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Posted by havelava

Thanks O-Striker

Posted by ConstantineL

I think I prefer Cowboy Henk.

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The Levelord Lives!

Posted by MEATBALL

I'm with Brad, after seeing one level this looks pretty damn rad.

Posted by Humanity

Not a buy now, but this looks super fun - they nail the flow and speed.

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Cool game!

Posted by KarlPilkington

Looks good!

Posted by gaminghooligan

Love the karate chop lever on Henks back. Nice detail.

Posted by Yummylee

Despite showing little interest in the Trials games, I think this all looks really fun, no doubt thanks to its loveable aesthetic and faster pacing.

Posted by Sunjammer

This is why I'm so happy Dan's on the team now. The GB guys have gotten progressively jaded over the years, and I think they needed someone with Dan's enthusiasm for dumb shit to balance that out.

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Wow I have never heard of this game before and it looks awesome reminds me of those speed run levels in rayman legends

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Dan seems like the Anti-Brad. Very few QL decimating stuff ups.

Posted by D_W

So imagine a game like this, but you're sentient unicycles racing on striped lines in some sort of infinite void world and if you try to name your unicycle "sonic" it says "not cool enough." Man, it would be great if something like that existed on modern platforms with 3d graphics and a kicking soundtrack.

But regardless this game looks super promising. Sort like Trials meets Speedrunners.

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Seems like they made a Sonic game better than Sega has for years and years.

Posted by MichelleWomann

I love giant furniture and toy characters to bits. Also a proponent of grappling hooks.

This game was made for me!

Drr... Drr... Drr...

Posted by Zaxex

I'm glad they did a Quick Look of this game. Just by looking at it and hearing the name, and it's Early Access tag, I would've had low expectation or dismissed it. Now I'll probably get it when it's finished/further along.

Posted by TurboMan

One level in and I'm already on board. Seems like a great game for the iPhone.

Posted by Roxxy

Good Job Dan, and Brad. I think the new additions are fitting in!

Posted by Insomniac

I'd say that a more accurate description of the game is that it's the movement mechanics of Doritos Crash Course with levels that are more Trials in nature.

I'm pretty cool with that, because I always felt like Doritos Crash Course was at its least fun when dealing with some of the stupid Wpieout ripoff obstacles. I'll probably pick this up at some point.

Posted by Yorkin

This game looks like a lot of fun. Hope it comes to PS4.

Posted by Tr0n

Ninja roping reminds me of Worms Armageddon/WWP.

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It's kinda amazing how quickly Dan has fit in and has been immediately accepted as a part of GB. Jeff definitely made a great choice. Keep up the great work Dan.

Posted by ThatOneDudeNick

I'm digging Dan. I love that I see a bunch of games I never heard of on the schedule for quick looks now too. Also, I love a good grappling hook. I'm on board with this.

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Thunderbird 2 at 8:03? This seems awesome.

Posted by ConVox

Some things in this room are homages, but that was a straight up Thunderbird hanging from the ceiling.

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Posted by RazielCuts

There is some Worms level of Ninja Roping going on here, I'm digging it.

Edited by blacklab

Liking Dan. Good job!

Posted by xite

I never thought I'd hear the GB squad talk about Toy Commander.

Posted by Amafi

This looks neat, going on my wish list. Seems fairly polished for an early access game too, so hopefully it won't be too long until it's done.

Posted by machinerebel

Wow, this looks like fun. The butt slides and hookshot stuff seem super satisfying.

Posted by HammondofTexas

de_rats anyone?

Edited by Rodiard

I liked this better when I thought it was Action Hunk (-adunk).

Posted by kubqo

Baconator.png ಠ_ಠ

Posted by CrazedBlueMoon

When they said Action Henk on the podcast I thought they said Action Hank. My mind immediately started to contemplate what would a game starring Action Hank from Dexter's Laboratory would be.

Edited by mano521

Was disappointed when it wasn't this guy

Posted by grillzz88

I think this game has a ton of potential, I hope to see more of this in 2014!

Posted by nccows

15 minute Quick Looks? @danryckert, you seem to have confused Giant Bomb with your old place of employment.

Game looks great. QL was great. Just have to harass the new guy.

Posted by MrDewy

Thanks Jason. Also thanks Dan for finding this!

Posted by Mijati

This looks fantastic. Will definitely pick this up once it's more complete.

Dan is also fantastic in this, never seen his stuff prior to Giant Bomb but he's already doing fantastically.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

This looks really neat. I loved Trials and something that gives off that same vibe is worth checking out.

Posted by Tortoise

I can just imagine Dan leaning to the left and right when cornering in racing games

Edited by deskp

Did not scroll far enough down on that store page, he jsut clicke the generic Early Acess info thing..

Posted by NathanXplosion

I've been wondering what the hell this game was.

Posted by burgavo

My dad's name is Henk......

Edited by xbob42

@mano521 said:

Was disappointed when it wasn't this guy

Ditto. A game about Action Hank would be amazing!

Posted by Zujx

Looks really fun I'll consider picKing it up thanks for sharing dan

Posted by drakesfortune

Just want to say that Dan seems like a good addition to GB. Like what he's bringing. Cheerio.

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