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Please be narra-sword

Posted by Crippl3



Posted by development

Who's speaking? That the sword? I bet it's the sword.

Looks like a not-boring Shadowrun Returns.

Posted by HellknightLeon

As soon as they take my money... I will be happy.

Posted by fargofallout

I literally have no idea what this game is - it could be a FPS for all I know - but I'll probably buy it right away, based solely on my time with Bastion.

Posted by Daneian

Christ this game looks beautiful.

Posted by TheHT

Fuck, I still gotta beat Bastion. I'll get the OST as soon as I can though, for sure.

Posted by iceman228433

looks amazing I can't wait.

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What great atmosphere.

Posted by VoshiNova

Hell yes!

Posted by Humanity

Ahh, a talking USB stick sword!

Posted by Evilsbane

Love it can't wait.

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I need this, like in my soul. I gladly dropped the extra 10 bones for the soundtrack, because I have all the faith in the world that'll at least be fantastic.

Posted by Jackalol

I really, really liked Bastion, so I'm guessing that I'll really, really like this.

Posted by JamesJeux007

I was excited to get a PS4 because I pre-ordered the Watch_Dogs bundle... but now I'm excited because I'm finally gonna get to play this game !

Posted by Quipido

I'm in

Posted by Fobwashed

This looks fantastic. Can't wait =D

Posted by Deathpooky

Is it crazy that this is the first game for either console that has me seriously thinking about diving in? I suppose I should wait for E3 though to see what each is going to offer and make sure no deals are on the horizon.

Posted by cikame

It's games like these that get the most from Quick Looks, i really don't know how this plays, i saw some warping around, some flashes of light, she held her sword up as if she was doing something but i don't know what.

Posted by joshwent

As someone who thought Bastion was breath-takingly beautiful... I've just found something better.

Jen Zee gettin' all Klimt on dat ass!

Posted by OleMarthin

I'll buy this on faith alone. loved Bastion.

Posted by mrfluke


going in completely unknown on this one.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

This trailer. Love Jen Zee

Posted by pumpkinheaddy


Posted by 2HeadedNinja

I didnt really want to get any new game since I am still playing DS2 and waiting for WatchDogs ... but damn, I might just have to get this.

Posted by Elyhaym

All in on this.

Posted by LarryDavis

I still don't really know what this game even is, but I didn't like Bastion that much aside from the narrator. Will probably get this on sale or free on PS+ at some point. And don't act incredulous about that, you know it'll happen.

Posted by RetroVirus

This is one of the few instances where I want to invest in a PS4 just for this.

Posted by JackSukeru

There's hardly been any trailers for this game has there? It's worked out pretty well because I've been interested in it but haven't known too much about what it's actually going to be, so now I'm hella stoked for it and it still feels fresh and unspoiled.

I must say it sure looks and sounds great. I've also heard descriptions of its battle system before that have been interesting, but I could never really get a clear image in my mind of how it really worked. I have high hopes, though.

Posted by Cltuch

Still need to play Bastion before I play this, but right off the bat I am so hyped for new Darren Korb soundtrack. Dude is too legit.

Posted by Kain55

I've already preordered both the game and the physical soundtrack. Tuesday suddenly feels incredibly far away.

Posted by dragonwizard

If the controls of this game feel as tight as Bastions did then I really can't wait to play it.

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Posted by Colourful_Hippie

Still haven't finished Bastion, maybe this one will hold my attention more.

Posted by GaspoweR

OH man in an alternate reality this could have been turned into an anime :P

Posted by AngriGhandi

I am excited for this video game.

I wasn't fully in love with how Bastion played, but boy, it was worth it as an overall... thing.

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Posted by Beomoose

Got some Dave Lang screaming into a mic-level hype going on here.

Posted by cheetadaze2000

I'm excited to see Logan Cunningham is not simply repeating his Rucks voice for this. Here's hoping his performance in this ends up being just as memorable.

Posted by chogi

Getting a Kill Bill vibe from this trailer.

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As good as Bastion was, this seems like a pretty impressive step up for SuperGiant.

Also I really wish I had a way to play this! No PS4 and my laptop totally couldn't handle it. Does SuperGiant got something against the PS3?!


I never played Bastion mainly because it never came to PS3 but I am getting this for sure on PS4. Looks great.

Posted by ike7779

Will be getting on PS4 for sure. It'll probably keep Drakengard 3 in the shrinkwrap for a few extra days.

Posted by ripelivejam

soundtrack's already gonna be on repeat.

also game somehow looks prettier than Bastion.

Posted by csl316

Yep, still my most anticipated game of the year.

Posted by Luxus

I still get the Bastion-feel from this game, but god damn if it doesn't look incredible

Posted by IshimuraD

The mood this creates is just amazing. It looks incredible, day one.

Posted by xbob42

As good as Bastion was, this seems like a pretty impressive step up for SuperGiant.

Also I really wish I had a way to play this! No PS4 and my laptop totally couldn't handle it. Does SuperGiant just got something against the PS3 or something?!

Your laptop couldn't handle it? Is your laptop 150 pounds and made out of graham crackers? Who still has laptops that old?!

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