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Posted by Roboyto

cant wait for this game on psn

Posted by Asembo

I am definetly picking this up once it drops to 20 on Steam

Posted by mubress

Cool. Just waiting for it to come to PSN now :(

Posted by Kraznor

Hmm, no mention of the somewhat lofty price. I'll probably wait for the 360 version on this one.

Posted by MeierTheRed

Holy smokes Batman! a video review, hope there will go less time until we get another one of these rare relics.

Edited by Ineedaname
@Kraznor: He did in the written review I think.

However when did this go up it only has 6 comments?

And how often does Brad say stop me if you've heard this one before =D

Also finally I really do like that end music at the end of the review.
Posted by Carlos1408

looks like a great game, a bit pricey though, but i might still get it... WE SHALL SEE!!!

Posted by Daryl


Posted by the_tim

Sweet, so it's pretty much an unofficial sequel to The Lost Vikings.  I can dig it.

Posted by Hoursofbs

cool lookin

Posted by baba2

Looks pretty sweet.

Posted by SlowHands

No mention of "The wizard is a big hit with the ladies."

Posted by lemon360


Posted by DerekDanahy

I'll probably check this out.

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Trine is actually a quite common first name for women in Norway

Posted by pandemic

Games like this remind me that side-scrollers are still viable, even in this day and age.  Bravo.

Posted by Rinkalicous

This is going to sound odd, but I love Brads setup at the start.

Posted by TyphoonSwell

It's a pleasure indeed.

Posted by TheHT

great review, i'll have to check trine out. is it just me or did his voice sound a bit different?

Posted by FLStyle

This game looks so unique I must try it whether I end up liking it or not, but something tells me I will.

Posted by Osphere

Looks neat, might check it out on XBLA

Posted by Hamst3r

Currently playing the PC version of this. Totally awesome! :D

Posted by Chewii101

Great review, looks like an awesome game. Will dl it when my 3rd 360 finally gets to me.....>.>

Posted by sdauz

its looks surpisingly great...graphically speaking

Posted by DrainDeimo

I know this sounds wierd but I really like brads voice it just sounds bad ass

Posted by plumeria

The more I see of this game, the more I want to play it. Having an old school PC makes the PSN wait even longer. :o(

Posted by Pakorn

Brad, your intro pulled a Brad :P

Anyway the demo was awesome, I'll be getting the game after I pay my bills : /
Posted by slint

Brad's "blade-hands" when on camera always crack me up.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

cool review brad. you have piqued my interest in this game and i'll definitely get it once it comes to psn.

Posted by Morden2261

Any word on whether there's a Mac version in the works?

Posted by Matfei90

Another great video review Brad!

Posted by masternater27

Having a video review from you Brad is a sweet pleasure indeed!

Posted by costillaman

looks good.

Posted by Qorious

Looks like a pretty good game. Let's hope they release a demo on PSN so I can test it out first.

Posted by Riddell

Good review. I'll be sure to check this out on XBLA or PSN.

Posted by Th3dz

Good thing Brad doesn't do stand-up. lol

Posted by Red12b

Heh Heh The thief felt a tingling sensation Heh Heh, Gigidy.

God damn it, I should not have seen the damn Quick Look of LSL Argggh.

I am not Smutty well maybe a little.

Posted by Media_Master

2d is back!!

Awesome review!!!!

Posted by Hitchenson

Hm, anyone know when this is out on XBLA? Looks pretty awesome.

Posted by MeatSim

My computer is to old so I am gonna have to wait for the XBLA version.

Posted by Drebin_893

Really, really great review.

Posted by Linkyshinks

The games in game art is fantastic, but the 2D story art is simply terrible and such a let down in contrast. They should have got a top fantasy artist to create all those scenes. ...


Posted by Detlionfan

Great Review

Posted by Zlatko
@Detlionfan: Any word on the length of this game? Replay value? Is the co-op the same levels from the single player or do the puzzles change since more people are playing? Is the co-op online or 1 system only?

The review is fine but doesn't give me information I want to know that'd make me want to BUY this. I mean is there a story to this game? If there is is it compelling or just thrown together? Is the sound effects and music score worth mentioning?

Sorry but the more I think about it---this review sucked and I retract that it was a fine review. We get you liked the game, but you don't really say why and give us the fine details needed to know what we are paying for here.
Posted by Winternet

Nice review, Brad.

Posted by KnifeySpoony

Indeed Brad, I definitely agree with you after playing the demo, I just wish it wasn't so pricey.

Posted by Kohe321

Nice review, buying this on Steam now!

Posted by Danterion

Good review, but I wish you'd mention how long the game is, and if it's really worth 30 BUCKS.

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