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Posted by JpSlam

no ty lol

Posted by YoSoyJu

Awesome. I may be in the minority, but I love these games.

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

I just wish the single player modes were better, the last one had an awful one

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ohhhhh do want! I must have put well over 100 hours into 2010

Posted by somekindarobot

I loved the first one, but they took so much out of the second one and ruined the submission system I just couldn't get into it, I hope they put back a lot of the transitions and fixed the submission system. I loved the submission system in ES MMS but the striking felt like garbage

Posted by Semi_Sauce
no ty lol
I feel the same way towards FinalFant. games, This Is the way 2 should have been thank god there hammering out the kinks I will be getting this when it's out.
Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

I dunno.  When they're all hugging on the mat, it seems completely ghey!

Posted by punkxblaze

I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I fucking love these games and I can't wait for this one. 2010 was such a massive improvement over 09, I can't wait to see what they do here (And if they're adopting some of EA's better functions!).

Posted by DrJota

So I guess Jon Jones is Spartan 117?

Posted by m0rdr3d
@DrJota said:

                So I guess Jon Jones is Spartan 117?
Maybe if Master Chief had an official Twitter and ran his mouth like a chatty housewife. 
Please fix the mechanics of these games and I'm in.  I don't care about the UFC license cause this isn't the WWE.  I just don't want to mash punches and kicks until a KO occurs.  Also, the less Joe Rogan the better.
Posted by zombie2011

I stopped watching UFC about a year ago, however if this game reviews well i'll probably pick it.

Posted by HydraHam

About goddamn time Faber got in a UFC game.. now i might actually purchase it.

Posted by Bucketdeth

Still looks clunky as fuck, everyone moves like robots.

Posted by dcgc

Little improvements, will buy it when it drops price...

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@zombie2011 said:

I stopped watching UFC about a year ago, however if this game reviews well i'll probably pick it.

Man, you should check out UFC on Versus 5... it was bloody amazing. Also, watch all of Jon Jones' fights. Also UFC have apparently reached a deal with FOX to have up to 4 events a year on FX.

Posted by PurplePartyRobot

As long as this gets into this game, I'd buy this game (Fast forward to :35)

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@CommissarDuke: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!?

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Oh man, I just about lost my shit watching digital Anderson Silva front kick (whoever, I wasn't paying close enough attention) in the face for the KO.  SWEET.  So long as in the post fight promo you can put it all down to your elite sensei Steven Seagal, I'm sold.
Oh, OK.  I'd also need the grappling/submission to be improved, but it does at least look promising.

Posted by CastroCasper

Maybe the footage is sped up but it looks too fast. Pretty good otherwise though, decent looking collisions, if only they had the knockouts that the EA Sports MMA had then id be better. Those were brutal.

Posted by Philbert

Finally, a gameplay trailer. It's looking good :D

Posted by MrMazz

Leg Kick TKO's !!!!!! Cecil Peoples will not approve of this

Posted by nnotdead

idk. i really liked the first one but 2010 didn't improve enough i felt dumb for buying the game two years in a row. sure the striking and cage play was better, but i didn't feel it was enough to justify the purchase. the online was always laggy and the career mode needs a lot of improvement. 
they really need to stop relying  on stats so much. the speed, power, and stamina stats are okay and can stay, but they should get rid of the other stats and have lvls instead. a lvl 5 puncher would just allow for more types of punches and combos. i as the player would still have to know how to use these extra weapons instead of numbers saying i am better. this would help online play a lot. i want to pick my favorite fighters, but everyone else just want to pick the best fighters. i quickly became sick of kicking Dan Hendersons ass (online)for most of the fight because i understand how to mix up my striking and grappling, but then the guy playing Hendo would grasp me in an inescapable clinch and throw a few uppercuts to quickly win. he didn't win because of a better game plan, but because they picked the guy with the better stats first.
would also like an improved submission game. i think the submissions are the weakest gameplay mechanic in the series. jabs/straight punches should also be more important. dumb that you can land square and triangle non stop for 5 rounds the guy won't go down. the characters also punch through the straight punches.  

Posted by DjCmeP

It still looks like the first game with few gameplay changes.

Posted by Xerxes_19

Does not look too different from previous incarnations.

Posted by MetalMoog

I have both games and think EA MMA is a much better game than UFC Undisputed 2010. EA MMA has much more fluid, fast paced animations, the game plays better and the fights are much more diverse and unpredictable. The only plus UFC Undisputed has is the roster, imo.

Posted by JustinAquarius

I still play the first one from time to time, but never played the second. Heard it was bad.

Posted by MeatSim

Master Chief already finished the fight though.