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Damn really want to watch this but I'll have to finish the game first...

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I really can't wait to wake up tomorrow to play Uncharted 2.
I love game season.
"Fish out of water!"

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Man, I'm a complete whore for Chick-Fil-A. This game don't look bad either. May get it before Brutal Legend.

Posted by CurtisManCannon

Gotta. Get. This. Game. 

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Shall be getting this one. Great review as ever Brad.

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@gunslingerNZ said:
" Damn really want to watch this but I'll have to finish the game first... "
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i watch to the very end so your video stats are good?!  haven't seen someone so excited over a game in a review, will buy.

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Cant wait to go back home from work and play this mofo all day long!!!!

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also: "Pound bricks motherf--"

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how spoiler filled is this review? I just bought the game and will play it tomorrow but I love watching GB reviews

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Oh no!  Is the spoiler for the game, or the Chick - Fil - A??  Crap, now i cant watch or eat at Chick - Fil - A until I finish this game.

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pound bricks?

Posted by William

i want a ps3.

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Would watch this but don't want any spoilers right now.

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I am, for the first time ever, jealous of my roommates PS3 
and thanks to Vinny for getting this video up so late after a power outage

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Awesome awesome.  Can't wait to finish playing this one.

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I love you.

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I didn't see anything that would ruin any plot points, just afew jokes/set peices
Game looks like it really shaped up nicely, i'll be looking forward to it dropping through my mail box tommorow morning
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Co-op looks great, gonna be playing that a lot.

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Thanks Brad that was really informative.

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Great video review Brad, you can tell how much you really love the game. And that last part was just hilarious, I love that they put something like that in there. Pound bricks motherfu-

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"Pound Bricks Mother F'er!" the next GB Shirt. Don't own a PS3, but might buy and play it on my brothers PS3
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It's obviously impossible to do a video review for something like this without giving some elements of the plot away. We tried our best to not ruin anything while giving folks a good sense of the game. I'd say the biggest reveals in here might be some of the awesome action sequences you'll come up against, more than specific story points. So while I think it's fairly safe, I'd rather caution you guys up front instead of having someone stumble into it.

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This game really makes me wish I had a PS3 as well. The characters seem so authentic.

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@Soliddragon24: i only saw one part that might be a spoiler, it's no dialogue, but one character does something, that might be a spoiler, but im not sure. it really depends on who that character is.
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Awesome, Brad's enthusiasm on this one is fantastic. Hate to say it, but kind of glad Brutal Legend isn't very long so I can move on to this game.

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god man.... funds are kinda tight right now but christ almighty i really want to get a ps3 right now..
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damn this does look good.

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Man, just seeing Brad's excitement for this game makes me wish I had a PS3.

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dude, i played this as soon as i got home and i agree 100% with brad. this game is off the hizzeey.  
also,  this is probably one of the greatest most enthusiastic  reviews i've ever seen, nice job brad. I like how he just kinda let go and seemed more like a fan talking to his friend about the game rather then a journalist reviewing the game. that's refreshing to see, good job guys.
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Uhg, I wish I had spending money. I may have to opt for renting this instead of buying... damn funds are so tight.

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So hard to choose. Either this or Modern Warfare 2.

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It's not out in the UK yet!!! (16 Oct)  :(

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110% of the games potential fulfilled?

(also: Great video review!)
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@Apathylad said:
" Would watch this but don't want any spoilers right now. "
No spilers.
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This really was an amazing review. Well done, Brad and Vinny.

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Who would have thought that there would be a ps3 game released that makes me wish i had a ps3. 
Oh well, i'll just have to stick to the old x360.

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@Yagami said:

"So hard to choose. Either this or Modern Warfare 2. "

Take a loan or punk your parents. Whatever you age entitles. YOU NEED BOTH THOSE GAMES!!!!  Or you will die a gruesome death by my hand 
AARRRRHHH Xbox Fanboyism is leaving... Must buy PS3 NOW.
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definitely getting a PS3

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@JellyFish_Gsus:  POLO!
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You know...ill admit i am, or was i guess a bit of a 360 fan boy for whatever reasons, but i will admit that this game is opening my heart to sony. I finaly feel left out not owning a ps3, which is a good thing i supose although im going to hate coughing up the 300 or whatever price the ps3 is at now. and im sure killzone 2 and metal gear 4 are at a discounted price by now which are also games i wouldnt mind playing....so good job sony....you did it...
your making me buy your console... clap...clap...clap...clap

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Now I need a PS3. Bollocks.

Posted by GamerCat

My gawd I can't wait to play this game...

Posted by GermanQR

I totally sympathize. I love Chick-Fill-A. 
And I'm sooooooo getting this game. Two days for release on amazon.co.uk!
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Awesome review Brad!

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I preordered Brutal legend instead of this but I will hopefully be picking this up on the monday after its UK release. Besides, I just started playing through the first game.

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Thanks for answering the question of: "Should i play the first one?"