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looks interesting.


Meh, I'll stick with TF2.
Posted by superpapergun

Okay the bacon is pretty amazing

Posted by MacEG

Pretty excited for this game.

Posted by Milkman

Inverted controls. I'm done with this video.

Posted by wonderhare

More of this thing? :l

Posted by Scyllz

I'm really looking forward to this. 

Posted by Druminator


Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Not wowed by this at all. 

Posted by Chadster

It's a good looking game, but let's face it, XBLA games just can't hold a community unless it's something huge like Uno or 1943.

Posted by SSully

I thought this looked really stupid from previous videos, but after this it actually looks really fun. 

Posted by Capstan

I would SO buy this game if they changed the name to "Monday's Bright Wombat".  If you wanna talk competitive differentiation, the wombat brandosphere is still virgin territory.  Wombattering Ram, anyone?

Posted by countinhallways

For 1200 points I think this looks really interesting. I am actually pretty surprised by how little buzz there seems to be about this game from the gaming community at large.

Posted by Cantaloup

Looks like DotA as a 3rd person shooter?

Posted by JJWeatherman

Looks pretty fun. I didn't actually think I would watch that whole video.

Posted by MisterMouse

woah did I just see bacon and a gun shell high five?!

Posted by CookieMonster

Inverted controls? Creep.

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"There is bacon high-fiving ammo, which is always awesome." It's the delivery that makes that line work.
This game doesn't look half-bad, but I just don't think there will be enough of a community behind it to make the game worthwhile.

Posted by mikbal

 i m gettin some DoTA feel here, but not much. pass for me

Posted by Robiin

I actually may have to get this. I want a good semi-serious shooter on a console to jump into once in a while. I'm just concerned about the community, if it even will have one after week one.

Posted by Stupot
@Chadster said:
" It's a good looking game, but let's face it, XBLA games just can't hold a community unless it's something huge like Uno or 1943. "
The sad truth im afraid.
Posted by sgt_match

Marketplace?  cool.  Intrigued by bacon.

Posted by Akrid

Looks great, I hope it eventually expands beyond xbla.

Posted by wrongindustries

Eh, I'll play it for the week or so there is a community and that alone will make it worth the cost of admission.

Posted by Ascully

Looks pretty polished, but like most XBLA games the multiplayer base will be next to nothing a few weeks after release.

Posted by UberExplodey

I might have to play this for the sole reason that people might mistake me for an Uber developer.

Posted by WaltJay

This looks much better than I thought it would. I'll definitely check out the demo.
Posted by SuicidalSnowman

Holy forced humor Batman, they need some new script writers for sure!

Posted by crusader8463

Looks like TF 2 lite with a dash of Dota thrown in. Too bad it isn't coming out on PC. Would certainly pick this up for $5-$10.

Posted by Nonethewiser

Did anyone else here the announcer say something something "one way ticket punched by a black guy?" lol

Posted by koolaid39

At first I recoiled at the thought of playing this, but it looks alright.

Posted by Rapid

Interesting idea combining sports and class based shooter

Posted by Metroid545

Still not interested but maybe a little less uninterested then before

Posted by BraveToaster

Only 4 maps... that sucks.

Posted by Rapid

productivity grenade? Oh god blinded me with mountain dew ads @.@

Posted by Foggen

Did he call her "Tit Girl"?

Posted by BulletStorm

Not impressed :/ hopefully its just the Heavy class that's dull and uninteresting. 

Posted by Dynoro

Looks like fun but I suspect online will be dead in a week or two once everyone goes back to the old favs

Posted by XXL_Bomb

What the heck was that?

Posted by devoninja

I hope this game is good.

Posted by SalukiJeff

I so hope this game is good....I really, really want to like it!!!  Looking forward to next Wednesday release!!!

Posted by fedorajay

I wish they would just port DoTA over instead.

Posted by Scottish_Sin

Looks interesting. I'll need to give the trial a download and see what it's like for myself first before thinking about buying it.

Posted by CookieMonster
Bacon! Bacon! Bac-SHUT UP.
Posted by Vigil80
@Foggen:  Think he said Pit Girl. But either one works.
Posted by redwing42

This looked pretty good to me... I'm worried about the online base, but I thought there was a single player mode also, so I'd like to see how that looks.
Posted by JoeyRavn

So, basically, I can't play this game. Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon. At least TF2 is better.

Posted by Karn

I don't get this. Bacon.

Posted by Shuborno
@Ascully said:
" Looks pretty polished, but like most XBLA games the multiplayer base will be next to nothing a few weeks after release. "
This is how I feel about this.  If this were a PC game with a decent community, I'd probably try this, but I don't want to be forced to dedicate a week to a game and then have it die. 
For games I love like TF2, the game is just always populated and I don't have to "make time" for it.
Posted by Iron_Past

Looks good to me, thought the video wasn't that great. I mean, the combat looks cool, but what really ropes people in is customization of classes, upgrades etc. That was just one map, one gametype, one class, one loadout. Hard to judge based on that (though it seems many people have?).
But seeing it in action combined with everything else I've heard about it, it's still a day one purchase for me next Wednesday.