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Do want


Posted by Ooame

Been looking forward to this game

Posted by Shreik


Posted by Rasta_Zergling


Posted by Obsidian

This looks more like another expansion than a real sequel.

Posted by GioVANNI

Didn't 3 come out not too long ago?

Posted by MisterMouse

How big is the Tropico following?

Posted by ervonymous

@Obsidian: Sure does, even the menu icons for buildings seem to be the same. Unless there's something revolutionary under the hood I'll stick with 3..

Posted by Romination

@pyromaster222 said:

How big is the Tropico following?

I think people who like the games really enjoy them but it's hard to get more people in, probably.

Posted by Rincewind

I never really liked the edicts, it seems like they all were detrimental to your rule rather than helping. Except for maybe 3.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Surprised this is considered a full on sequel when it looks broadly the same and only adding new buildings and natural disasters.

Posted by TullyAckland

I used to play the shit out of tropico 3 at work, hoping this doesn't hook me in the same way.

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

So its like all the other Tropico games? 

Posted by _Horde

Had fun with the third, will probably have fun with this one!

Posted by smiddy

I didn't play Tropico 3 for too long, but there doesn't seem to be much difference from the looks of this trailer.

Posted by ballsnbayonets

man graphics look the same as 3. 
Posted by gbrading

The only probably I see with this is that it looks more like an expansion pack similar to Tropico 3: Absolute Power, more than a fully-fleged new game... Graphically it's identical to Tropico 3.

Posted by FireSketch

I desperately want to get hooked on Tropico 3, but I've never been able to.

Posted by Chadster

The first Tropico has one of the best soundtracks of any game ever. And the best announcer of any game too (certainly a whole lot better than the crappy one in Tropico 3). 
In fact, watching this makes me wanna go install it again. Honestly one of the most relaxing and enjoyable games I've ever played. I remember losing whole weekends to it, building nice little island towns and tourist havens.

Posted by xDot

Tropico 3 had possibly the funniest quicklook on the site, thats pretty much the only reason i'm looking forward to this.

Edited by crusader8463

Thank god. It looks like they made it easy to make square lines around the city for roads. I'm really anal about stuff like that, and it drove me nuts in three because they were always off centre and there was tons of empty space in between places. I despise these type of games when they don't have some kind of snap to grid function.
All that said though, I think I will be waiting for a Steam sale. Looks like it could have been an expansion for 3 instead of a full blown numbered game. $15-$20 will be the magic number for this game.

Posted by Jimbo

@Obsidian said:

This looks more like another expansion than a real sequel.


Posted by kalmis

Yes please

Posted by jon_e

Maybe I'll check to see what expansions have come out for 3. When I saw a new one was coming out I was stoked, but the trailer does just look like 3.

Posted by Bismarck

Bulgaria represent
Tropico 3 came out last year somewhere around this time.

Posted by TheSmudge

Got Tropico 3 on a recent Steam sale and loved it - but this looks almost exactly the same. Even the buildings are identical! Seems like a lazy sequel that should have been an expansion.

Posted by Floppypants

This looks like perfect Steam holiday sale fodder. I'll see you in January, Tropico 4.

Posted by elwillow

More Banana Republic shenanigan!

Posted by bulldog300

I only ask that there's more than 5 songs in the game this time around.

Posted by Waffles13

This looks just like a big expansion for 3.

And 3 was awesome, so I'm on board.

Posted by Irvandus

Cant wait for Tropico 4 quick look.

Posted by bigsmoke77

@Obsidian: The price will most likely reflect that.

Posted by Kohe321

Played hours of tropico 3. Tons of fun. Can't wait!

Posted by Zettalock


Posted by Tordah

Gotta love the music in this series.

Posted by Vexxan

Looks like a lot of fun, looking forward to seeing more of this.

Posted by virtorio

I love games like Tropico. Sadly, I don't love Tropico.

Posted by AMonkey

Quite disappointed. It looks very similar to Tropico 3.

Posted by DonPixel

I love to be EL PRESIDENTE!

Posted by vinsanityv22

I hope Mike & Dave do a Quick Look of this when this comes out. I dig GB's PC quick looks. They always seem to find cool games to show off, that are a complete 180 from many of the console games getting that love. And this one looks cool .

Posted by jorbear

As much as I loved the third one, I don't see much reason to get this one.

Posted by Xpgamer7

This looks exactly the same as Tropico 3.

Posted by afrofools

I have a copy of Tropico 3 I haven't had the equipment to play since it was on sale at the start of last year. In the meantime I downloaded the first two (yes I did buy them), and they were okay, but I can't really enjoy old games as much as new games.

Posted by Cook66

This is the most pathetic looking sequel I've seen since DNF. =/

Posted by Vodun

I love me some Tropico 3...but this looks exactly like Tropico 3...

Posted by TheChaos

This is Tropico 3.

Posted by MeatSim

Seems like more of a expansion pack to Tropico 3 then a full new game.

Posted by chan05

I always wanted to buy Tropico 3. Maybe this is the time to do so

Posted by sear

Tropico is pretty great, but this kinda just likes the same old thing, more like an expansion than a genuine sequel.  We'll see.

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