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Posted by LAMP


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Super Street Fighter IV Guile! Awesome.

Posted by vikingdeath1

That sounds SUPER nuts, and I don't even know what a Streetfighter does!

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Worth noting since they showed this last night they've said it's offline only and only for the consoles, not arcade.

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Posted by NeoKef

I think I'm going to finally come back into this (haven't played since the original came out.)

Posted by fang273

O. Sagat everywhere.

Posted by OhDearAudrey


Posted by Julius

How can this work o_o

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...there's gotta be more to it, right? Otherwise...are they just admitting their own balance patches are pointless??

Edit: Asked and answered: apparently it applies ONLY to offline games.

@julius: @ohdearaudreyThis should put your (and my) fears to rest.

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Finally, I can play vanilla without never updating.

Posted by ArjanN

This is just a for funsies side mode, guys.

No way this is for ranked mode / tournaments etc.

Posted by ManiacalMech

Holy shit this is CRAZY. This may seem like nothing, but this literally changes EVERYTHING.

For example: here's what I myself get out of this. I played the shit out of Abel in Vanilla. What I liked most about Abel in that iteration was his Ultra (It would be Ultra 1 now) and how it worked way back then. Back then, Abel used to go about 3/4 of the screen in the direction you faced during the Ultra (he would do a dashing punch). Nowadays, Abel barely goes half-screen with it, making it hardly viable to fight against projectiles. There's also way more changes to frame data on his standard attacks. The frame data changes apply to all the other characters in the game as well, and that may sound like nothing, but it is actually really significant.

This is probably the most interesting, coolest change to Street Fighter that Capcom has made in a while. I'm actually interested in Street Fighter again.

Posted by JJOR64

This is confirmed for Offline only sadly.

Posted by RecSpec

This is offline only according to Capcom Japan, which is a shame, but I understand.

That being said, Super Adon!

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this is gonna be nightmarish for setting tiers now. then again, pokemon can tier their 721, so about effectively 150 characters shouldnt be too hard.

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does that mean ryu will kick ass now?

Posted by theinnkeeper

The crowd at SCR went nuts over this. If you don't play fighting games you might not get it, but this is going to be great for exhibitions. Don't except it in tourney's, nor do I want it there. I'd, personally, rather not have my newly buffed Ultra Chun-Li up against vanilla Sagat.

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Vanilla gief ex green hand knockdown, dear god the world can't contain me.

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Yeah, they announced this at Sol Cal Regional 2014, the biggest FGC major on the West Coast. The FGC pros were going crazy, now that many of them can pick their vanilla characters before they were changed for the worst.

For example: Original Akuma, who can stun most low health characters with a single string combo.

Edit: Mortal Kombat 10 was also confirmed for the future. And the mysterious 5th SSFIV: Ultra character will finally be announced at Final Round, one of the big majors on the East Coast in Atlanta during the month of March.

Posted by LoktarOgar

Preorder for DLC costumes.

As if the mere existence of this game wasn't gross enough.

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This sounds crazy fun, while it isn't the most "serious" mode, it is a very cool feature that harkens back to Hyper Street Fighter 2 (not to be confused with SF2: Hyper Fighting). I'm glad it isn't in the main online mode, but hopefully it can become a separate playlist later on.

Posted by Mezmero

I'm just excited to finally play as Hugo in an SFIV engine. I'ma grab the hell out of fools.

Posted by Y2Ken

Oh man, this is freakin' nuts! Glad to hear it's an offline thing only, and I expect that (rightly) we won't see it in tournament play, but that's a really neat feature to throw in there for the hardcore fanbase to mess around with.

This is absolutely my secret most-anticipated game of this year (not my 'official' pick as it's an update rather than a completely new release, but the hype is very real).

Posted by cloudymusic

Vanilla Sagat
Vanilla Gief
Super Guile
Super Abel (pre-nerf U2)
AE Yun

yup this is going to be hilarious

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@maniacalmech: Except with that you also get his extremely broken change of direction where you could get DP'd out after the second hit and before the third. SSF4 Abel is easily the best incarnation of his character as Breathless (His U2) does anything you ever want it to with a whole lot of damage packed on to it.

I'm really excited for this mode but its offline online and will probably be regulated to side tournaments only. I hope it just doesn't boil down to the Vanilla characters (Sagat, Rufus, Akuma) vs the Overpowered characters from each respective version.

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Also, moving back to SF for this. About done with Zero, Vergil shenanigans.

Posted by vaiz

That sounds SUPER nuts, and I don't even know what a Streetfighter does!


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Well.. that's a feature.. I guess?

Posted by MrMazz

with Keits and UFGT gone someone needs to host an either blind version/select tournament or an auction tournament using this. Imagine the shenanigans.

Posted by 617_jbug

Sucks that this is just an offline mode. Would be nice to have this mode playable online.

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@lamp said:


You do know this is a completely separate, offline mode in the game and there's no way it will be adopted as tournament standard, right?

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@vikingdeath1 said:

That sounds SUPER nuts, and I don't even know what a Streetfighter does!



Posted by Jazz_Lafayette

Okay, I appreciate their willingness to say "fuck it, break our game," but the amount of investiture I'd have to have in the SFIV collection for this to mean anything to me is nuts. This super-obscure shit is why I can't make myself play fighting games!

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Man, real bummer that it is offline only... guess I should start making some friends to play with *looks down*.

The real question is if and when version select becomes tournament standard.

Posted by Chaser324
@auron570 said:

The real question is if and when version select becomes tournament standard.

Never going to happen.

Posted by GregIsRad

I don't even.

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capcom has just officially become the biggest joke in the video game industry!

Posted by handlas

Not interested in playing this but this would actually make me less interested.

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Oh boy, this will make for some fun exhibition matches.

Posted by MasterRain

This is fucking awesome! Capcom are so smart for hiring Combofiend. AE Twins vs Vanilla Sagat :D

Surely though the 'ultra' versions will be best, delayed wake up and no unblockables is a massive advantage. However maybe OG Sagat damage > everything.

Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

I like the idea. Could be a fun mode to mess around with and have casual tournaments. Looking at these comments thought it means nothing to people who don't know how ridiculous vanilla Saget or AE Yun were.

Posted by Jayzilla

I really wish they would put this online for "scrimmages" or endless battles. No one wants this for ranked matches, but come on!!! Who is sitting around their living room playing SF with their bros? We are all playing online and this would be super fun and super hilarious.

Posted by KenpachiRamaSama

Dude you don't even get it. My Yun is back to stay.

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This is an awesome mode made just for the hardcore fans of this series. Can't wait to use Vanilla Ryu and Rufus.

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Will be interested to see what they do at EVO (or tournaments in general). Just limit to Ultra version or no restrictions or what?

Posted by EthanielRain

As someone not into SF at all, who's the dude in the thumbnail?

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As someone not into SF at all, who's the dude in the thumbnail?

Hugo and Akuma.

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