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There's a lot that looks cool about this game and buzz out of E3 was great... Too bad I'm so sick of both Peter Jackson's Middle Earth and Batman combat.

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I love beanie Troy.

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I completely blanked out on this video...

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I like how the big buzz about the writer of Red Dead Redemption. I bet he's a good writer, but after my stint at Rockstar I got the impression that all the writers are just support for one of both the Housers, which basically rewrite everything and dictate what the story is going to be. There were a dozen drafts done by our writer that were thrown out and rewritten by them.

Maybe it was different on Red Dead, but I get the impression Rockstar operates similarly between all their studios.

edit: That aside, I really can't wait to try this game out, looks super cool.

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Oh my. They're certainly saying the right things, but "they" usually do.

Frankly the game looks fun enough on its own, if the story is actually something worth paying attention to that's a bonus.

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This will surely drown in Octobers' madness, right?

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What the hell is happening behind them, are they in the motion capture studio?

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He played one brother in Infamous and now he's cosplaying as the other.

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@murdoc_: very interesting anecdote, thank you for sharing. Everything I've read about the company has given me the same impression.

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Finally I have my opportunity to tell Sauron to get bent.

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Whoa, troy baker doing vo in a game?!?!?!

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Troy wearing his infamous beanie.

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Troy fatigue sets in

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When was the last time anyone has seen the films? It's been ages for me....

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Christian Cantamessa's shirt is blurred?

I'm going to presume it has the Game of Thrones logo on it.

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It's like the chairman of games patented Troy Baker.

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@blacklab said:

Troy fatigue sets in

Not for me. I love Troy Baker. He is amazing. His performance is almost always great if not amazing. I also burn out a hell of a lot less fast on his voice than I do Nolan North for instance.

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@zevvion said:

@blacklab said:

Troy fatigue sets in

Not for me. I love Troy Baker. He is amazing. His performance is almost always great if not amazing. I also burn out a hell of a lot less fast on his voice than I do Nolan North for instance.

I agree, Zevvion, and I think the reason is that at peak Nolan North, most of the games he was in were basically just asking him to play Nathan Drake (which he's great at, but he's got a fantastic range outside of that character archetype). Troy Baker's career has seemed to allow for a bit more variety so far.

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man,despite people getting tired of hearing Troy Baker in lots of mainstream AAA games these days,it shows how much he has grown as a voice-actor,especially considering he started out doing anime dubs for Funimation.Does anybody remember him as Frank Archer in the first Fullmetal Alchemist?I think that was his first notable role as a voice-actor.He was also priceless as Action Bastard in Shin-chan

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cant wait for this game, looks really immersive. love monolith's stuff, except gotham city imposters...that was pretty boring.

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That hat is almost making me not want to watch this...

Edit: I don't know what it is but none of these vids have made me excited about the game.

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I'm getting a sort of Sleeping Dogs vibe from this game. A potentially shitty True Crime game was canceled, but some of the mechanics and assets were adopted and utilized in Sleeping Dogs, which ended up being pretty good (by no means stellar, however). From what I've heard, this game has taken a lot of the mechanics and basic structure from what was going to be yet another non-Rocksteady Batman game. Perhaps they can turn it around like Sleeping Dogs did. That said, I'm not expecting this to top any charts.

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@pgbp88 said:

He was also priceless as Action Bastard in Shin-chan

I just looked this up and my mind is blown.

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@elwoodan: Well he's cosplaying the same brother he played. Delsin had a toque.

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I thought this was something to do with inFamous judging by the thumbnail.

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Wish I could hear about that Persona project he's doing.

I'm not crying.

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he's everywhere lol

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@mr_creeper: I feel ya, something about the jibber jabber made me lose myself into a void of thoughts.

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Those orcs should get bent.

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I want to play this, but I already have committed to so many games this fall: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 4 being the biggest and most time consuming right around the same time...