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Posted by oysteinmoen

really loving these V+A quick looks, keep em coming!

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Posted by MeAuntieNora

Very cool visuals.

Posted by rulerofeden

Wow, this game looks seriously unfinished. All of the mechanics seem pretty annoying and useless. That melee swing just doesn't look fun to use.

Posted by vickydog
Posted by wrecks

Ohh, pretty!

Posted by AMyggen

@rulerofeden: Yeah, as Vinny said, this one almost looks like a proof of concept. As a fan of Limbo I have to say that it looks really amazing visually, but I prefer my games to be a bit more done when I buy them than this. It's on my radar after this video though for sure.

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I never saw the Trigun arc where Vash went bald.

Posted by Existence

I don't know if the early access model is a great thing for games like these which are so dependant on delivering a well crafted experience- they hinge on having a confident vision and a near-perfectly designed tone, and I think showing off the game to the public before it's done only hurts it.

But hey, I understand the financial realities of game development, so I can sympathize.

Posted by Memu

I have no respect for the developers of this for putting this on such early Early Access. Seems like only a shady money grab attempt.

Posted by EquitasInvictus

This looks like something Patrick would've covered on a Worth Playing, awesome to see Vinny and Alex cover it!

Great to see GBEAST getting into a rhythm of pushing content. GBEAST is the best BEAST!

Posted by scottygrayskull

If they're charging for the game, "it's early access" shouldn't be an excuse for anything. I don't like this idea and I don't like the practice.

Posted by bybeach

With you about early access, Alex.

Game has my interest, seeing this is all I want otherwise.

Posted by GideonAmos

I never saw the Trigun arc where Vash went bald.

It's from the radio drama.

Posted by Humanity

Rockin' beats at the credits.

Posted by Hunter5024

I can't keep up with Giant Bomb's content anymore. Awesome.

Posted by razatron

God I hate developers who use early access, but I think I hate the people who buy into it even more.

Posted by altairre

More content from my new favorit ql duo. Keep it up!

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@razatron said:

God I hate developers who use early access, but I think I hate the people who buy into it even more.

I've bought a few that have turned into well done full released games, so fuck you too then.

Posted by bboymaestro

It's like Judge Dredd entered Limbo world. I like this premise.

Posted by dr_mantas

@razatron: You're being harsh, but there is a grain of truth. The best model for developers with no money would probably be a kickstarter with a demo of the game, that showcases what it's supposed to be about.

But this constant interaction with the community we see in early access can hinder game development. It could turn out great, but it could also go too far in some weird direction, because people following a project the longest might scream the loudest and force some wrong decisions.

Posted by John1912

Loooks ok....Love the art style though!

Posted by CDUB901

Early access: Where YOU pay developers to give them free QA testing for their unfinished games!!!!

That is a pretty sick gun though

Posted by Castiel


Posted by Parsnip

You know, the rate at which Vinny and Alex churn these out is pretty impressive for being just two dudes (and still on that gaming laptop?). They probably have less meetings to go to and that helps too. :p

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Good god, the movement/controls are painful to even watch. I cannot imagine actually playing this game.

Maybe if the dev spent a little more time with it I wouldn't be so inclined to completely dismiss it... I understand that Early Access is becoming more of a thing, but there's got to be a line somewhere, right?

Posted by Hassun
Posted by cooljammer00

The silhouette art style and dismembering mechanic reminds me of this old flash game I used to play called De-Animator, based on the stories of HP Lovecraft. Basically, you shoot zombies, either in the head, legs to slow them down, etc.

I can't link to it, but it's on Newgrounds and stuff.

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"I'm going to insert a jab at a wildly successful game into my game that I released before it was finished."

Yeah, that doesn't come off like envy at all.

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When it comes to Early Access ubiquity, like all trends, things will get ridiculous for awhile and then recede back to normalcy once there's enough backlash. Have faith my friends.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Looks like one of those gritty reboots that are nothing like the original.

Posted by mofoless

Early access? More like early cash grab!!! Am I right?!?

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Vinny is a scarily good shot.

