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After that last one, I'll gladly take more SteamWorld! Though damn that gameplay was good. Hopefully this'll manage to capture the same level of fun despite the genre change.

Posted by HarrySound

I LOVED Steamworld Dig and finished twice!


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Love the idea of games with different genres set in the same game world!

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Cool. Hopefully it releases on all platforms from the get go. Enjoyed the first gameon my Vita and played a little on the PS4 too.

Posted by steevl

Played through SteamWorld Dig on Christmas last year and loved it. It didn't overstay its welcome either. I like that they're doing something different set in the same universe.

Posted by weegieanawrench

Oh yes, SteamWorld Dig was good fun, I'll gladly take more of the same world!

Posted by pornstorestiffi

SteamWorld Dig really seems overlooked. More people should play it, its pretty great.

Posted by Spankmealotus

I got excited when I saw this on the front page because I liked Steamworld Dig so much. Then I read it was turn based and got sad.

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Added to my, "Something I Ought to Check Out at Some Point" List.

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Man, it's awesome to just browse GB as usual and see "your" game :D We're all extremely excited about working on this and it's super awesome to see all the positive comments, thanks guys :))

- Sebastian @ Image & Form

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@seruk said:

Man, it's awesome to just browse GB as usual and see "your" game :D We're all extremely excited about working on this and it's super awesome to see all the positive comments, thanks guys :))

- Sebastian @ Image & Form

Can't wait for it! Cheers, duders! 1 WiiU copy (and maybe a 3DS copy) already sold :P

Posted by medacris

@seruk: It's a great game. My friend's sister did art on it, I believe (I don't know her name, unfortunately, just her online handle). I've been meaning to draw Rusty and Dorothy eventually. I was kind of shocked that a Google search resulted in literally one piece of fanart. It deserves way, way more love.

Posted by DarenWasteland

Dig was a great game, but the world itself wasn't really what made the game for me. I liked the Dig part way more than the Steamworld part. I liked the steampunky robot aesthetic but it seemed a bit thin. Maybe a turn based game would present more opportunities for some solid world building and story. I don't know.

If nothing else, its nice to see a game that has such an established aesthetic branching off in some new directions. I can't really get too excited over a tbs though. Just not really a fan of that genre.

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All the words used to describe it made this game sound right up my alley. Definitely an interesting way to take the 'series.'

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@shaanyboi Haha, right back atcha, and thanks a bunch :D

@medacris Thanks duder! :) Are you thinking of https://twitter.com/AgnesMikucka ? We've had some really sweet fan art, and some awesome cosplay, but it is indeed hard to find. Maybe we should try and do something about that!

@darenwasteland A lot of the story in Dig was told through the environment and quick/optional convos, partly due to time constrains and partly due to us not wanting dialog to get in the way of the player. We're hoping to really get to expand storywise this time around - we have way more room in this game for that stuff than in Dig. Too bad you don't really like TBS, but I can say that we're doing some neat stuff to streamline the fights (they don't suffer from the sluggishness and busywork head-counting that can be prominent in some TBS f.ex.) and generally mix the concept up (oh wow, this turned into a WOT sales-speech, sorry about that :)

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Steamworld Dig was so good! I can't wait to get this!

Posted by pickassoreborn

Loved Steamworld Dig. Excited by the awesome within that trailer.

Posted by spankingaddict

Sounds good to me .

Posted by imrachers

Well, I guess it's time to play Steamworld Dig then. I'm in.

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Looks cool! From what little they showed. I enjoyed Steamworld dig quite a bit. Was a little shallow overall, but good game. Hope this turns out!

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I got through about 2 hours of Steam World Dig, if they made the combat fun then I'm fully in.

Posted by subyman

Ah, they took my least favorite part of the game and built something entirely different around it. The world reminded me of the terrible Wild Wild West movie, except without Salma Hayek. :)

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It's a steamy, steamy world.

Posted by gravytrain

@seruk: As a heads up if you guys can I'd love to see this on Vita. I played SteamWorld Dig on there and it felt perfect!

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@seruk: lol Don't worry, an inadvertent sales pitchy post from an actual dev over another shiny new trailer from EA or Ubi any day of the week. I have broken my no tbs rule in the past though for some real special games like the Persona and Fire Emblem series. What really maters to me i guess, is having good characters and thinking back to dig, even if they didn't really say much, there were some good characters in it. So i would say (whatever my 2 cents are worth) that I would love to see more emphasis on the ancillary characters. Even if i find the combat kinda dull, having good likable characters can be enough for me to keep playing. Hope its good :)

@seruk: As a heads up if you guys can I'd love to see this on Vita. I played SteamWorld Dig on there and it felt perfect!

And i really have to second this. I'm always looking for more stuff to play on my Vita.

Posted by Jobim

SteamWorld Dig was the first (and still only) game I finished on my 3DS. Loved it. Really intrigued to find out more about their next game. Not seeing the minor complaint about the world building as the characters on the surface in the town was sufficient to complement the game with their aesthetic and personalities, without it slowing down the game. But sure, would love to see more of that in a slower paced game.

Posted by Acornactivist

Just got Steamworld Dig from the latest Humble Bundle. Not sure if it's my thing yet, but it's earnest as heck, and is obviously well-made. Interested to see how Heist comes together.

Posted by iBushido

I thought I was gonna think Steamworld Dig was boring, or at least that it would be decent at first and get boring quickly. Turns out, I really like digging. By the time I got to the end I was like damn, I wanna keep going. Didn't expect that at all. Anything else made by these guys is automatically worth checking out to me.

Posted by JuRas_x

You know...

I aprreciate that this guys are doing something new in the same universe!

...But in this case I'm little bit disapointed..I wanted more of the same.

I liked Steamword Dig a lot And I want more!

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@gravytrain @darenwasteland

Haha, I appreciate your patience with the saleyness, it's hard not to fall into it when you really believe in your game :) we're aiming for releasing Heist on all platforms we released Dig on, including Vita :) we can't really say in what order right now however.

Oh, and here we answer why we aren't making Dig 2 right now: