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Posted by Binman88

Looks like that toy you had when you were a kid to recognise shapes.

Posted by Snail

My head hurts.

Posted by Godwind

Don't play it.  It is made by South Peak games.

Posted by Milkman

What's with the 360 DS flips?

Posted by MeatSim

This looks like it would get boring fast.

Edited by Crono

Good thing Duke got cancelled, I think this game would have out-headlined it into nothingness anyway.

Also, it got the "Comic Mischief" warning.  Where the fuck are the Comics and/or Mischief?

@Milkman - What?  Your DS doesn't spin like that out of its own will?  Weird.

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Posted by Hammerface

I would so spend $30 on this!

Posted by MrBrian

they go weeewewewewewewe

Posted by Media_Master

no thanks

Posted by DoktorFaustus

Looks like colorful poo being pushed through another poo. YES!

Posted by RHCPfan24

This makes perfect sense. I will get a perfect understanding of what is happening in the game if the screen switches every second! Nice.

Posted by JackiJinx

Maybe it's just me, but spinning plates around to fit shapes in only sounds like something I'd be into at the age of five or so. I don't even know if I want to try this, though I probably should.

Posted by skilzlost

omg why?


lol the future of gaming will not be found here ^