

Rally is definitely the most exciting auto racing to me.

Posted by MeatSim

That music was really unnecessary.

Posted by datarez

Pfft.  Yeah I really liked the first one but this video was pretty junk with mostly real life footage and not ingame shots.

Posted by glyn

Games still have a long way to go to even be considered anything like real life.   I mean the raw rallying footage looked so much different, its looks realistic and not "gamey" like its made by a computer.

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I fail to see how I should be saving this for the bedroom. Stellar musical choice this was.

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i was gonna get this but now tha you me at six are in the soundtrack that's just ruined it for me!!
Posted by Media_Master

looks good, I'd prefer a different track though..