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Trauma Team, go!

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I really wish they would admit how little any of this has to do with actual medicine.

And by animated, he means shaking the camera. Whee!

This still looks good.

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I really should go back and finish New Blood.

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I really didn't like Trauma Center on the Wii, the controls where just a little to slow and unresponsive. I'd get it for DS though.

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There should be a crossover. Investigation Team meets Trauma Team.

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I wonder if they know by pixelating out things, it only makes us MORE curious!

I think this is a great idea for a game, and I like how it focuses on different folks.  Hope it works out.

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All of that blurring is box art for Persona 5.

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Man these guys are hardcore,all of their games are mad with TOP NOTCH ATTENTION

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That tomoe chick. i'd totally TRUMA CENTER HER!

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F YEAH! i want me some Colonoscopy.

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I like the pixelated stuff.  seems like they could have thought this video out a little more

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@YoungDetective: Video games aren't the most realistic things in the world you know? XD
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Heh, that initial beep startled me since it also had enough bass to shake my buttkickers. I like the variety. I only played the first one on NDS. The serious air of the trailer feels weird.

But really, I'm waiting for the ultra gory crossover Troma Center before I buy another one.

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I like diagnosis.

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medical entertainment, i have a bad feeling about this

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Wii X-ray attachment coming soon to stores near you. Probably should use that heart monitor accessory in development...Why are some parts of the scenes in the office blurred?

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My power to perform surgery has increased!

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Looks cool...if only they could license Black Jack and have him make a cameo...then we'd get into the REALLY preposterous medical maladies!

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"From Death Row to the O.R." is a fantastic line.

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Paint Tool SAI FTW @ 1:20

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The diagnostician is all Hugh Laurie-looking, plus an afro. That is great.

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Diagnosis: SEXY!!

Hmm... I think it might be the steel girder through his insides...


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@dibiase77: I'd always thought it might be neat if Atlus could somehow license Black Jack from Tezuka's company so he could get a proper game of his own on the Trauma Center engine. I know that he's had a few other games in the past, but my understanding is that surgery mechanics have typically been a bit odd. So long as the storylines stayed true to the spirit of Tezuka's original manga, it could make for an interesting game.
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If your good at Trauma Center your just as good as any real doctor.

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@AleM: Oh, I love the crazy. I lurve the crazy. It's just always so weird when they talk about how realistic it is, and such, when ulcers are evolving into aliens and eating people's appendixes.
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From Death Row to the O.R. Could be a hit TV show.

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Looks pretty awesome.

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Did someone actually have a steel bar through his heart? O_o

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Do real doctors really wear kimonos and get Elvis style haircuts?

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wow...do they really have to take themselves so seriously for all of these games? It's not as if the trauma games are realistic in any way. They're still fun, but the way they try and pass off as serious medical situations while doing ridiculous things like DEFUSING A BOMB...just rubs me the wrong way.

Though come to think of it, phoenix wright has similarly ridiculous situations yet I have no problem with it...hm...

/internal monologue

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@YoungDetective: Hehe, when I was playing Trauma Center for the first time and saw operations involving aliens, my reaction was: WTF?! XD
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SHUT UP AND HANG ON!...been on both sides of that back `n forth in me life.

And of course, the realistic and self explanatory, "From Death Row to the OR" ..death row records?, well mabe close.

I hear ppl. like these games though, and Atlus charactor designs always amaze me, whether it`s this or persona 4(endurance run, i`m not doing the lifting in that one, either)

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@Kyle said:

That's no steel girder that's an army unit from Risk.

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Protect me Tomoe!

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Looks pretty good. I might get it when it's released.