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Oh no, there goes my weekend.

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omg im awesome....... damnit

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hoo woo

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You could already play as them. Did you mean campaign wise?

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Tyranids are playable in MP now... Have been since first version of the game...

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@Kanji:  They mean playable in the campaign.
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Hawk-Wing Eldar Autarch? Yes please.

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Didn't get into DoW II a lot but wasn't this exact unit requested multiple times by the fans of the series?

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Down with Dawn of War!  Play Warhammer on the tabletop!

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Match 11???? I WANT WAIT THAT LONG!!

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Misleading, yeah they are already playable in MP ;)

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Eugh! Who painted those?

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Man, I love Relic.

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You can play with all 6 races in the campaign. The game will be completely stand alone, i.e. you don't need the previous games to play all races in MP.
 THQ marketing is kind of rofl. The are "announcing" the races. We already know them. Space Marines, Ork, Eldar, Chaos, Tyranid, new unannounced race. Every race will have its own campaign.  Apparently THQ decided to "announce" the campaigns for every race. I guess the new race will be announced last. Bummer...
Anyways... this will be the best 40k game ever.

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@prhosnite: This will only be the best 40k game ever if <insert favourite 40k race> is announced as the new race! 
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THQ is really doing good things with the 40K mmo.  I hope Space Marine is as awesomely handled.

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Good thing about this version is that they are ditching the f'in horrible Games for Windows Live bullcrap they've been doing and going over to Steam. Not sure how they'll deal with matchmaking, though. Don't think steam has any of that built in? Too few people playing this game for matchmaking to work anyways. Anytime you join a queue you're in the queue with 5 other people, tops. Chances of any of those 5 being well matched with you are slim as hell. Or to put it simply, if you suck in this game, you'll never get better, cause you'll get stomped 9 out of 10 matches. And the last match you'll just surrender cause you can't see the monitor for all the tears in your cried out bloodshot eyes.

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The title of this trailer is a bit wrong. They've always been playable in DoW2. This adds a Tyranid Campaign. Maybe clear it up, Internet Steve? :)

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You heard it here first, the lead singer of Cradle of Filth voicing the Tyranids :P

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Talking Tyranid? Might as well give them a top hate and a cane and have them sing "Hello My Baby" and dance around the map!

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@crusader8463 said:
" Talking Tyranid? Might as well give them a top hate and a cane and have them sing "Hello My Baby" and dance around the map! "
I see their shwartz is as big as mine. 
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Can someone please explain how this works? 
I own the games on Steam, they are the GFWL version...do my Steam versions get patched to take out GFWL or is it JUST this expansion that supports 100% Steam?

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@cassus: Steam has built in matchmaking yes.
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That's really cool! I loved the Tyranids.

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Swarm lord!
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I effin'n  loved Dawn of War II, as well as the expansion. Can't wait for this new one.
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Consume some food?