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@hatking: Wait, where was this jab? I didn't see it.

Posted by HatKing

@likeassur: Flappy Bird. I could get behind a clever joke about that game (there is plenty to say there), but just "shoot this f-bird" is weak as shit.

Posted by Pastabasta

Looks like this game was made in Romania.

Posted by LikeaSsur

@hatking: Oooooh, I thought you meant there was a Limbo reference somewhere.

Still, I think you're misinterpreting it as "envy."

Posted by ajroo

It seems like "Early Access" has become an alternate way of saying.....please give us money so we can develop this game. It used to be a sneak peak at an almost completed product but has now become a way of raising money.

Im fine with it as long as the developers are up front about their situation, but its hard to imagine someone not being shady eventually taking advantage of people. Especially as the public tolerance of what they are paying for becomes more and more generous.

Posted by HatKing

@hatking: Oooooh, I thought you meant there was a Limbo reference somewhere.

Still, I think you're misinterpreting it as "envy."

I don't know, to me a joke like that doesn't say anything, it's just aimlessly malicious. There's no point to it other than showing the creator doesn't like something. It's like those assholes that made the 'beat up Anita' game. It doesn't show their stance or make any point, this is just an extremely reduced example of that. Something more comparable was the 'Timmy Vermicelli' joke in Driv3r, where you kill a character that looks suspiciously like the character from Grand Theft Auto Vice City. It's intellectually inferior ways at taking a jab at something that's clearly more successful. And being that the whole hubbub about Flappy Bird was that it was this kind of dumb little thing that exploded and 'made way more than it deserved', half-ass jabs like this smell like jealousy to me.

Posted by SockLobster

This looks real bad, like worse than most flash games bad. Also the flappy bird thing is a bit weird and out of nowhere tonally speaking.

Posted by deathfromace

This looks real bad, like worse than most flash games bad. Also the flappy bird thing is a bit weird and out of nowhere tonally speaking.


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The dude is very gothic looking, like that 90s style.

I've gotta agree I'm not sure why this is in Early Access other than telling them they need to work on animations and input response kind of stuff, which a free demo would also tell them from feedback. But I guess they might be low on funds so they're using EA to finish the game.

I just played Blackthrone recently, very cool.


I will check back on this game at a later date.

Harsh words about early access abound.. this isn't *the worst thing ever* I think, even if it is potentially a raw deal.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Having seen Jim Sterling's coverage of Early Access games, people poopooing this seem like crazy people.

I agree with Vinny's casual optimism. This game clearly has some ideas and hooks that could potentially make for a pretty cool game, given enough work. I also agree with the point Alex brings up. That's the reasoning I apply to all games on Early Access. I'd rather not grow tired of a game by playing a version of it that the developer is not satisfied with. Also I have no interest in bugs, placeholders, missing content and features etc. Playing a game early has no value to me. So I think of Early Access as Kickstarter, a donation towards the creation of an idea, only you don't know if the goal will ever be reached. I'd rather wait and see in that case.

Posted by KingdanglerBK

I will just buy two copies of robot colony instead of this game!

But the best QL team in the GAME V-Bomb and New World Alex still putting out the straight fire!

Posted by TheNoseBear

The kid from Limbo grew up, got himself a hand cannon, and isn't taking crap from anyone.

Posted by Sydlanel

Is it wrong to say that G-bomb NYC is my favourite Giant Bomb now?

Anyhow, about the game, I think it looks pretty goo.. yes buggy and alpha but kinda cool. About it needing early access .. i can see why it is not really beneficial for the game, particularly since a game like this i feel gains a lot from mystery.
But it's likely that the devs were trying to finance the complete development ( or at least boost it ) by allowing early access. It's hard to judge, as a small time developer studio, in a similar situation ourselves, we have considered the benefits of early access too. It's a hard world when no-one really knows your name or has any trust in what you are doing.

Posted by pinner458

I think it'd be ok to compare this to a demo. its alot longer than your average XBLA trial for example.

Posted by ChrisTaran

Glad you put this game on my radar guys. Loving all that is BEAST so far :)

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