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Posted by JammyJesus

Hmmm, bit over the top, even for an over the top game like this.

Posted by Xaus

Oh, hey, it's the ninjas from F.E.A.R.... only Naziified.

Posted by torus

Looks cool. 

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That looks like something I'd want to play as, not against.

Posted by Jambones
@Xaus said:
" Oh, hey, it's the ninjas from F.E.A.R.... only Naziified. "
Haha, that's what I thought as well.

What's with the enviroment changing colours like that in all the trailers I've seen. I'm curious.
Posted by SaucySala

Looks like the Nazi Robut from Hellboy.

Posted by Seraphim2150

i thinking the changing colour is moving in and out of "the veil

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Posted by Azteck

I don't know man... I don't know.

Posted by Keyser_Soze

It's the Ninja soldiers returning from Half Life 1.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Nightcrawler nazis!

Posted by Bunnyman

Nightcrawler is German, isn't he? It all makes sense. 

Posted by H1VOLTAGE

i cannot stress how annoying that enemy seems to me... Wolfenstein 3D was the best in my book, not too interested in this one.

Posted by MeatSim
@Xaus said:
" Oh, hey, it's the ninjas from F.E.A.R.... only Naziified. "
Yea just seems like a straight up copy of those guys.
Posted by PolyesterPimp

So I've seen this before. Was it Bioshock? Spider Splicer + Magacian Mix...  Sooooooo not original, the more i see of this game the more last gen it looks... Pass.

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not a good sign when even your trailers have a choppy framerate.
Still, i think it's the right direction for this series. I don't know if I can ever play another straight ww2 game again. I just trudged through the COD:WOW campaign and was quickly reminded of why I'm tired of those games. But this looks different, if not appealing.

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Jesus, that fake accent is horrible. Since I am from Germany, I feel compelled to point out that no one who learned English at school (it's as mandatory as math) speaks with such an accent, even the slackers. Of course it gets totally butchered by some, but I never heard anyone uttering "diss is zeh brad wood shu laik botta wiff zed?" for instance.  Well, maybe in WW2 they talked like that, but I wouldn't know …

Posted by Media_Master

still not interested

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Posted by DorianBlack

I am very not interested in this game. It's not how I want a Wolfenstein game to look. The original games were very colorful with a light sense of humor. This dark horror crap is not that at all. It looks like Bioshock without plasmids.

Posted by Elfnt6

I'll give it a chance. RtCW was soooo good.

Posted by CaptainTightPants
@SaucySala:  Yeah! Thats exactly what i was thinking to but i just couldn't remember where ive seen it before
Posted by DCFGS3

What an odd game, and the graphics, particularly the environment, looked extremely...shit. Probably won't even look into this game, unless it gets extremely good extremely fast.

Posted by simian

The great granddaddy of Fulgore.

Posted by Gamer_152

They're not doing the electric claws right.

Posted by shadow502t

Wolfenstein was cool when the Nazis spoke German. Since they spoke English, it sucks.

This whole series gets worse as time goes on. I've absolutely no interest in this, and I predict now that it'll score in the low 60s. Just too much that we've seen too many times before. The whole alternate reality thing is just not enough to bring to a tired formula and very very tired WW2 setting.