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For some reason, this game looks like mindless fun......which isn't always a bad thing

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oh my dear lord, every game collection needs this game in it

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I just went through the demo for this again. I can't wait.

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=O <--me while watching this.

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Damn i want this game.

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Solid Awesome

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GeoMod 2.0 could be my favorite part of 2009

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wow nice trailer.

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I gotta say.  This game keeps making better and better cases for being a good game.  I should get the damn demo!

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Super excited to do some crazy destructive fun with this game.

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Stealth with a huge sledge? And why does he even need to ignite rebbelion? Seems he's an unstoppable one man army by himself.

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I simply cannot wait for this Game!!!

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Damn, the trailer looks awesome but I still have the feeling that this will be kind of a bad game. Why?!

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Trapecode form plugin can be used to make the text.

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You sure can mess people up with that sledge hammer.

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He breakes walls with a Giant hammer in the future. Who can´t like this trailer?

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Do want.

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Explosions look fun. Hopefully it will play as well as the trailer shows.

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i've gone through the demo like 20 time already

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There's a demo out on XBL. It's actually a pretty awesome game

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I thought this game was going to be the biggest pile of steaming shit ever, which is why I downloaded it along with my friend. We played the game (obviously not online) and were both surprised at how amazing this game was. Just when we thought the game couldn't get any better, it does a 100x more with the Walker. Day 1 release for us both.

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Where's Mac?

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Best use of destruction yet!

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Taken in the wrong context I can see all those taglines appearing on FOX News.
"Are the video games training our youth to be sledge hammer terrorists?!"
Also where'd he get that hammer anyhow? Asgard?

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