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Crawling in my skin.

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Linkin Park is the Stan Bush of this millennium

Posted by Sackmanjones

It's really sad that I'm embarrassed to say I used to be a big Linkin Park fan, I think their first two CDs were pretty good. Now it's just..... Ugh.

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Watched some gameplay videos of this earlier. It looks like another Transformers game made in the High Moon style, which I'm totally okay with. Though I think I'll wait to hear how stable it is, because the footage I saw looked pretty choppy in terms of frame rate.

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these wounds will not heal

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@sackmanjones: Yeah, that's when I dropped off as well. I did like "Guilty All The Same" though.

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It's really sad that I'm embarrassed to say I used to be a big Linkin Park fan, I think their first two CDs were pretty good. Now it's just..... Ugh.

With you there. I'll admit, every now and then, I'll go back and listen to one of those albums...

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I hate headlines like this. It's just comes off as so lowbrow.

My apologies to Alex for sounding like a dick. He does great work. Headlines like this just irk me.

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Is it just me or does optimus prime always say this is our darkest hour. I think you can only have one darkest hour.

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@murph267: Does the darkest hour have to made of consecutive minutes though? Someone should make a compilation video of all the times he says it, and see how long that video would be.

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I don't see anything wrong with liking Linkin Park.

Alex, where's our quick look? Waiting to see before I decide to buy the game or not. (Yes, we value your opinion) :)

Thank you,


One more Linkin Park Fan

Posted by joelghill

Has anyone been brave enough to purchase and play the game?

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Games like this don't even deserve lowbrow - remember when the Cybertron series reaching earth was supposed to be an exciting thing? Instead it got shipped of the some other developer who was forced to reuse assets from all the existing games while Highmoon churns out COD content... now THAT irks me.

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@alex: There's nothing wrong with lowbrow. However, when it comes to news headlines I just get so tired of scrolling through my RSS feeds and reading "Tomb Raider Raids Consoles This November." or "Sonic Speeds Onto Shelves On Tuesday!"

That being said, this is a Transformers game after all. Maybe it doesn't deserve more?

Like I said, no offense meant.

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Not gonna lie, I watched this trailer solely for the Linkin Park song.

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"This is our darkest hour"

But you said that last game! And the game before!

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Space Truck vs Space Samurai: The Videogame

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It's really sad that I'm embarrassed to say I used to be a big Linkin Park fan, I think their first two CDs were pretty good. Now it's just..... Ugh.

First CD I ever bought was for myself was Hybrid Theory, so I know exactly how you feel.

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Why couldn't they use a song from the good movie? It doesn't even have to be The Touch, Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way and Instruments of Destruction are also great songs.

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Watched a 30 minute Linkin Park documentary this week for some reason ("We spelled it Linkin because we wanted the dot com!")

Almost bought an album for the first time since 2003. Then I decided I needed some sleep, and came to my senses the next morning. But I did like those first two albums in high school.

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Look, I'm not a Lincoln Park fan but they're not exactly the Captain & Tennille of our times or anything. Hell I was way more embarrassed by Jefferson Starship when that happened.

The idea of Grace Slick saying " Yo, guys! Listen up! We sound way too much like the Process Church of the Final Judgement now, and that's just too creepy after Jonestown. So let's throw that 'Old Lather' stuff in the toilet and maybe turn into an unofficial Solid Gold Dancer's house band or something..leave the trippy stuff to Black Sabbath or whatever." is super crazy, yet it happened.

C'mon that's like Kenny Rogers doing speed metal.loops for stunt skaters.

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@joelghill: yes, its pretty bad. aside from running at 1080, its a glitchy buggy mess

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@murph267: Yup, and they had that back in the 80s, specifically when fighting Unicron and the Matrix of Leadership was the only thing that could defeat him. Now it's just something they say, repeatedly.